The 4K monitor is an incredible part of your PC gaming setup. Why spend hundreds of pounds on your gaming desktop if you're going to play it through a 20-year-old faulty monitor? You probably shouldn't.  

Instead, invest in a 4K gaming screen to make the most out of your favourite AAA titles. The 4K gaming monitors have refined what is possible regarding refresh rates and visual clarity. These monitors deliver sharp, precise visuals that standard-resolution monitors cannot match.  

These monitors are a more enticing prospect than ever because of the consistently falling price ranges. They can quickly render images in staggering detail, with an ultra-smooth motion to boot, so it's easy to get why they are becoming the mainstays of PC gamers. So, do yourself a favour and add a 4K monitor to your gaming rig if you still haven't. Trust us, you'll get much more than that traditional screen or the best affordable gaming laptop you've spent money on.  

Additionally, when buying a monitor, you'll want to align the PC specifications with your monitor to make the most out of it. A 4K gaming display with faster refers rates will be wasted if your desktop packs an outdated GPU or CPU. To help you choose the ideal monitor for you – whether you are seeking an affordable option, one with a lower response time, or something with high HDR or adaptive sync– we've collected some of the best 4K monitors available in the market. Under the hood, you can follow our "4K monitor buying guide" to make an informed decision.  

ASUS TUF Gaming (VG289Q)

  • 28 in 4K Ultra HD Display, IPS, 3840 x 2160 Max. Resolution 
  • 5 ms Response Time, 60 Hz Refresh Rate 
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio, 16:9 Aspect Ratio 
  • HDMI | DisplayPort 
  • Black Colour 
  • 3 Years Warranty 
  • New Condition 

ASUS TUF Gaming is a gamer powerhouse designed for extended excellence. With a 28-inch 4K display and Nvidia G-Sync support, it offers a remarkable experience. What sets it apart is ASUS's Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync technology, which reduces ghosting and motion blur to ensure crystal-clear visuals during fast-paced gaming. 

The IPS panel gives you four times the pixels of similar-sized Full HD 1080p displays, so you get more precise images when playing games or watching movies and more onscreen desktop space for multitasking.  

As for the actual image quality in the games, there are no immediate pitfalls. The IPS panel's default calibration is reasonably accurate, and HDR technology across a range of luminance delivers a higher contrast than traditional monitors. It also offers DCI-P3 90% colour gamut, which feels very good with the 5ms response time.  

Head in the game, and the good news continues. ASUS integrate GameVisual Technology with seven pre-set display modes to optimise visuals for different gaming titles. You can access this unique feature through a hotkey or the onscreen display settings menu.  

On the other hand, ASUS Shadow Boost technology makes dark areas darker without overexposing brighter areas, making it easy for you to expose enemies in fast-paced games. Likewise, the Flicker-free technology ensures your eyes remain strain-free in long gaming sessions.  


  • 43 in 4K Ultra HD Display, VA, 3840 x 2160 Max. Resolution 
  • 1 ms Response Time, 144 Hz Refresh Rate 
  • 4000:1 Contrast Ratio, 16:9 Aspect Ratio 
  • USB | HDMI | DisplayPort 
  • White Colour 
  • 3 Years Warranty 
  • New Condition 

If you want to go big on 4K, there is no more excellent option than the ROG Strix XG43UQ. The world's first 43-inch gaming monitor offers 4K UHD visuals and a 1 ms moving picture response time (MPRT). The back of the monitor boasts a ROG-inspired design with sharp angles and red accents. The stand is ergonomic and adjustable – you can tilt, swivel, and rotate the monitor to find the perfect viewing position. 

Moonlighting as a beauty of the lounge, this gaming monitor is also great for productivity tasks, especially if you need ample screen real estate for multitasking. On paper, this 49-inch gaming monitor ticks many boxes for all types of games. It features Display Stream Compression (DSC) and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology for faster 4K 144 Hz gaming on the latest consoles via HDMI 2.1. 

