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Lenovo Legion Laptop For Gaming

If you want to have amazing, affordable, and competitive gaming laptops Legion series line-up is for you. Lenovo rebranded its gaming laptops a few years ago under the Legion brand. Since then, Lenovo Legion laptops have improved and become more coveted gaming laptops than those made by any other brands. One of the most promising producers of gaming laptops has always been Lenovo. With the Legion series, which catered to hardcore gamers, the brand set out on its adventure. The IdeaPad Gaming series, which offers affordable gaming laptops for beginning players, has also recently been released. Here are the top Lenovo gaming laptops for 2022, without further ado. 

Lenovo Legion 5i (Core i5 and i7): Performance over Appearance 

active G-Sync on your Gaming PC and Monitor
  • September 15, 2022
  • Guide

For tear-free gaming performance, it is important to enabling G-syn on your gaming PC. Basically, G-sync is a technology licensed by GPU manufacturers. Activating the G-sync is very important as they work together to deliver a silky-smooth experience. Now the monitor can draw a new refresh whenever it’s ready and without screen tearing, stuttering and latency. Remember that G-sync is never activated by default, so you must turn it on by yourself.

Do your monitor support NVIDIA-G Sync?

It is important to check if your monitor has G sync compatibility or not. Without the right kind of hardware, it won’t work. NVIDIA has a database where all the compatible monitors are mentioned. You can check it from there to confirm if the monitor has compatibility or not. For most high-end

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