Do you want a top-quality display without the top pound spent? Fortunately, refurbished monitors are the way to go!  

We live in a technology-centric world where monitors serve as "windows" to digital realms. From being a source of entertainment to professional workhorses, monitors provide us with incredible opportunities to revolutionise our way of living. Thanks to the latest and innovative features, the best gaming monitors offer something that standard monitors can't: a truly immersive gaming experience!   

Gaming monitors offer higher resolutions, excellent brightness, contrast, and speedy response times to make your favourite gaming titles look more lifelike than ever. It's not just about looks, though. You'll also get faster refresh rates and adaptive Sync technologies, which means you'll react faster, making it possible to get a competitive edge in fast-paced 3D games without strain on your eyes.  

Unluckily, the new high-end gaming monitors often come with a hefty price tag, so it's wise to search for cost-effective options, and this is where refurbished monitors come into play. You'll be surprised to know that you can save up to 50% on the cost of a new monitor by opting for a refurbished, budget-friendly monitor. 

What exactly are the refurbished gaming monitors, and how do they differ from used ones? Why should you consider them? What will make this purchase wise? And what are some of the best refurbished options available in the market? We're taking you for a deep dive to clarify these things to make your purchase easier!  

So, let's dive in!  

What are Refurbished Monitors?  

Refurbished monitors are devices bought and sent back to the manufacturer for many reasons. The manufacturer or resellers inspected, repaired, and cleaned these monitors to meet the performance standards. Refurbished monitors can be of various types, such as customer returns, open box items, or showcase models.  

Whether it was due to a faulty component later repaired or simply a change of buyer's mood, these previously owned monitors often show minor wear and tear and are basically in like-new condition. 

Refurbished gaming monitors often come with budget-friendly price tags compared to new monitors. However, it is vital to remember that not all refurbished monitors are tailored equally. Their refurbishment standards vary from monitor to monitor, depending on the issues they pose.  

Specific reconditioned monitors may have minor cosmetic defects, such as scratches or scuffs, while others may have been repaired for more severe faults, such as dead pixels or lighting issues. These monitors are sold in condition grades.  

A monitor's condition grade usually ranks A, B, or C, indicating how much cosmetic damage it has, how serious this is, and what monitor components need repair. Here are the condition grades for refurbished budget-friendly monitors.  

Grade A Monitors

In the A-grade refurbishment process, each monitor is subjected to a burning test to detect discolouration and dead pixels. A monitor must pass this test without any dead pixels or bruises to be classified as "Grade A". Grade A monitors can have scratches and scuffs on the casing body and stand and mild signs of wear. However, they will not have any scratches or cracks on the screen since it will be in the new-like condition. 

Grade B Monitors 

In Grade B testing, monitors must pass the display test without discolouration. Sometimes, they may include light scratches and pressure marks on the screen. Grade B monitors can feature up to 5 dead pixels on the screens. They can also have scratches, scuff dents on the casing body and stand, and slight wear and tears from previous uses. You may also find some Grade B monitors with a damaged cable holder and several scratches and scuff marks on the screen. However, there should be no cracks or significant damage to the screen to be regarded as a "Grade B" refurbished monitor. 

Grade C Monitors 

You'll find numerous scratches and scuff marks on the Grade C monitors' casing body. However, there will be no considerable scratches, blemishes, or dark and scuff marks on the screen. Grade C screens may have lines stretching across them. These lines are called "dead zones". Under the hood, "Grade C" monitors may also have inevitable dings along the edges. 

Refurbished Monitors vs Used Monitors: Are Both the Same?

The answer is no! Typically, people perceive refurbished monitors as used ones and neglect them on the spot. They might think something must be wrong with them because they are cheaper than brand new.  

A refurbished monitor may be used, but not all monitors may be refurbished. Likewise, not all refurbished or reconditioned monitors can sometimes fit under the "used" tag. For instance, a person ordered a new monitor online or returned the device to the manufacturer after opening the box's seal. This is because the monitor failed to impress him, he got the wrong model, or the product's packaging needs to be fixed, thus leading to a return to the website without further use. That manufacturer or online retailer then sells that monitor at a slightly lower price along with the tag "refurbished monitor". 

On the other hand, used gaming monitors are monitors that have been previously owned and used or may have signs of wear and tear. To enter the marketplace, monitors must pass rigorous refurbishment testing and functionality standards. These monitors are often untraceable and need a legitimate guarantee, making them risky investments. 

