Perhaps you're in the market for a desktop or notebook PC, or you already own a laptop but are dissatisfied with the amount of screen real estate it provides. It's time to explore the universe of computer monitors and determine which product(s) will best meet your specific requirements. 

The monitor you need to buy is determined by what you will primarily use your computer for, which can be divided into three broad categories: business use, general use, professional visuals, and gaming. Not all monitors are created equal, as certain physical traits and integrated technologies on a particular product might provide some of the best results for running gaming applications rather than office tools or professional content creator/film editing programs.  

Aside from the brand, the only distinction between monitors appears to be screen size. Before we get into what's going on behind each display and what your PC may require to get the best results, it's important to understand the different types of monitors as well as the numerous sizes and shapes they come in. 

Monitors for general size 

General-purpose monitors are commonly found in homes and offices and are primarily used to run web browsers, Microsoft Office applications, or computer programs that do not require intensive graphics processing. As a result, you'll usually be able to tell which monitors are suitable for general use based on their low price. Because these products cater to low-budget consumers, your PC will not require any high-end specifications or up-to-date upgrades to properly utilize these standard monitors. 

Monitors for professionals

If you're a digital artist, content creator, or just starting in the field of editing or entertainment. You should know what a professional design or editing monitor has to offer is essential. Whether you're designing something for print or a webpage, getting the right color scheme can be easily overlooked. 

If you choose a lower-end monitor to save money, the color(s) you had in mind when finishing a project may appear indeed very differently on other screens. Of course, you'll need a computer capable of running programs like Apple's Final Cut Pro or Adobe Photoshop.  

Monitors for gaming 

Gaming monitors, like the majority of the video games they display, must be quick. In monitor terms, "fast" refers to the refresh rate and response time of each display. Refresh rates are currently up to 240Hz, which means that the imagery in your game will be displayed at 240 frames per second.  Display response times, which measure how quickly colors can be shifted, can be critical in determining whether a monitor's refresh rate looks good.  


Ultrawide monitors, as the name implies, stretch out left as well as right to provide you with more screen space. they simulate the efficiency level of using two or more monitors at the same time. Ultrawide monitors, which are ideal for displaying multiple applications at once, can be a professional's preferred business display. 

Aspect ratio and screen size are critical to understanding the unique resolutions offered by ultrawide-display monitors. 

Now let’s discuss the AOC and ASUS monitors in detail.  

AOC monitors 

The ideal monitor could be both cutting-edge on the inside and stunning on the outside. AOC has the ideal models for design-conscious users, guaranteeing high resolution, wonderful panels, and high color reproduction. Whether you need a monitor for entertainment or gaming purposes, AOC got it covered for you.  

Basic monitors 

For day-to-day tasks, these monitors can be used. The screen is flat, and the refresh rate is 60Hz. The screen size is from 18-21 inches.  

High-resolution monitor 

If you want a monitor with sharp and clear visuals, then these are the monitors for you. The IPS panel is used, and the screen size is also larger than the basic monitors. They have the QHD resolution.  

Professional monitors

They have a wide range of professional monitors. The screen size can be as small as 15 inches and as big as 27 inches. It all depends on your budget. You can also choose if you want to buy a monitor with an IPS or TN panel.  

Portable monitors

These monitors give you the ultimate convenience and portability. They enhance your productivity, and you can carry them anywhere you want.  

ASUS Monitors 

Asus is operating in the market since 1989. Its longevity in the market demonstrates its dependability and reputation for providing some of the best products available. They are known for providing high-quality electronics such as displays, laptops, computer components, and cell phones. 

They have many series. Let’s take a look at the series.  

Gaming Series: 

Asus is the number one brand for gaming. You can get a refresh rate as high as 360 Hz. Users can also get 144Hz and 4KHDR. This is series is further divided into some categories.  

4K Monitors: For games that require high detailed visuals these monitors can be the ideal pick.  

Esports Monitors: For eSports and FPS gaming, these are the best gaming monitors. 

Next Generation console monitors: These monitors are most suitable for Xbox Series X and PS5. 

Curved monitors: Users can choose this monitors for more immersive experience.  

ROG monitors Series: 

Republic of Gamers (ROG) has over a decade of experience creating cutting-edge gaming monitors. These monitors excite and delight gamers all over the world. The ROG Swift series is the spearhead, boasting a slew of game-changing innovations. 

TUF gaming Series: 

TUF Gaming monitors are ideal for budget-conscious competitive gamers. They deliver a carefully curated set of high-end gaming features at reasonable prices. Beautiful visuals are in your reach. 

Pro Art Series: 

The ASUS ProArt display series' goal is to provide the most advanced technologies to fuel the imaginations of creatives everywhere. ProArt monitors are the solution for creating masterpieces, with features such as OLED displays and mini-LED backlights. This series also has ASUS Smart HDR technology. 

Zenscreen Series: 

ZenScreen portable monitors are designed to increase productivity while also providing entertainment when out and about. They are small and versatile, easy to set up anywhere, and can be used in a variety of scenarios. 

Touch series: 

ASUS touchscreen monitors offer 10-point multitouch functionality as well as excellent picture quality, adaptable connectivity, and excellent ergonomics. The accurate and precise multitouch screen supports up to ten simultaneous touches and has been optimized for use with Windows 10. It enables users to work efficiently and smartly.  

Eyecare monitors 

These monitors receive certifications for Flicker-Free and TÜV Rheinland Low Blue-Light Emissions. If you open the menu, there are four different settings on the screen. They are for various blue light filters. To reduce the flicker, ASUS uses Smart Dynamic Backlight Adjustment. It will protect the user from irritation, strains, and eye fatigue.  


AOC and ASUS both are very reputable names, and they sure deliver quality monitors. You can choose the brand according to your requirements. If you are looking for a gaming monitor, then choose ASUS. They have a wide range and different series of gaming monitors. For professional and portable monitors, AOC can be a great option.