The addition of AMD FreeSync makes your experience a breeze. For instance, the FreeSync Premium Pro technology ensures supersmooth, low-latency visuals for both standard and HDR content to eliminate lags; the built-in GameFast Input technology further reduces input lag, so gaming inputs are always in sync with the action. 

The XG43UQ is packed with capabilities that every gamer will love. There are many pre-calibrated gaming modes and a customisable user mode. There is also a built-in crosshair and timer, which might be handy for competitive gaming. For those who enjoy tinkering, there are other parameters to tweak, like the black level, gamma, and colour temperature. 

Overall, the ASUS ROG Strix is an excellent alternative as a 4K gaming monitor with an ultra-luxury, super smooth performance and many features.  


  • 41.5 in 4K Ultra HD Display, OLED, 3840 x 2160 Max. Resolution 
  • 0.5 ms Response Time 
  • 138 Hz Refresh Rate 
  • 1500000:1 Contrast Ratio, 16:9 Aspect Ratio 
  • USB | HDMI | DisplayPort 
  • Black Colour 
  • 3 Years Warranty 

High-speed OLED monitors are something exceptional. The ASUS ROG Swift significantly proves that. ASUS has unleashed the ROG Swift PG42UQ OLED, a 41.5-inch behemoth, the only monitor with plenty of features for the foreseeable future of gaming. The OLED panel adds a higher refresh rate, an anti-glare coating, and more game-friendly accoutrements.  

The main question is whether this monitor is worth its high price tag. So yes, it does a few things better for the premium at this price point. Firstly, it comes with a 138Hz refresh rate, which various gamers appreciate, packing one of the best graphics cards.  

The addition of true 10-bit colour depth and a cinema-grade 98% DCI-P3 gamut delivers unparalleled realism. The monitor calibrates with Delta E < 2 to ensure the best colour reproduction. Out of the box, there are several profiles to pick from OSD, such as dedicated DCI and RGB modes to calibrate the monitor per your preferences. 

You'll also see that the custom heatsink in the PG42UQ provides an extended surface area for heat exchange, maintaining an efficient airflow, even in long gaming stints. The ASUS ROG Swift slaps and brings all the best parts into the gaming space. On the downside, some adjustments are limited, but it is a trustworthy best friend for all your games.  

How to Choose the Best 4K Gaming Monitor?

It would be best to consider different factors when choosing the right 4K monitor. Bear in mind which monitor size is suitable for you. Usually, 34 inches or above with the panel type (VA, IPS or TN) is ideal for your needs. 

Pay attention to the connectivity you want, like HDMI inputs, DisplayPort, and USB connections, especially if you plan to connect your monitor with various gaming peripherals. Refresh rates are the key feature to focus on. Go for 120 to 144 Hz to avoid screen tearing and motion blur. 

Of course, if you intend to use your monitor for creative workflows, you should consider one with excellent colour accuracy, higher brightness nits and great HDR chops. G-Sync and Free-Sync are also worthy considerations. If you want the minimum input lag possible and don't mind tearing, then the FreeSync standard is the way to go. On the other hand, if you love smooth motions without tearing and can compromise on input lag, a 4K monitor with G-Sync is the right choice.  

Finally, evaluate the price. Many 4K screens range from £100 to £1000. However, if you are on a budget, consider whether buying a high monitor that will meet your evolving needs or a lower-end monitor that you can replace is also an option. At lower prices, you may get a bit less quality of performance, but if you can afford to splurge, the kitted-out models are definitely worth the  hefty price. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, when it comes to gaming, the paramount choice lies in the realm of 4K gaming monitors, providing breathtaking visuals that seamlessly complement your gaming gear. As high-definition steadily becomes the standard resolution, transitioning to a 4K display emerges as the optimal choice. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have curated a list of the finest 4K gaming monitors, ensuring you find the perfect match for your gaming requirements.