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Revolutionise your gaming experience with 240Hz monitors from Laptop Outlet. These monitors deliver the best gameplay possible with low response times and ultrafast refresh rates.

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Revolutionise your gaming experience and enjoy a competitive edge with a 240Hz gaming monitor from Overclockers UK. Thanks to their low response times and super-high 240Hz refresh rates, these gaming monitors can help significantly improve your performance. In AAA and esports titles such as Valorant and CS: GO, you’ll benefit from reduced motion blur, screen tearing, and display stutter, providing you a competitive edge. What's more, with outstanding gaming features such as NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync accompanied by breath-taking colour reproduction, these 240Hz gaming monitors are the perfect choice for gamers and content creators.

From 4K gaming to a big-screen experience at home, a 4K 240Hz monitor is the way to go if you're after some truly incredible graphical displays.

Standard 4K monitors and 144Hz displays are good, but with the added refresh rate provided by a monitor with 240Hz features, you won't miss anything happening before you, even when things are getting hectic.

Most gaming monitors have decent refresh rates. Still, you won't be able to truly appreciate the majesty of 200+ frames until you've invested in a 240Hz gaming monitor.

We have plenty of these monitors for you to choose from in our curated Ebuyer selection. Take your time browsing to pick the right one for your rig, and then order today to make the most of our express delivery options and use your new monitor the very next day.


A monitor's Hz simply refers to the number of times the display refreshes and redraws every pixel per second. Also known as refresh rate, a super high Hz such as 240 accompanied by a similarly high FPS in the game allows your display to show you what is happening in do-or-die clutch moments faster. Traditional office and gaming monitors have a 60 or 75Hz refresh rate, meaning this range of 240Hz gaming monitors can give you a serious competitive edge over some of your opponents in AAA and esports titles.


  • Better Motion Resolution: A significant advantage of a higher refresh rate is improved motion resolution. Put simply, this is the perceived sharpness of the moving image. To create a moving image, your brain blends frames. In this process, the finer details are often lost, reducing quality. A 240-Hz gaming monitor helps combat motion blur by providing more information to our brains, allowing them to create a better-quality picture faster.
  • Less Screen Tearing: Explained simply, this comes down to the difference between the refresh rate and the frame rate. Your gaming PC dictates your frame rate, which will vary per game. When this exceeds the monitor’s refresh rate, screen tearing can occur. This is when half frames appear on the same screen momentarily. Even though they last less than a second, they are a huge distraction, especially for gamers.
  • Increased responsiveness: Your monitor refresh rate also affects the input lag. A monitor's response time is the amount of time it takes for a signal to appear on the screen after it has been received. 60 Hz monitors, for example, will never go below 16.67 ms because it takes that long between each refresh. If you are a hardcore gamer who wants their graphics to run smoothly, you may want to consider a monitor that runs at 240 frames per second. It will take 4.17 ms for 240 Hz monitors to reduce this time. 
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