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How to active G-Sync on your Gaming PC and Monitor

By: Admin


September 12, 2022


For tear-free gaming performance, it is important to enabling G-syn on your gaming PC. Basically, G-sync is a technology licensed by GPU manufacturers. Activating the G-sync is very important as they work together to deliver a silky-smooth experience. Now the monitor can draw a new refresh whenever it’s ready and without screen tearing, stuttering and latency. Remember that G-sync is never activated by default, so you must turn it on by yourself.

Do your monitor support NVIDIA-G Sync?

It is important to check if your monitor has G sync compatibility or not. Without the right kind of hardware, it won’t work. NVIDIA has a database where all the compatible monitors are mentioned. You can check it from there to confirm if the monitor has compatibility or not. For most high-end monitors, this technology is available, and these displays promise top-notch features like ultra-low latency, 1000 nits maximum brightness, and multi-zone backlighting.

Another thing to consider here is that your monitor might support NVIDIA G-Sync but not on all input ports. The display port will be more helpful than the HDMI port. Some monitors also have limitations like the G-sync will only be active if HDR is off.

How to set up G-sync on in Windows:

If your monitor is compatible with G-sync, follow through with the steps to activate it.

  • Open the Windows desktop.
  • Right-click on Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Now search “display” settings. It will be on the left side of the pop-up menu.
  • Now select “set up G-sync”.
  • Select the box marked with “enable G-sync”.
  • Now you have the option to pick between whether you want to enable it for windowed modes or full screen.

Setting the display of the monitor:

This case is applicable if you want to set up more than one monitor. So, for this setting, you should choose the monitor with active G-sync as the primary display. This way the G-sync can work properly throughout your gaming sessions.  

The steps are simple and easy to follow.

  • Open the display settings.
  • Select “identify”. It is present next to where the monitors are displayed.
  • Choose the G-sync enabled to monitor and select it and click on it.
  • Now you can see the option “make this main display”. Click on it and you are good to go.

Game graphics settings:

After activating the G-sync there are things that needed to be done. All these things are done to get the best possible experience and to get it you need the game FPS to match the refresh rate of the monitor.

The best practice is to go into each game and change a few settings. Ensure that the set of monitors is set to be at a maximum refresh rate. After doing this, the next step is to find the FPS limiter. You may find that setting this to be the same as your maximum refresh rate will lead to the best results.

The important information here that many people miss out on is that you don’t need a 300FPS monitor if it can only handle 144Hz at maximum. You need to tweak a few settings to check what works best for you. You may also find it pays to activate V-sync as well.

G-sync vs. G-sync Compatible vs. G-Sync Ultimate:

According to Nvidia, there are three categories of monitors. There is G-sync ultimate, G-sync, and G-sync compatible.

G-sync compatible:

  • 24 to 88 inches
  • Validated no artifacts


  • 24 to 38 inches
  • Certified +300 tests
  • Validated no artifacts

G-Sync Ultimate:

  • 27 to 65 inches
  • Certified +300 tests
  • Validated no artifacts
  • Best quality HDR
  • 1000 nits’ brightness

Some downsides:

The cost is one drawback. G-Sync needs a strong monitor and graphics card, whether you're looking at a desktop or laptop. G-Sync displays are nearly always more expensive than their AMD Freesync counterparts, despite the fact that there is a ton of G-Sync compatible graphics cards available, providing you lots of affordable options. Even more expensive compatible computers are possible. Also, some users face the issue of compatibility with Nvidia’s Optimus technology. One can either purchase an Optimus-capable device or a G-sync-capable device. No laptop can have both at the same time.

Bottom line:

You should seriously think about getting a G-Sync monitor or laptop if you want a display that won't hinder visual fidelity or gameplay performance. It will enable you to utilize the rest of your hardware to its greatest potential without being forced to make sacrifices like input lag. A G-Sync display is a crucial component of the solution for competitive gaming and best-in-class visual fidelity.

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