Screen recording on a laptop has become a valuable tool for various reasons. Whether recording your gaming prowess, documenting software processes, or creating in-game tutorials, the screen recording feature lets you capture your favourite moments to share with the world later.  

Regardless of the reason, screen recording on a Samsung laptop is relatively simple and can be accomplished with a few simple steps. Thus, if you own a Samsung laptop, you're in luck! You can capture your on-screen gaming activities in multiple ways, ranging from built-in functionalities to powerful third-party applications. The methods offer distinct advantages and cater to different user preferences. 

In this article, we will cover the intricacies of each method with step-by-step instructions and additional resources to ensure you capture your gameplay seamlessly.  

So, let's dive in!  

Method 1: Using Xbox Game Bar 

The Xbox Game Bar allows seamless screen recording on a laptop while playing games without pausing or exiting the game window, but its features also extend beyond mere game recording. The Xbox Game Bar is a pre-built feature of Windows 10 or 11 Samsung laptops. You can use Xbox Game Bar to record any activity from most locations, except the desktop, File Explorer, and a few Windows applications such as Weather. 

How to Set up Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10?

To set up the Game Bar on a Windows 10 Samsung gaming laptop, go to Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar and select the "Enable Xbox Game Bar" switch. You can get into the Xbox Game Bar by holding the Xbox button on the controller. You can explore the default keyboard shortcuts linked to various Game Bar functions on this interface or personalise them by assigning your preferred key combinations. 

How do you set up the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 11? 

If you have a Windows 11 Samsung Galaxy laptop, go to Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar and enable the option to open the Xbox Game Bar with a controller, which gives you access to an Xbox gamepad to activate the Game Bar. Within the Xbox Game Bar app's settings menu, you can check and personalise the keyboard shortcuts connected with the function. 

Step-by-Step Screen Recording Process via Xbox Game Bar 

  • Once the Xbox Game Bar is open, you can perform whatever screen actions you want to capture.  
  • You'll see several widgets in the Game Bar menu.  
  • Find the screen recording in the 'Capture' widget.  
  • If you don't see it, click on the widget menu (the icon with two overlapping squares) and choose  'Capture'. The Capture widget has controls for screen recording and screenshots. 
  • To start recording, navigate to the 'Start Recording' button (the circle icon) in the Capture widget. You can also type the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + Alt + R. Before recording, close any sensitive or personal information on your screen. The screen recording will capture everything that's going on your screen. 
  • While recording, you can use the 'Microphone' button (the mic icon) in the Capture widget to toggle the microphone on or off.  
  • You can also customise these Gamebar settings. Click the Settings icon at the right on the Game Bar menu. Browse the different categories under the Settings menu to modify the shortcuts. You can tweak the widgets, change the theme, set up background recording, and record the audio with the video from here.  
  • You can view your previously saved screen recordings and screenshots using the 'Show all captures' button (the folder icon). 
  • To stop the screen recording, click the 'Stop Recording' button (the square icon) in the Capture widget. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + Alt + R to stop screen recording. 
  • Once you stop recording, a notification will show you that your screen recording has been saved. All your screen recordings are saved by default in your user account's 'Videos' > 'Captures' folder. 

 Method 2: Record With Powerpoint 

Unlike the Xbox Game Bar, you can use PowerPoint, which has a built-in screen recording capability to game capture on a Samsung laptop's screen. You can store the video in your PowerPoint presentation or save it as a separate file on your hard disc through the PowerPoint screen recording feature.  

Here's how to record your laptop screen using Microsoft PowerPoint on a Samsung laptop. 

  • Go to the start menu and launch Powerpoint. 
  • Create a blank side on the PowerPoint.  
  • Navigate to the Insert tab from the ribbon at the top and choose ‘Screen Recording’. By default, the option can be found on the far right of the menu. 
  • On the Control Dock, select your desired area. Use your cursor to drag to select the entire screen or a section of the screen you want to record. 
  • Hit the 'Record' button to begin the screen recording. When you've finished recording, click the 'Stop' button to end the recording. Remove your cursor to the top of the screen to re-access the Control Dock. 
  • Your screen recording will be inserted into the PowerPoint slide automatically. Right-click on the video within PowerPoint and press ‘Save Media as’ from the menu to save the footage as a standalone file on your Samsung laptop. Follow the prompts to choose your designation folder and name the file. 

