The modern technology era is filled with a significant number of brands and latest products. Brands like Lenovo, HP and Dell are unquestionably the first ones to come in mind when you think of buying a new product. Whether its laptops, desktop PCs or accessories, you can count on these leading manufacturers.  

There are number of work requirements and digital routines to follow when you need to use laptops or computers. Some are professionals who have to perform technical tasks while others are businessmen who aim to manage multiple projects through their device. On the other side, some casual users also need their devices for basic computing and average surfing. Another prominent field of using desktop PCS or laptops is ‘Gaming’ that requires good amount of loading and power. For each of these requirements, choosing a good brand can play a vital role in how your device is going to perform. 

Even if you are very sure of the specs and features you need from your device, you may not be familiar with which brand is going to provide you with its best. A lot of brands can deliver same caliber of performance. But one has to agree that some brands relatively perform better for gaming, some for professional leagues and others for business tasks.  

To distinguish between three most popular brands, we are just going to start by scratch. Before you select which brand, you are going for, you must know the origin and history of each of these. 


Lenovo has been a leading manufacturer and vendor of technology in the period of 2013 to 2015. Since 1984, this brand has been producing quality products including laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, TVs and much more. In actuality, it is an American Chinese company with more sub-brands under its hood. Most famous Lenovo laptops like ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and Ideapad ruled over the tech markets with their diverse use case scenarios.  


HP, most clearly the Hewlett-Packard, was built and founded as a tech brand in 1939 by Palo Alto. With HP’s name over hundreds of devices and hardware components, it was on every tech-savvy mouth in an era. The 2007 to 2013 period was the most popular decade that held HP accountable for its reliable products.  


Dell is known for its quality with the creation of desktop PCs, tablets, computers, gaming components, touchscreen, monitors and accessories. This American tech company serves with technological solutions as well providing repairing and supporting services for computers. Still being World’s 3rd largest computer manufacturer, Dell follows Lenovo and HP inevitably. Originally, the company was established in 1984 and has been biggest tech corporation with over 200,000 employees. 

Lenovo Vs HP Vs Dell 


Whilst many users don’t look upon the costing, a lot of them do. Each of these brands have various price ranges for a various type of consumers. But in each of these brands, you will find that there is a variety for budget users, midrange, and demanding consumers as well. A lot of variations of prices with most expensive products are also there. Similarly, you can find the cheapest available devices from these brands relatively. 

Dell: Dell is mostly known for selling budget laptops, desktop PCs and more devices. Its notable factor is that it doesn’t sell products through any third-party. However, you can see Dell products sold by authorized dealers. One major reason of it is that Dell products have affordable prices and reasonable budgets. You can explore the lowest Dell machines in as low as 150 pounds. On the other hand, few Dell gaming laptops are the ones that are relatively priced at a higher pace. 

Lenovo: Lenovo was previously more known for affordable devices, yet it still is known by it. To support customer service and keep up with every user type in the best way possible, Lenovo makes sure to mark the prices down. You can easily see the Lenovo products going down below 200 pounds. In some cases where versatile 2 in 1 Lenovo laptops and gaming Lenovo range is launched, the prices are kept at a much higher pace. 

 HP: HP has been making products with diverse price range. While some of the HP laptops are labelled with the highest price tags, the other can be relatively low. If you go for HP Chromebooks, you can find some solidly cheaper choices. Some HP laptops featuring professional characteristics and gaming features as well are expensive such as over 2000 pounds.  

Hardware Components 


Dell creates a good chance for consumers to focus more on specifications rather than the design factor. Its components are much more dedicated towards providing reliability. The design of Dell laptops, PCs, accessories might not be as much fascinating, but you can totally rely on the performance. Dell uses both Intel and AMD processors which means there are multiple specs combination you can get in its products. 

Dell gaming range such as Alienware cost high and are integrated with the heavily demanding features. Other midrange Dell laptops and PCs can also include i7 and i5 processors along with the SSD storage capacity. Cheaper Dells like Inspiron are packed with Intel Pentium and Celeron processors for basic to everyday computing. 


If you specifically belong to a multimedia field such as graphic designing, 3D editing or a technical field such as programming, Lenovo is a far better choice. The better lasting battery performance of the Lenovo makes it a good choice for professionals. Even for gamers, Lenovo has created some of the most powerful gaming beasts with Intel Core i9 processors and dedicated graphics. 

Lenovo Legion series dedicatedly built for gamers is produced with the elite features and top-notch specs. Lenovo Yoga range and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 carbon sport cut-edge designs, convertible build, fastest processors for better workability. Besides Intel Core processors, AMD and dual-core processors can also be found in the Lenovo ThinkPads and Ideapad. 


HP has worked a lot on its business efficiency with multitasking power in its devices, especially laptops and PCs. Its professional desktop PC range features leading security features like TPM 2.0 and BIOS protection. These HP products are oriented towards office tasks and aligning your everyday workload without a hitch. HP although makes sure to integrate latest processors such as Intel Core i7, i5 and i3. 

HP Pavilion series denotes immersive gaming with giving the best availability to gamers. Its NVIDIA dedicated graphic cards featuring the latest GeForce RTX and GTX are easily efficient for gaming visuals. The costly HP laptops include HP Envy and HP Pavilion encompass more solidly-packed features. There are 4k options available in the HP displays while the touchscreen 2 in 1 HP laptops can be nice for graphic designers. 


Verdict: So Which is Better? 

Its always hard to choose the best from the best itself. All three brands are significantly known for their specs and features. Some are more known for their design quality and build while others are more oriented towards the top-tier specs. 

We wouldn’t like to over exaggerate any claims but if you need a brilliant design along with versatile usage, go for Lenovo. HP, however, is more known for the business enthusiasts and will be best served for multitaskers. If you are going for a reliable everyday computing and need to hop on to a good pricing budget, you must go for Dell. For gaming, our number one recommendation has to be Lenovo and then comes the HP. Dell, however is most suited for other productive tasks such as office daily routine.