Are you in the market for a new gaming laptop and wondering what to choose between Samsung or Apple? Luckily, this article has you covered! 

When it comes to gaming, nothing can offer optimal performance compared to a desktop PC; however, gaming laptops have also become pretty popular, and the primary reason is – portability. The other factors include high graphics fidelity, better gaming visuals, and efficient heat dissipation. They differ from standard laptops in chassis design, specifications, and price. Meanwhile, a gaming laptop allows you to work and play on a single device – entirely away from the desk!  

If you're even remotely familiar with the gaming arena, then you've no doubt heard of two big names which are emerged as frontrunners in the high-stakes race of gaming laptops: Samsung and Apple. Both brands manufacture laptops that serve more than computing devices, making them windows to virtual worlds, symbols of status, and canvases for creative expression.  

In the gaming battlefield, both Samsung and Apple are lousy alternatives. If you look at the hardware, a Samsung laptop is a better option because it runs natively on dedicated graphics, powerful processors, and Windows. The bad news is that the latest Samsung models are super thin and ultraportable, and gaming on them may be mediocre if you stick to older titles. On the other hand, Apple laptops are technically suitable for demanding tasks like video editing and creative design as they have powerful CPUs, but the price may dig a big hole in your pocket. So, what to choose?  

To provide you with a definitive answer, this guide covers everything from hardware and performance to laptops' design and user experience. 

So, let's get started! 

Samsung Laptops (Window-Based) 

Samsung stands out among the top leading electronics brands in the world. Their laptops are best known for their innovative designs, spectacular build quality, colour-accurate displays, mind-blowing thinness, and features and additions geared primarily toward gaming enthusiasts.  

However, like any other tech gadget, these laptops have some weaknesses, too. So, it would be best if you kept in mind both the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung laptops before making a decision.  


  • Elegant Finish – The primary advantage of Samsung Galaxy laptops is their premium design and excellent build quality. Samsung is well regarded for featuring top-of-line designs in its devices, and its Galaxy laptops are no exception. These laptops come in diverse colours and sizes, making them visually appealing. Due to their sleek and well-designed exteriors, they are an excellent option for gamers who want to showcase their style.  
  • Immersive Displays – Samsung laptops include some of the best display technologies on the market. These laptops are created from high-quality materials and feature high-resolution AMOLED displays with bright, vibrant colours and sharp details. Specific Galaxy models also boast touchscreen capabilities. Their high-quality screens improve your visual experience by displaying strong and dynamic visuals in gaming and movies. 
  • Good Customer Support – Samsung is the best choice for many tech users because of its excellent and responsive customer support. If you face any software or hardware issues with your Samsung laptop, their support service is 24/7 for assistance. Samsung laptops also come with extended warranties of 1-3 years and easy return policies so that you can ease as much as possible.  
  • Better Performance – Samsung has proven its commitment to performance and productivity. The brand manufactures laptops with powerful processors, discrete GPUs, dedicated RAM, ample storage, and better thermal solutions to ensure they handle everything you throw at them without any hindrances. In addition, Samsung laptops support the Windows operating system, which stands above all other OS in performance metrics.  


  • Limited Graphics Efficiency – Compared with other gaming brands such as ASUS, MSI, and Lenovo, Samsung Laptops are not as strong in graphics. Most old models come with integrated graphics, which are not powerful enough to handle resource-demanding games and applications.  
  • High-Cost – Samsung's flagship models are, at times, bafflingly expensive, so they cannot be a good choice for individuals on a budget. However, the price may vary from model to model depending on the features.  
  • Insufficient Gaming-Centric Capabilities – Samsung laptops may also fall in some gaming features, such as customisable RGB lighting keyboards, dedicated macro keys, and advanced thermal systems in high-end gaming laptops.  
  • Upgradability – Unlike other gaming machines, you'll find some Samsung Galaxy laptops with no upgradeability options. This results in the fact that you cannot upgrade the hardware, including RAM, SSD, or graphics – it simply means no futureproofing!  

