g sync on your gaming pc

active G-Sync on your Gaming PC and Monitor
  • September 15, 2022
  • Guide

For tear-free gaming performance, it is important to enabling G-syn on your gaming PC. Basically, G-sync is a technology licensed by GPU manufacturers. Activating the G-sync is very important as they work together to deliver a silky-smooth experience. Now the monitor can draw a new refresh whenever it’s ready and without screen tearing, stuttering and latency. Remember that G-sync is never activated by default, so you must turn it on by yourself.

Do your monitor support NVIDIA-G Sync?

It is important to check if your monitor has G sync compatibility or not. Without the right kind of hardware, it won’t work. NVIDIA has a database where all the compatible monitors are mentioned. You can check it from there to confirm if the monitor has compatibility or not. For most high-end

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