Method 3: OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) 

Suppose you don’t want to use Xbox Game Bar and PowerPoint's recording method, which is restricted to working with full screen and multiple windows. In that case, many free screen recording applications are available in the market. OBS Studio tool is designed primarily to record gaming and live streaming. However, it offers the flexibility to capture the entire screen, including all other active Windows. Along the way, OBS Studio can record your full-screen activity, microphone, and audio. The tool then automatically saves the recorded content as an MP4 file. 

Here's how to use OBS Studio to record the entire laptop screen. 

  • Search online, download OBS Studio, and install it on your desktop.  
  • Open OBS and set it up through the 'Auto-Configuration Wizard' window. For a better recording experience on a laptop, choose the option 'Optimise just for recording; I will not be streaming'. This option is recommended if you only need to record for local storage and are not streaming. 
  • Press the Plus icon (+) in the 'Scenes' box at the bottom left corner to add a scene for screen capture. 
  • Find the 'Sources' box, click the Plus icon (+) and then click on the 'Game Capture' to start capturing a video of your gaming process on Windows. 
  • Go to the 'Audio Mixer' box to configure your audio devices. OBS records both gaming sound and the microphone by default, which is ideal. 
  • Go to file> Settings > Output to configure the output video format. Choose where you want to save your game recording file in this section. When you're done with the configuration, click the OK button. 
  • Click the 'Start Recording' button in the 'Controls' box at the bottom right corner of the interface. Minimise OBS and start playing the game you want to capture on the entire screen. 
  • Once you've completed capturing, return to OBS and click 'Stop Recording' in the Controls box. 
  • You can locate your new screen recording in MKV format in the designated folder. If you convert the recorded video from MKV to MP4 format, go to file> Remux Recordings in OBS

Method 4: Windows Steps Recorder 

While Windows Step Recorder is not a traditional screen recorder, it can also be game-captured on a Samsung laptop. 

  • Open the Windows Steps Recorder by pressing Windows + R, typing 'psr', and hitting 'Enter' to continue.  
  • Click on 'Start Record'
  • Complete the desired steps on your Samsung Galaxy laptop. 
  • Choose 'Stop Record' when you are done.  
  • The tool will generate a compressed .zip file containing an MHTML file. Open this MHTML file in a browser to discover your captured gaming actions. 

Method 5: Record With the Windows 11 Snipping Tool 

If you are using Windows 11 (22621.1344) or the latest version, there is now an additional screen recording option named Snipping Tool. You can check your Windows version by navigating to Settings > System > About and ` the Windows Specifications section. 

If running an older operating system version, visit Settings > Windows Update and install the latest update. Subsequently, open the Microsoft Store app, visit your library, and download the available update for the Snipping Tool. 

Here is how you perform screen recording on a laptop through the Windows Snipping tool: 

  • Set up the gaming window you want to record and open the Snipping Tool by clicking the app's shortcut from the Start menu. Alternatively, you can use Win + Shift + S shortcut to open it.  
  • Click on the video camera icon on the toolbar, then press the 'New' button. A compact recording toolbar appears at the top of your screen.  
  • Choose the specific area of the screen you want to capture, and then hold the 'Start' button on the toolbar.  
  • Use the 'Pause' button to halt the recording temporarily and then click 'Play' to resume.  
  • If you want to stop the recording, click 'Stop'
  • After capturing an action, the captured video appears on the screen for review. 
  • Click on the 'Share' icon to share the recording with others, an app, or a service. 
  • If you prefer to store the recording as a standalone file, click the 'Save' icon to save it in MP4 format. 

Method 6: NVIDIA ShadowPlay (for NVIDIA Graphics Cards) 

If your Samsung laptop has a Nvidia graphics card, you can use NVIDIA ShadowPlay to record your gameplay.  

  • Go to the NVIDIA official website and download GeForce Experience. 
  • Install the software on your laptop and log in with your NVIDIA account. 
  • Go to the Start Menu and open the GeForce Experience application. 
  • Click on the settings option in the GeForce Experience application.  
  • Turn on the 'In-Game Overlay' option from the settings menu.  
  • While in-game, press Alt + Z to open the in-game overlay. 
  • Click on the red recording button to begin recording. 
  • Hold Alt + Z again and press the square 'Stop Recording' button to stop recording. 
  • You can typically find the recorded videos in the default folder or the location specified in the settings. Otherwise, explore the 'Videos' folder on your laptop to get captured gaming scenes. 

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