Refurbished budget-friendly monitors are devices that have previously been returned to the retailer for several reasons ranging from personal choices to technical flaws. Before being resold in the market, these gaming monitors are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and repaired. They also have an excellent return policy and extended warranty coverage. As a result, considering a reconditioned monitor is often a better option than purchasing a used one. 

Here is the side-by-side comparison table of both monitor options. 


Refurbished Monitors  

Used Monitors 


Carefully tested, cleaned, and repaired to meet the industry’s performance standards. 

not have been inspected and repaired.   


Come with extended warranties. 

Typically, don’t have warranty coverage.  


Sold at lower prices as compared to new monitors. 

May be sold at different prices, depending on the condition, usage, and age of the monitor.  

Top 3 Best Refurbished Gaming Monitors  

Our skilled professionals have been testing and reviewing monitors for years. Thus, to help you pick a high-edge monitor for your needs—and decipher features like resolution, refresh rates, response times, and nits, we have curated a list of the best-refurbished monitors available in the market. No matter what kind of gaming monitor you're looking for, there is something for you! 

Samsung LS32A600NWUXXU Gaming Monitor

Samsung LS32A600NWUXXU

  • 32 in, IPS LED Display, VA, 2560 x 1440 Max. Resolution 
  • 5 ms Response Time, 75 Hz Refresh Rate 
  • 3000:1 Contrast Ratio, 16:9 Aspect Ratio 
  • HDMI 
  • Black Colour 
  • 1-Year Warranty 

The Samsung LS32A600NWUXXU brings all the best parts of a budget friendly monitor into the gaming space, making it a host of features that gamers will be better pleased with. The Samsung monitor comes with new levels of precision, up to 1.7x the pixel density of Full HD. The QHD panel provides more room for multitasking or exploring the depths of gaming realms. 

Thanks to a wide range of colours, near limitless hues, and HDR10, the monitor makes dark shades even darker and the brightest colours even brighter, allowing you to enjoy immersive visuals.  

What we love about the Samsung LS32A600NWUXXU is its TUV-certified eye care technology to safeguard your eyes from excessive blue light through features like Eye Saver Mode and a Flicker-Free display. Another notable feature is that you're getting the 32-inch ultrawide and slightly curved proposition display with 75 Hz refresh rates, which means everything will appear faster and smoother on the screen.  

This refurbished Samsung LS32A600NWUXXU monitor will cost you around £400 in the UK; however, if you consider purchasing from Laptop Outlet, you will get in under £280. Enjoy more considerable savings and get more value for your money! 

Benq BL2780 Gaming Monitor

BenQ BL2780

  • 27 in, IPS Display, 1920 x 1080 Max. Resolution 
  • 5 ms Response Time, 75 Hz Refresh Rate 
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio, 16:9 Aspect Ratio 
  • Black Colour 
  • 1-Year Warranty 

The BenQ BL2780 is another incredible addition to the best gaming monitors. It's a classic, 27-inch, high refresh rate display, which means it combines a decent balance between visual appeal and demand on your graphics card for a stunning game experience. In other words, you get extended viewing comfort and executive details with exclusive Eye-Care Technology and industry-leading Brightness Intelligence Technology.  

The BenQ incorporates the perfect balance of LED and IPS technologies to add authentic colours, deeper blacks, higher contrast, and sharper details in your gaming visuals.  

And for maximum immersion, its 27-inch-wide screen and higher aspect ratio sucks you right into your game. Competitive gamers can use 75 HZ refresh rates to edge over their rivals.  

Grab this incredible gaming monitor for just around £100 at Laptop Outlet – a whopping £150 less than the average price, saving you big bucks!  

Samsung F27T450FZU Gaming Monitor

Samsung F27T450FZU

  • 27 in, IPS Display, 1920 x 1080 Max. Resolution 
  • 5 ms Response Time, 75 Hz Refresh Rate 
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio, 16:9 Aspect Ratio 
  • Black Colour 
  • 1-Year Warranty 

You will find 1080p screens for cheaper, but only some genuinely budget-friendly 1080p gaming monitors are as excellent as the Samsung F27T450FZU. It's the best bargain for competitive gamers who want something outstanding without breaking the bank.  

This Samsung monitor has a 1920 x 1080 Full HD 27-inch IPS panel, which delivers crisp and detailed visuals regardless of what title you are playing. Whichever way you decide to set this monitor up, you'll get an enthralling experience.  

On paper, this monitor ticks many boxes for entry-level to high-end esports. In addition to the stunning visuals, the Samsung T45F will impress you with its built-in speaker that gives crystal clear audio, making your entertainment experience even better.  

