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How to Print Screen on a Samsung Laptop

By: Admin


December 01, 2023


Are you tired of navigating numerous settings and using intricate keyboard shortcuts to print screens on your Samsung laptop? Luckily, we have got you covered by this comprehensive guide! 

Although Samsung laptops have impressive hardware and elegant  touch screenssome users may need assistance with capturing screenshots on their devices. Whether you want to store good recipes, maintain a record of important correspondence, or share your screen with your friends.

This article will examine many methods for taking screenshots on your Samsung laptop. We'll show you how to take full-screen screenshots, grab the current Window with a single click, and even print a specific section of your screen. 

However, before diving into the specifics of Screenshots on a Samsung laptop, it's essential to understand what a screenshot is. 

So, let's get started! 

What is a Screenshot, exactly?

A screenshot is a digital photo of your laptop screen. It can be used as evidence of anything seen or shared online, as instructional content, or for artistic purposes. Because of their versatility, taking screenshots is a fundamental skill every computer user should have.

Once printed, the screenshot is automatically copied to your computer's clipboard.

You can then paste the screenshot into a file, document an email message, file, or image editor (Paint, for example). Taking a screenshot on a Samsung laptop is a simple and easy way to save important information on the screen or share content with others. You can improve the usability of Samsung laptops for different tasks, whether capturing a moment, storing data, or demonstrating a point.

How do You Screenshot on a Samsung Laptop?

In Samsung Galaxy laptops, there are different ways to capture screenshots, offering flexibility based on what you need to print and save. So, discuss them all one by one.

Method 1: Take a Full Screenshot

If you want to print the entire screen on your Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptop, hit the "PrtScrn" (Print Screen) button. You'll hear a confirmation click, and the screenshot of your entire laptop screen will be copied to your clipboard. Then, use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + V" to paste this image into any file or application accessible from your laptop's menu, such as Paint.

Here's a step-by-step procedure:

Navigate to the desired screen and press the "Ctrl+ PrtScr" buttons simultaneously. 

Open an image editor application (for example, Paint or a photo editor).

Paste the snapshot into the editing file using the "Ctrl + V" keyboard shortcut.

Save the file to your laptop based on your selections, and you're done!

Method 2: Press the "Ctrl + Print Screen" Keys

This method allows you to print full screen. All you must do is press the Control and Print Screen buttons simultaneously. After pressing the buttons, copy the screenshot and paste it into an image editor app on your laptop. We recommend Paint because it is widely available on many Windows versions.

After placing the screenshot into Paint, saving it is a simple process. Find the "Save" option from the upper menu to save the image in your selected location. This versatility allows you to manage your screenshots efficiently, whether in the Pictures folder or any other directory in your laptop's hard disc.

Method 3: Press the "Windows + PrtScrn" Keys

Another way to use the PrtScn key is to use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key-PrtScn to capture any specific screen part. To capture a specified section of your screen, whether a single window or a designated region with numerous open windows, press "Windows + PrtScrn." When you press these keys, you'll hear a confirmation click, and the current screen image will be copied onto your clipboard. 

This option also allows you to save the screenshot in a location other than OneDrive automatically. When using this method, you see a brief dimming of the screen, and a PNG file will be stored in the default Pictures > Screenshots folder on your Samsung Galaxy laptop. This process ensures that screenshots are conveniently stored in a designated location, simplifying access and management.

Method 4: Press the “Windows + Alt + PrintScreen” Keys

This keyboard shortcut adds a bit of polish to your screen printing. Unlike the traditional PrintScreen key, the Windows Key + Alt + PrintScreen shortcut captures only the currently active Window. So, when you have numerous active windows and must focus on capturing a specific portion, you can use this method. This method will immediately store the screenshot in a designated folder.

Here is how you can do this:

Make sure the Window you want to print is in focus. 

Hold the "Windows + Alt+ PrintScreen" simultaneously.