Apple Laptops (MacBooks) 

Regarding computing power, Apple laptops are considered the best of the best. Many professionals prefer Apple products for creative design work, immersive audio and video editing and basic computing tasks. If you opt for one, you adhere to the pros and cons of the MacBook first. 


  • Sturdy Design and Well-Built – Apple laptops' foremost advantage is their lightweight and polished build. The design of MacBooks is gorgeous, sleek, and elegant, unlike bulky laptops. They are thin and portable enough to fit into any backpack without taking up too much room. 
  • Incredible Battery Life – Battery life is essential when using a laptop; low means zero productivity! This can be especially troublesome if stuck in the middle of the task and unable to find a nearby socket. Thanks to MacBook's extreme battery power, you can work and play all day. Apple prioritises battery life across its entire product line, notably in the latest MacBook models. These laptops are equipped with the M1 or M2 CPUs, which can withstand even the most rigorous workloads. Under the hood, the MagSafe port is intended into the architecture to protect against cable, connection, or damage in accidental cable pulls. 
  • Easy to Upgrade – RAM and SSD are the two vital components of a computer. The good news is that you can easily upgrade the RAM and SSD of your Apple laptop and the battery. However, it is vital to research your computer's specific type of memory. Likewise, if you are upgrading the SSD, it is necessary to back up and store all your data before uninstalling the current SSD.  
  • Secure Operating System – Apple laptops support a specific operating system known as "macOS". The operating system comes with an easy-to-navigate and intuitive design which speaks to users of all skill and experience levels. Regarding virus protection, you can rest assured that macOS offers superior security than Windows. While Windows provides numerous customisation options for fine-tuning the file system, this flexibility may make it prone to viruses and hackers. On the other hand, Apple MacBooks offer inherent security protections thanks to macOS, which is based on a foundation comparable to Linux. In addition, macOS cannot be targeted by virus and malware attacks like Windows, which adds more to its security reputation. 


  • Hefty Price Tags – An Apple MacBook might be an expensive option for people on a budget. They come with more costly tags than a Windows laptop with comparable capabilities and specifications. This is true with Apple products, which customers sometimes neglect due to their higher prices than similar offers from competing brands. While some say that the excellent quality and user experience justify the higher cost price, others argue that the higher price is due mainly to the Apple brand's reputation. 
  • Limited Software Support – Unlike other operating systems, you may get fewer choices for software titles when working on macOS. In the gaming industry, there are several titles which are compatible with macOS, but there are also plenty that are only available for Windows users. Likewise, without specific versions, the gaming experience on macOS can sometimes be subpar. That's why confirming that macOS sufficiently supports your favourite applications and games is critical before purchasing an Apple laptop.  
  • Poor Connectivity Options – In this fast-paced world, seamless and easy connectivity to the Internet is provided with every device you purchase. However, MacBooks may fall short in this aspect. You can enjoy a fast and reliable WI-FI connection, but these laptops don't include a built-in LAN ethernet port. You'll have to buy a special adapter to use a hardwired Ethernet network LAN connection. Likewise, there will be no HDMI port present on the laptop. These factors contribute to a frustrating user experience, especially for gamers who want something that offers plug-and-play simplicity. 
  • Expensive Customer Service – Apple has a noticeably inconvenient support service that does not address customer problems for days. This could be potentially dangerous if it involves your computer shut down in the middle of the task and you don't have any backup files saved elsewhere. 

Samsung Galaxy Laptop vs Apple MacBook: Gaming Performance 

Regarding gaming performance, both Samsung Galaxy and MacBook are capable laptops, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. These differences mainly come from the hardware, software, or operating system.  

Let's break down the key areas of gaming performance of both devices.  


The graphics card is the building block of any gaming device. Not only does it bring immersive visuals to your screens, but it is also responsible for complex rendering activities running in the backend. If we look at the graphics card of a Samsung laptop, they may vary from model to model. You can choose between integrated and dedicated graphics options. NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon are dedicated chips for handling robust graphics processing at higher settings and frame rates. 

