Phone protection is necessary, particularly if you have an expensive phone. Phone cases protect your phone from accidental falls and scratches, ensuring durability and longevity. However, with so much variety, choose a reputable brand with safe, feature-friendly, multipurpose, affordable, and stylish cases. 

Most people today use phone cases to protect their phones. While it is easy to find a phone case because of the variety available, we recommend researching your options before choosing one. Additionally, if you want to save time on research, here is a list of the best phone case brands and the top phone cases for 2024. 

Best Phone Case Brands for 2024


Nomad became famous after launching a simple portable phone charger, rapidly expanding into the phone case market. It only makes iPhone cases but is known for its affordable prices. 

It stands out for:  

  • Providing slim cases 
  • Its durable and safe leather cases with a long life 
  • Offering 6–10-foot drop protection, internal shock bumpers, and MagSafe or wireless charging support 
  • Using the highest-quality Horween leather in many cases 


Otterbox is a well-known phone case brand that manufactures highly durable cases that can get ‘run over by a car’ and still work in perfect condition. Even though some of its cases are expensive, most are affordable and mid-range. 

We recommend it because: 

  • It is a reputable brand with high-quality cases 
  • Some of its cases are made from 50% recycled materials, while others feature antimicrobial treatment options 
  • Offers protective and dependable phone cases 
  • Cases support MagSafe charging and offer scratch protection 


Smartish is one of the most cost-effective phone case brands, with the best wallet cases for keeping your cards and photo IDs safe. 

We like it because: 

  • It makes innovative cases with dual functionality
  • Its cases provide an all-in-one wallet solution 
  • Offers cases with versatile uses 


Peel phone cases are cost-effective and some of the finest and thinnest. Additionally, they offer the following: 

  • Phone safety and mobile protection 
  • Attractive designs and matching colours 
  • High-quality and durable materials 


Mous cases became famous for their exceptional quality. Its cases are:

  • Drop-proof 
  • Available in magnetic designs 
  • Feature AiroShock technology 
  • ROHS and REACH certified and protected from hazardous chemicals 
  • Safe and solid 
  • Ultra-durable 


Loopy has our vote for being the best phone case brand for 2024 because of its tear-resistant cases, making them optimal for runners and individuals on the go. These cases are for you if you drop your phone frequently. 

Loopy offers: 

  • 6-feet drop-tested phone cases  
  • Crack-resistant shell 
  • Durable, super loops, which allow you to carry your phone case with just a finger


Spigen brings ‘smart tech’ and offers some of the most innovative phone cases. It is known for its slim, liquid crystal cases with full phone protection. It provides a wide range of covers with affordable and expensive price tags. 

We recommend it because:

  • It offers a versatile variety of phone cases and sleek designs 
  • Many reasonably priced cases are available 
  • Features new and updated designs


Incipio produces some of the best phone cases and mobile covers. Its cases are long-lasting and available in various colours, styles, and patterns. It is known for: 

  • Its low-cost phone cases 
  • Differently textured and patterned cases 
  • Cases with MagSafe charging and recycled materials 


Supcase offers the most long-lasting and solid phone cases, ideal for extensive use. The cases provide edge-to-edge protection and up to 20-foot drop protection. They keep the dust and moisture out of the charging port and feature a built-in screen protector and a kickstand for multiple viewing angles.  

What we like the most about Supcase is that it preserves your phone’s design, and its cases don’t feel bulky. Along with phone cases, it offers protective cases for Apple, Samsung, and Amazon tablets, smartwatches, wireless earbuds, and MacBooks. Accessories like screen protectors, cables, AirTags, and stands are also available. 


Ringke manufactures cost-saving and high-quality cases for different smartphones. It has a unique and impressive selection of attractive phone cases. It offers both bulky and sleek cases and many colours to choose from.  

Available at Ringke are: 

  • MagSafe-compatible cases 
  • Slim wallet cases 
  • Personalised phones, smartwatches, and tablet cases  
  • Phone protectors 
  • Privacy films 

Other top phone case brands for 2024: 

  • Casetify 
  • Shieldon 
  • Peak Design 

8 Top Phone Cases for 2024 

Casetify Impact Case 

Casetify Impact Case stands out for its contemporary and excellent design. This case matches your style and goes well with every accessory. It supports wireless charging and multiple accessories, is drop-protected and customisable, and has a slim and stylish design. It is compatible with most Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Series, and Google Pixel models. 

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case 

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case is another top recommendation for 2024 because of its straightforward, transparent design and solid build. It offers exceptional value and an original look. It supports iPhone and Android and features anti-yellow and blue resin to retain its transparency for longer. It does not support MagSafe but is compatible with Qi wireless charging. 

OtterBox Defender Screenless Edition 

Called the ‘best drop protection’ case, the OtterBox Defender Screenless Edition is available in black, blue, purple, teal, and gunmetal grey. It is compatible with most Apple, Android, and Samsung phones. It can take four times as many drops, features antimicrobial technology and offers multi-layer support. 

OtterBox is well known for its phone cases, offering incredibly durable protective cases. Its cases have a multi-layer design and are dust, drop-resistant, and scratch-protected. They have a thick black silicone outer shell and are protected by their ports. 

This case is compatible with wireless charging, and though it is not waterproof, it has the ultimate drop protection and a streamlined design. 

Shieldon iPhone Case 

Available in black, brown, coffee brown, wine red, dark blue, and other colours, the Shieldon iPhone Case is compatible with the iPhone only. It features a hands-free stand, a magnetic closure, and space for three bank cards. 