All told, there is more to love here. Samsung boasts exclusive eye care features like Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free technology that excite you even after extended gaming periods and reduce screen flickering for smooth and lag-free gameplay.  

Score significant savings on buying a Samsung F27T450FZU monitor from Laptop Outlet for just around £140.  

Are Refurbished Monitors Worth It? 

Refurbished gaming monitors provide the best value for the money. Buying a refurbished screen means investing in a bigger, better screen for less money. Instead of settling for a new 19-inch screen, you can get a 27-inch, more significant screen real estate with exceptional features for the same price.  

Gaming monitors, in particular, are the best if you're considering refurbishing. Here are the reasons why: 

Cost Effectiveness  

Lower price is the most noticeable point of a refurbished gaming monitor. These monitors are considerably cheaper than new ones. If you need more money to purchase a high-end, brand-new monitor, select a refurbished computer monitor to get high performance without causing strain on your wallet.  

However, the price of refurbished PC monitors varies depending on the seller. The best deal for you is to find a monitor for roughly half the cost of a new device to enjoy significant savings. 

Before purchasing a refurbished monitor, determine the cost of the new product. After that, check the prices of reconditioned monitors supplied by various dealers to find the best deals. Purchasing from a renowned brand or trustworthy retailer like Laptop Outlet is critical to ensure product quality and dependability. Your choice of retailer also saves you some money on components and sales tax. 

Quality Assurance  

Quality assurance is another best-selling point of reconditioned monitors. As discussed earlier, the refurbished devices are returned to the seller for various reasons. The seller or refurbishment centres then thoroughly test the machines and repair them if needed. Before the devices are released back onto the market, these are guaranteed to be 100% functional and reliable. They passed by strict quality checks and thorough repairs.  

Refurbishment involves thoroughly examining, cleaning, and restoring using automated troubleshooting software. This stringent process ensures that only the highest-quality monitors are accessible for resale. 

Environmental Sustainability 

Besides the cost savings and quality assurance, refurbished monitors also reduce your environmental impact. Global efforts to protect nature and wildlife are skyrocketing, and your every effort depends on a single goal of a "pollution-free environment".  

So, investing in a reconditioned electronic device puts used products into circulation and allows you to keep electronic waste out of landfills. That is not only beneficial for human health as well as for plants and other living beings! Additionally, you'll have added peace of mind knowing you are doing something to protect nature. 

Power Packed Performance  

When you delve into the refurbished market, you'll find several options with varying sizes and features previously out of your price range. For example, a 244Hz refresh rate might have been too expensive while shopping for a new gaming monitor.  

When you look at used or restored monitors, you'll find that superior capabilities are within your price range. Many hardcore gamers prefer refurbished high-performance monitors over brand-new monitors with low specs and poor compatibility. 

Another good news is that if a particular model is no longer in production or has a long lead time for restocking, you are more likely to find it as a refurbished device at a fraction of the cost.  

Warranty and Return Support  

Many brands offer a service agreement or contract on refurbished monitors. They are thus a reliable option, and you can trust them. Likewise, the return policy is another critical factor you should ensure when buying a refurbished device. Most online retailers provide an easy return policy, allowing you to return the purchased model if it is not in good condition or you change your mind.  

If you consider shopping from a reputable retailer like Laptop Outlet, it will probably come with a 1–3-year warranty coverage and up to 30 days of return policy. Thus, you'll be at peace knowing you have a larger refurbished gaming screen at a discounted price and with a warranty. 

Final Thoughts

In essence, gaming on a budget doesn't want you to compromise performance and quality. Refurbished gaming monitors are excellent solutions for those who want a competitive edge in their favourite fast-paced titles without spending much.  

So, whether you're a competitive gamer or a beginner in the gaming world, consider refurbished monitors to elevate your gaming experience. The best advice we can give regarding buying a refurbished monitor is to do extensive research and find a reputable retailer. Read the reviews and ratings, as well as the warranties and return policy of the device, on the seller's product page. You can also compare the price of a monitor by negotiating with different vendors. 

After buying the refurbished monitor, you need to check to see if it meets the specifications and features you were supposed to get. This includes verifying that the item's wear and tear does not exceed what was initially promised and that it functions effectively and adequately. 

So, ready to level up your gameplay? Visit Laptop Outlet and explore our range of high-quality refurbished gaming monitors from all the leading brands, including MSI, ASUS, Lenovo, and more. 

Game On!