The screenshot of the current Window is stored in the "Videos > Capture" folder.

If you want to edit before saving the screenshot, Press the "Alt + PrintScreen" buttons. The screenshot is now copied to the clipboard. Next, open the "Paint" application and paste the captured screenshot for editing. Once you've made any adjustments, save the edited screenshot on your desired.

Method 5: Windows Key + G: Xbox Game Bar

Windows Samsung laptops such as Samsung Galaxy Book Pro come with a Game Bar as a built-in feature for gamers to record their gameplay and capture the screen during the game. You can also use this application to capture images of the other Windows.  

Here is how you can do this:

Press the "Windows + G" keys to open the Game Bar. Otherwise, you can search Game Bar software on the "Windows" menu.

After opening the Game Bar, print the screen by tapping the camera icon on the capture menu.

When you are done, you can access your screenshot by following the designated path: "Videos"> "Capture Folder." Alternatively, you can expedite the process by clicking the "Show All Capture" button beneath the camera icon.  

Method 6: Using the Windows Snipping Tool

If you don't want to use the keyboard shortcuts, you can use the snipping tool to capture the screen. Snipping Tool is a built-in screenshot tool in Windows 11/10 operated Samsung Galaxy laptops and allows you to print screens on an open tab, full screen, rectangular area, or free-form area.

This tool is helpful for people who want more options than just printing the entire active Window. You can also capture a specific section of the screen through snipping tools. The screenshot will automatically shift to the Snipping Tool editor. There's no need to use the "Paint" application to edit and save it.

Follow these steps to print via the snipping tool.

Hold the "Windows + S" hotkey to search "Snipping Tool" on your Windows.

Open the Snipping Tool and click the "Mode" icon to select your method of screenshot capture. The available options are free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip, or full-screen snip. 

Now, draw a line with the cursor to indicate the area you want to capture. If you choose the window option, click over the target window, and the full-screen capture begins with the final button press. 

When you release the cursor, a notification in the lower right displays a thumbnail image of the screenshot.  

Here. If you want to paste the screenshot into another application, you can ignore it because the image has already been saved to the clipboard.  

Click on the thumbnail to navigate to the Snipping Tool window, where you may annotate the snapshot with a pen or highlighter, crop the image, or use a ruler for straight lines.  

You can save screenshots and edits by clicking on the file>Save As. You can also use Ctrl+S to save the screenshot in the JPG or PNG file formats. You can print the screenshot or open it from the menu options in another application. 

Method 7: Use Windows Snip and Sketch Tool 

The Snip & Sketch Tool is very similar to a Snipping Tool. So you can easily use this built-in software. To take a screenshot with Snip & Sketch, follow these steps: 

Go to the "Windows Start Menu" and find "Snip & Sketch." Click to open it once you get it.  

Click the arrow next to "New" to bring up the "Delay" drop-down menu. Select "New" to open the Snipping Bar. 

Select your preferred snipping model. Choose "Fullscreen Snip" or "Windows Snip" to capture a specified screen section. Choose "Freeform Snip" or "Rectangular Snip" to click and drag the desired snipping area for greater precision. 

Click the "Copy" button to edit and save the original snip. You may also choose "Share" to instantly share the image with your friends.  

How to Use Lightshot to Capture Screenshots? 

Lightshot is a third-party tool used to print screens on Samsung laptops. It has a user-friendly interface and offers other features like editing & quick online sharing. So, if you're still thinking about "How to print screen on a Samsung laptop," give Lightshot a try. It comes with more functionality and versatility than the above-mentioned built-in methods. You can install Lightshot from the Chrome Web store and add it as an extension.  

Follow these steps to capture screenshots using Lightshot.  

Visit the Lightshot website and download the software compatible with your operating system.   

Open the tool by clicking the "Lightshot" icon in the taskbar or using the "PrintScreen" button. 

You will see a dim overlay emerging on your screen. Select the area you wish to capture by clicking and dragging it. 

