Yes, MacBook is the go-to laptop for professionals. It’s no surprise that Macs were traditionally associated with creative industries like graphic design and marketing, but over time more businesses have started to adopt Apple technology. We now see them in so many industries i.e., association, retail, government, construction, transportation, etc.

There are many good reasons for this, but many businesses still regard Macs with suspicion and are hesitant to switch from PCs to Macs. The high cost of Macs is a common criticism leveled at them. While they are not cheap, they are generally comparable in price to high-end PCs and offer outstanding quality and longevity.

Businesses can easily stick with what they know and continue to rely on PCs, but there are numerous reasons to consider switching to Macs.

Let's look at a few of the more significant ones.


As compared to PCs, Macs are a safer option. Viruses for Apple are very less in number. Apple mostly does not get attacked by cybercriminals and hackers. Even if Apple gets attacked, macOS has a very solid defense system against the attacks. Cyber defense is very important for businesses and many businesses give security the priority.  Tech-related organizations spend a lot of money every year on the security of their data on PCs. Research claims that the estimated amount spent on the security of PCs per year is almost 2000$ to 2300$. So, overall, the PCs cost a lot more than Macs.

 Macs are easy to manage. You do not need to spend more money in such big chunks to get secure the company’s data. Of course, Macs are not unbeatable. You'll still need to keep them safe. Mac must have the most up-to-date defense strategies, which SupportMyMac can assist you with.

Easy use:

One of the main reasons we prefer Mac over PC for business is that they are more user-friendly and much easier to use! Along with their well-known accessibility, it is undoubtedly a strong selling point for Apple products.

A common concern among PC-based businesses is that their employees will struggle to adapt to a completely new type of technology if they switch to Apple. This should not deter anyone from making the switch, however, because Macs are so simple to learn. Apple even has a website dedicated to assisting ex-Windows users in making the transition!

Macs are designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and enjoyable to use, which may lead to happier and more productive employees.

Build quality:

Macs are well-known for their high performance and high build quality. They last a long time and rarely fail due to faults or poor performance.

We frequently recommend Apple's Certified Refurbished Products to business owners looking to purchase new machines. Macs also have a higher resale value, so you could resell your 5-year-old Mac for more than your PC, lowering your total cost of ownership.

This feature alone is worth paying for because it can save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance over time. A long-lasting and dependable IT infrastructure is a huge benefit to almost any modern business, and Macs can help with that.

Management and deployment:

Apple users have access to a plethora of excellent software that can help them manage their fleet of Macs and make their lives easier. JAMF, which we use at SupportMyMac to help manage your Apple systems, is one example of this. It includes a slew of useful features that will keep your IT running securely and efficiently, relieving you of the burden.

Zero-touch deployments are now easier to implement and can help businesses scale more quickly without the need for a dedicated IT person who configures machines before they are handed over to an employee.

High-end look and feel:

Although function will always take precedence over form, it is commendable that Apple takes the time to thoroughly design its computers. I'm not saying I agree with every decision the company has made. There are well-designed PCs out there, but it's difficult to argue that Macs don't look and feel great.

MacBook is the strongest material case in the "you get what you pay for" argument, and it should not be overlooked. After using a Mac, most PCs feel slow and cumbersome, or at the very least not as well put together.

Bottom line:

Investing in MacBook may seem a lot in the beginning, but it is going to benefit you in the longer run. You don’t have to spend money on security, deployment, or management in the case of the MacBook. Also, you can use Windows on MacBook as well. What more one could ask for?

MacBook looks good and works well. The wise thing to do is to buy MacBook for business.