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Best Rugged Laptops

While the laptops are prone to virtual threats like cyber-attacks or viruses, they are also exposed to physical threats. Physicals threats include drop-damage and malfunctioning due to the entrance of water or dust into the laptop. 

What are rugged laptops?

To immune the machine to physical threats, world’s leading laptops manufacturing companies have introduced rugged laptops. Rugged laptops are the laptops that are specifically designed to efficiently withstand intense environments including strong vibrations, harsh temperature and wet or dusty conditions. 

Dell XPS 13 VGX33 Laptop Review

The Dell XPS laptops-range has earned a great popularity among users in the past few years. And there are many valid reasons behind this astonishing success. Dell XPS laptops have been attracted a lot of customers due to their ultra-portable body, reasonable battery, and a pocket friendly price tag.

Coming to the Dell XPS 13, it is another wonderful edition onto the famous Dell XPS laptops line up. Dell XPS is offering you several top-notch features in a mid-range budget bracket. Let’s explore the various state-of-the art features that Dell XPS 13 has for you.   

Design and Display 

ASUS Expertbook BR1100FKA-BP0044RA-3Y Laptop

This affordable 11 inches ASUS laptop is specially designed for kids. During the pandemic, as all the schools and colleges shifted towards online classes that is when the demand for everyday laptops increased. To cater to the needs of the students, ASUS released ASUS ExpertBook BR1100FKA. The laptop is built to be rugged and robust to handle rough usage by the kids, but it still has a class.


Best 240Hz Monitors in 2023

A high refresh rate is often considered more important than resolution or size by many competitive gamers, as it provides smoother gameplay and an advantage over their less-equipped opponents. 240Hz monitors, including those with higher resolutions, are becoming more popular. These monitors tend to prioritise gaming features like low input lag and quick response time, but they sometimes sacrifice picture quality in the process. 

Things to consider before buying a 240Hz monitor: 

Make sure to weigh out your requirements and workload before choosing to buy a 240Hz monitor. Why do you need a 240Hz monitor? Monitors with higher refresh rates offer

Best Laptop according to screen sizes

Buying a new laptop can be a nerve wrecking and hectic task. This becomes especially true when you would have to choose a laptop considering the most suitable screen size for you. The screen sizes of the most popular laptops generally vary between 13-inches to 15-inches. However, there are also some laptop models that lean towards screen sizes as smaller as 11-inches and as large as 17-inches. 

To help you choose the best laptop with a screen size matching your lifestyle, we have categorized the top 8 laptops according to their screen sizes. These laptops offer you several top-notch specs with screen sizes ranging from 13-inches to 17-inchs.

13-inches Laptops 

best RTX 3060 laptops

Opting for the best RTX 3060 laptop in 2023 can be a nerve wrecking and hectic task. As the availability of the sheer number of options makes it hard to decide where to start the search. However, Laptop Outlet came here for your rescue. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best RTX 3060 laptops available in 2023.

Top 10 best RTX 3060 laptops available in 2023

Each of the laptops on this list has been carefully selected after thorough and quality research. So, you can expect a robust performance from these hand-picked top RTX 3060 laptops. Doesn’t matter whether you are a pro gamer, a business professional or a student, you can find a RTX 3060 laptop for you in the list. So, without any further delay, let’s straight get into the list.

Medion Erazer Deputy P25 

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