Meanwhile, MacBooks are typically equipped with integrated graphics or low-end dedicated graphics. Thankfully, the latest MacBook models also include discrete GPUs. MacBook Pro 16, for instance, comes with an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB graphics chip. However, this super expensive GPU machine still stands behind the previous generation mobile Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB. The latest Samsung laptops with the most advanced Nvidia chips will blow the socks off regarding gaming performance, which is impossible in the MacBook because Apple has an ongoing spat with Nvidia. 


Well, this is different when it comes to processing power. Apple has incorporated more potent processors in its laptops, which shine in applications like 3D rendering and video editing. Not only this, but MacBooks are also better in battery performance. These laptops can stay live for up to 20 hours on a single charge. This is much more than the average Samsung Galaxy laptop, which typically provides about 10 hours of continuous use before recharging.   

Operating System 

Second comes the operating system. Samsung computers run on Windows, which is regarded as the "Powerhouse" for gaming. Windows, like Windows 11, offers a vast library of games and excellent driver support for gaming accessories. This operating system is preloaded with a Game Bar, giving you quick access to helpful gaming features with a simple keystroke.  

In contrast, Apple laptops have a limited collection of games compared to Windows. Nevertheless, with the M1 and M2 chips, MacBooks can now run the iOS and iPad apps, providing access to more games.  

Software Compatibility  

Thirdly, Windows laptops, like Samsung, support a wide range of software, providing unlimited access to popular gaming platforms, including Xbox, Steam, Epic Games Store, and others. While macOS has a smaller native game library, you can often run Windows versions of games using software like Boot Camp or third-party virtualisation programs.  


Lastly, what matters above all is cost. You can buy a Samsung gaming laptop for half the price of any dedicated GPU-equipped MacBook. A gaming laptop like the Samsung GalaxyBook Laptop is something with which you can play any AA title at higher settings, full HD 60+ FPS or better. 

If you consider this from a sheer pound standpoint, this means that instead of that Apple laptop, you can buy a Samsung laptop with gaming hardware and any two of the Samsung refurbished laptop models you choose. If you catch deals from a trustworthy retailer like Laptop Outlet, you might have money left for more games! 

The bottom line is that MacBook is not designed for gaming and needs to be competitive in hardware or price perspectives.  

Gaming Benchmarks | Side-By-Side Comparison 


Samsung Galaxy 

Apple MacBook  

Graphics Card 

Dedicated gaming GPUs like Nvidia RTX 4050 or 4070 

Integrated or lower-power dedicated GPUs, 


Intel Core i7-12700H or AMD Radeon  

Apple M2 Max 

Battery life 

Up to 12 hours 

Up to 20 hours 

Operating System 



Game Library  

Extensive library  

Smaller selection  

Software Compatibility 

Broad software compatibility and easy access to gaming platforms 

Limited compatibility  

Cooling and Thermals 

Robust cooling system  

MacBooks are intended for quieter, everyday use 


4.5 pounds to 5.3 pounds 

3.5 pounds to 4.7 pounds 


13 to 17 inches Full HD  

14 to 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR 

Gaming Accessories 

Compatible with a wide range of gaming peripherals  

Fewer options are compatible 


8 GB or higher  

16GB or 32GB 


Starting at £1000 

Starting at £2000 


Choosing between a Samsung or an Apple laptop depends on your specific needs and budget. An Apple laptop is an excellent choice if you are looking for a lightweight and sleek laptop with good battery life.  

However, a Samsung laptop is a good choice if you are unwilling to spend an arm and a leg on a MacBook purchase or want something best to play the most demanding games. However, before finalising your purchase, consider the pros and cons and gaming-centric capabilities of both devices mentioned in this guide.   

No matter what you choose, make sure you do your research and purchase from a reputable retailer like Laptop Outlet to get a quality product that will serve as a long-term companion.  

Happy Gaming!