AOC monitors could be your best choice for firehouse gaming performance and super-crisp visuals. Along with having a great gaming monitor for your tech space it is highly important that you check your monitor settings. The right gaming monitor settings before you get on the sensational gameplay will elevate your gaming experience wholly. No matter your gaming monitor may be equipped with the most top-tier specs and features. Still, checking and optimizing your AOC monitor settings for gaming will help you to the max. 

Interruptions in gaming do not just depend on your computer’s CPU performance. In fact, the gaming monitor plays a crucial part in bringing the best and smoother gameplay on the screen. It’s all about the visual entertainment when it comes to gaming, isn’t it? 

If you’ve got your AOC gaming monitor and are ready for a rigorous gaming session, you need to overview your settings beforehand. We have listed down every step on how you can set your AOC monitor on the best gaming setting. 

Step 1: Double Check your Display Settings 

Most of the gaming users tend to forget about cross checking the display settings the monitor currently has. This is also another way to check the specs and properties of your display. You need to follow just the few basic steps to get your screen’s display setting at its best. 

  • From the main desktop screen, right-click with your mouse and select “Display Settings” from the drop-down menu.  
  • A dialogue box with all the current display settings of your monitor will be opened. Scroll down and find “Advanced Display Settings”. Click through it to navigate further on the settings menu. 
  • The next window will show the frequency, Resolution, and every spec detail of the monitor. By navigating downwards, you will see the “Display Adaptor Properties for Display” in the blur font. Click it and another dialogue box opens. 
  • From the Window box, select the Monitor tab and check out the current refresh rate setting of your monitor. Choose the best refresh rate available from the drop list of screen Refresh rate section.  
  • Click “Ok” 

Step 2: Install the G-Menu 

G Menu is basically a software provided by AOC monitors to help adjust your monitor settings directly from the screen menus. Instead of the OSD buttons on the monitor, you can alter the settings with shortcuts.  

  • Visit the official AOC gaming monitors website.
  • Its “Drivers and Software” webpage shows all the list of drivers and every software that can help you achieve the best gaming scenario. Select “G-Menu” from the list and its zip file will be automatically downloaded. 
  • Open the downloaded file, run through all the instructions, and then launch the installed G-menu.  
  • After you install and launch the G Menu, get on the “Game Mode” tab at first. Before changing any gaming mode setting, make sure your game mode is turned off.  
  • From the Game mode, click “Advanced Settings” from the drop menu list.  
  • Now you will be able to see a whole setting list including Shadow contrast, game colour, brightness and contrast. Set every setting range according to your gaming visual needs. 
  • The ideal setting would be to set “shadow contrast” around 50, “Game Colour” around 10, “Brightness” to the full 100 and finally the “Contrast” around 50 as well. 
  • Next, view the “Colour Temp” option right across the four setting options we just mentioned. Set your colour temperature to sRGB for the best colour tones and hues.  
  • Now, check the Overdrive section and select “Medium”. If you select strong for overdrive, your drive may overshoot and result in too dark or too bright objects. 
  • You are ready to play most of the games at their best gaming settings on AOC monitor.  

Some games may require a bit change in the gaming settings and can appear better with slight lower or higher contrast. For games like Hunger Strike or Call of Duty, these settings ideally work the best. 

Best AOC Monitors for Gaming 

Not grabbed your AOC monitor yet? If you are still looking out for some of the best gaming monitor choices, we have the top 3 for you. You can buy these AOC monitors from the official Laptop Outlet store online in the UK.  

  1. AOC Gaming AG251FZ (£337.99) 
  1. AOC Gaming AG251FG (£547.99) 
  1. AOC 24G2AE/BK (£186.99) 

Bottom Line 

Having the best gaming monitor might not just be it. With the best gaming monitor settings, you won’t just enjoy playing AAA title games but get the best graphics on screen. For 144Hz monitors and 240Hz monitors, setting the right fps gaming settings could be tricky. You might need to double check for ultimate gaming visuals and bind the settings well with monitor refresh rates.