After selecting an area, a little toolbar will pop up on the screen. Here, you can choose from the options such as save, edit, or share. 

Click the save icon or use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + S" to save the screenshot. Choose the folder where you want to save the file. 

You can also share the content with Lightshot via a unique link or direct upload to social media. 

Print Screen: Common Issues and Troubleshooting 

There are a few common problems that you may encounter when taking screenshots on Samsung laptops, and addressing them is an essential aspect. Here are some of these problems and their troubleshooting tricks. 

Screenshot Not Working! 

Double-check that you are pressing the appropriate keys simultaneously. As previously mentioned, holding 'PrtScn' with other keys, such as 'Alt' or 'Win' will capture the screenshot.  

Update your system frequently. Bugs in the present system version may interfere with the screenshot feature; however, keep checking and installing the latest updates to avoid such problems.  

Screenshots are Dark or Have Low Quality! 

Ensure you have set the optimal screen brightness before capturing a screenshot. Low screen brightness will result in dim and dark-looking screenshots. 

Display resolution directly impacts the quality of the screenshot. If the resolution is low, the printed screenshot will also be of lower quality. So, adjust the screen resolution to get fine-tuned snapshots. 

Can't Find Your Screenshot! 

If you are using the "Win + PrtScn" method, the screenshot will immediately be saved in the "Pictures" directory's "Screenshots" folder. 

If you hit "PrtScn" without other key combinations, the screenshot will be copied to the clipboard. Use any application like Paint or other third-party tool to save and use it.  

You can use an image editor or a file explorer to find the files named "Screenshot" or "Screen Capture." 

If you cannot save the screenshot, you may need to clear some space on your laptop. Remove the old or unnecessary files or transfer them to an external device. 

Screenshot not Capturing the Entire Screen! 

The screenshot software may have a problem or an incorrect screen capture setting. You can resolve the issue by adjusting the screen capture settings. Typically, you can locate these settings in the screenshot software or the Windows operating system. 

The screenshot is not Saved in the Desired Format (PNG, JPEG)! 

You can change the default screenshot format by following these instructions. 

Open the Start menu and search Snipping Tool.  

Go to the Snipping Tool and click on the File menu.  

Select Save As and choose the format you want from the "Save as" type drop-down menu. 

Bottom Line 

Samsung laptops are well regarded for their exceptional capabilities and durable quality. It feels great to own one. If you recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy laptop or already have one, you may want to know how to print the screen. Capturing the perfect moment on your screen is very easy and quick.  

We have outlined different approaches for taking a screenshot on a Samsung computer. You can use the convenient built-in keyboard shortcuts, such as the PrintScreen button, to capture the entire screen or use the "Windows + PrtScrn" key combinations for a quick snapshot. Alternatively, you can enjoy the versatility of the Windows Snipping Tool or third-party tools like Lightshot, which provides more advanced capturing capabilities. It's all in your hands to choose the approach that suits you best! As a bonus, we have highlighted some solutions for people facing issues while printing laptop screens. 

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How do I take a screenshot on a Samsung laptop? 

Use the "Power + Volume Down" to quickly capture full-screen shots on a Samsung laptop. You can later find those screenshots from the Screenshots folder > Pictures.  

How do you screenshot on a Samsung laptop with Windows 11? 

You can print the screen of an active window by following these steps: 

Choose the Window you wish to capture. 

Press the "ALT+Print Screen" buttons. The screenshot will be saved on your clipboard.  

Paste (CTRL+V) the screenshot into Paint, Office program, or any preferred application. 

Where is the screenshot button on the laptop? 

It depends upon the device or hardware configurations you are using. You can commonly use the shortcut "Windows Logo Key + PrtScn" to capture a screenshot on a laptop. If your device does not have the PrtScn button, you can use "Fn + Windows Logo Key + Space Bar" to capture a screenshot. 

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