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What is VoIP? A complete guide and usage of VoI Phones
  • December 27, 2022
  • Guide

Communication is a fundamental aspect of everyone’s life. No matter how many chatting platforms we have, nothing can ever replace the significance of voice calls. This is especially important for businesses, where due to privacy and multiple other reasons, voice calls are still considered highly important.

Previously, most of the businesses were dependent on landlines for communication. However, with the passage of time, the dynamics of the business world have changed drastically. With executive managers always on the go, it's harder to use a landline for all business communications. Moreover, the usage of traditional copper-line wires also influences the reliability of landlines. The constant challenge of an unclear and stuttering voice has motivated businesses to find a better alternative. Keeping this in consideration, some businesses have already switched to VoIP phones.

There are also multiple assumptions

Buy the best Samsung Galaxy Book Laptops of 2023

Samsung knows how to craft a premium technology gadget. The company is well-known for its devices, featuring a balanced contrast of captivating design and robust performance. Samsung is also famous worldwide for using the right kind of components to cover the essentials at a fair price in its devices. The South Korea-based technology giant has carried forward this perfect balance between the design and the productivity to its latest lineup of Samsung Galaxy Book laptops.  

These ultra-light Samsung laptops present an array of state-of-the-art features. You get access to AMOLED Eye Care display, Wi-Fi 6E connectivity support, and long-lasting battery life for up to 21 hours. In addition to

pros and cons of a console vs. a steam deck
  • December 16, 2022
  • Guide

Developed and marketed by Valve, Steam Deck is a portable gaming console. While the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a home video game console by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Valve released the Steam Deck on February 25, 2022, while PS5 is in the market since November 12th, 2020. Both gaming consoles come packed with robust processors, fast SSDs, and several other cutting-edge functionalities. Still many gaming enthusiasts are confused which one to buy?  

In this article, we have reviewed both gaming consoles in a detailed manner to give you comprehensive insights about both devices. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.  

Lenovo Business and Corporate Laptops

If you are a business professional, you can certainly know the importance of a high-end computing machine for a corporation. Modern businesses deal with complex computing tasks that can be efficiently done only with the help of powerful corporate laptops. However, when you step out to buy a suitable laptop for your business, you either must sacrifice the features or your budget.  

This is where Lenovo comes to your rescue. It is the world’s largest PC manufacturer and holds a whopping 25% global market share by 2022. Lenovo laptops from the company’s business-friendly ThinkPad series and V Series are well-perceived by corporations around the world

Best Laptops for Civil & Structural Engineers

If you are a civil or construction engineer, you may already know about all the perks of this field. Before computers, most engineering tasks were quite laborious but now the experts of the domain make use of the latest high-end computing machines for designing, testing, and editing structural designs. 

For instance, civil and structural engineers use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to make 2D and 3D designs of buildings. This computer-assisted application enables the professionals to take their ideas from a state of mind to a virtual prototype in the 2D and 3D environment. CAD also helps structural and civil professionals to digitally draw more accurate representations. 

Best Laptops for Work, Gaming, and Design

Normally, if you visit the market or online stores to buy a high-end laptop, you come across various models with costly price tags. The good news is that there are several leading brands such as Lenovo, Medion, and ASUS, offering some competitive models at quite reasonable prices.

Being a business professional, if you are looking for a good work laptop, Lenovo is there for you with its versatile series of cost-effective business laptops. And if you are a gamer, then Medion laptops can perfectly tackle your intense-gaming workload. On the other hand, ASUS is famous for its vast range of cutting-edge rigs, specially designed to run the latest designing software without any hassle.

Top 5 laptops for gaming, design, and work

In today’s

Best Dell Laptops with Windows 10

The Microsoft owned Windows platform is one of the most popular operating systems, holding a whopping 76% market share as for November 2022. Windows has achieved this much popularity by targeting normal everyday users who mainly prefer a platform providing productivity-packed tools rather than targeting security. 

On the other hand, Dell is one of the largest technology brands and counts for more than 18% of global PC shipments. Dell laptops are specifically popular for providing reliable and long-lasting performance at quite affordable price tags. While the icing on the cake is the excellent customer support which Dell always provides for its customers.  

Best Intel Buys laptop

Have you been scrambling to find something that doesn’t feel like a last-minute gift? Christmas is less than a month away. You don't want to be frantically searching through Amazon's gift suggestions, crossing your fingers for a half-decent find, do you? Luckily for you, Santa came early. We’ve compiled a list of the best intel-based laptops for Christmas. That’s right, the season of presents is here, and you’re just one click away from budget-busting laptops for Christmas.

Laptops in general, or touchscreen laptops in particular, aren’t inexpensive, and nowadays almost everyone requires one. The great thing about these Intel laptop deals is that they will give you the right power balance, functionality, performance, and portability—all without emptying your pockets. So, save money and buy now; the best budget laptops often sell out fast!

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