Space-saving, this phone case is perfect for iPhone users because it is multipurpose. You can carry your cards with it, eliminating the need for carrying your wallet. It protects your phone and features RFID Shielding Technology to safeguard your cards from unauthorised contactless scanning. We suggest it to iPhone users looking for a safe, affordable, multipurpose phone case. 

Mous Limitless 5.0 Case 

Mous Limitless 5.0 Case offers epic drop defence and is available in aramid fibre, black leather, walnut, speckle, and bamboo colours. It feels solid and features AiroShock Impact Absorbing Technology, a limited lifetime warranty, and support for MagSafe charging. 

One of the best phone cases available, it provides the ultimate protection for your phone, protecting it from falls, bumps, scratches, and other accidental damage. It is almost indestructible and has a pleasing design and a soft microfiber lining for securing your phone in the short and long run. 

Peak Design Everyday Case

Peak Design Everyday Case is a multipurpose case that is slim and sleek. It is compatible with various mounts and accessories, has a waterproof shell, and offers value for money. It supports many tripods, bike mounts, and wallets, offers versatile use, and has an attractive design. It works with an iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung, supports MagSafe charging, and protects your phone from 6-ft drops. 

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 

Compatible with multiple iPhone models, Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 is available in ‘black tie affair’, ‘leaf me alone',' very cherry blossom', and ' spaced out’ colours. It works well with tempered glass screen protectors, charging cables, and wall chargers. It can hold three cards plus cash together, has protective air-pocket corners, high-grip textured sides, and a credit card kickstand. Unfortunately, it does not support MagSafe or wireless chargers, but it is one of the best phone covers because of its unique design and multiple features.

Incipio AeroGrip for iPhone 14 Plus 

Incipio AeroGrip for iPhone 14 Plus comes in black/clear, midnight navy/clear, and misty lavender/clear contrasts. It features 16ft tested drop protection and is compatible with MagSafe accessories and 5G/wireless charging. With an aerospace-inspired design, it is made from molecular recycled material and has exterior leverage wings for an ergonomic, firm, and comfortable grip. It offers antimicrobial protection for eliminating 99.9% of surface bacteria and a lifetime warranty. 

Are you looking for an iPad Case? 

IGo Portfolio Leather Luxury Case with Stand (IGO-AC05147-0001) 

The IGo Portfolio Leather Luxury Case with Stand is available in black and comes with a 1-year warranty at Laptop Outlet. It is one of the most affordable cases, with diverse features like:

  • It switches to sleep mode when the case is closed 
  • Superior-quality materials 
  • Perfect for long travels 
  • Supports multiple viewing modes (landscape and portrait) 
  • Made from protective leather

We recommend it for anyone looking for a durable case to protect their iPad from extended use. It is of high quality, accessible and provides ease of use. 

Why Should You Use a Phone Case?

Many people are uncomfortable using a phone case as it hides their phone’s design and feels bulky to hold. However, with technological advancements, finding a sleek case that maintains your phone’s look and design is easy.  

There are many benefits of using a phone case. They are: 

Protects From Damage 

Phone cases protect your phone from accidental falls, scratches, and cracks. They add a protective layer to your phone, reducing the risk of exposure. Today, advanced phone cases with water and dust protection are available, safeguarding your phone to the greatest extent. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Finding eco-friendly phone cases manufactured from recycled materials and plant-based resources is easy. Such cases protect the environment and reduce environmental damage. 

Stylish Design 

You no longer must fit your phones in complex plastic phone cases; they are thin and sleek, adding minimal bulk to your phone. You can customise them with graphics, prints, and colours, encouraging self-expression. They are a style statement and feature an assorted variety. 

Highly Durable 

Phone cases today are durable, protecting your phone from drops, bumps, and abrasive surfaces. Some are heat-resistant to safeguard your phone from overheating, while others have tactile textures and anti-slip features to improve grip and prevent accidental falls.

Provide Complete Access to The Phone

Another reason you should get a phone case is that it provides complete access to your phone, ensuring full functionality of touchscreens, ports, and buttons. 

Six Essential Things to Remember Before Buying a Phone Case 

Always consider the following before buying a phone case: 

Colours and Style

Ensure that the phone case you are considering goes with your phone’s design and colour. Buy a case that closely coordinates with your style and persona. 


While some phone cases are simple, others have additional features like water, shock, scratch resistance, and drop protection. Choose one with advanced protection. 


Whichever phone case you buy should offer multipurpose use to improve functionality. Look for a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing, a comfortable and solid grip, wireless charging compatibility, and cardholder slots. 


Never settle for a low-quality phone case; you can easily find high-quality, durable cases for much less. We advise investing in a solid, superior case for longevity and better protection. 


Phone covers are available at affordable and expensive prices. Research your options well before choosing one, and select a mid-range cover to ensure durability and quality if you cannot afford an expensive one. 

Phone Compatibility

Your chosen phone cover should be compatible with your phone, as not all cases are universal. Always check the cover with the phone’s model, brand, and size. 


Choosing a phone case brand is all about your preferences and how much you are willing to spend. With various phone case brands available, be careful before deciding on one or choose one from the options above for an affordable price, safety, durability, longevity and, in specific cases, a warranty.

Laptop Outlet offers the best mobile covers with affordable price tags and durable, distinctive designs, textures, and colours. Explore the options available to discover the ideal case for your phone. 

Never compromise your phone’s safety; always choose a high-quality cover with multipurpose use and additional protection.