The budget market is filled with gaming monitors that claim to be the best. But there are only a few which can make the list of the best budget gaming monitors. The list shortens when it comes to providing a quality display with the latest technology features. Surprisingly, there is one model among AOC monitors that is not only cheap but also boasts a superb visual experience.

The AOC 27G2U5/BK is nothing but a shining jewel and a lucrative choice for budget gamers. This 27-inch gaming monitor has everything that a gamer wishes. From design to display quality to gaming performance, it outranks the competitors. Its superb features are the main reason why we decided to review this Full HD gaming monitor.

Our AOC 27G2U5/BK review includes a concise assessment of its design and visual performance. Find out whether this cheap IPS monitor can handle your mid-range gaming needs.

AOC 27G2U5/BK Specs Review

Display Size: 27-inch LED Full HD (1920 x 1080)

Panel Type: IPS

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Response Time: 1ms

Refresh Rate: 75Hz

Brightness: 250 nits

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Design & Built

The model we got for AOC 27G2U5/BK review came in black. It appears as an office monitor with a no-nonsense approach. But there is more to it than meets the eye. It is one of the best AOC monitors that we have reviewed so far.

It features the signature red-on-black look that you might have seen on higher-end models. There is a red circle just above the base, at the bottom edge of the display, and on its back. It lacks RGB lighting which is understandable considering the price. But the ergonomics of this LED gaming monitor are ideal for die-hard gamers.

The comfort of design is a highlighted feature that we liked during our AOC 27G2U5/BK review. The display is attached to stand through a pivot point. You can rotate it to use the screen in vertical or portrait formation. Also, you can swivel the screen up to 30 degrees right or left and can tilt it up to 21.5 degrees.

The design of AOC 27G2U5/BK makes it an ideal choice for your multiple monitor setup. Thin bezels on the sides and the top ensures you get a wider view.

Display Quality

AOC 27G2U5/BK is a brilliant display for gaming, thanks to its quality features. It is a perfectly balanced gaming monitor for both entry-level and mid-range gamers. There is a 27-inch LED screen with an IPS panel that ensures you get a better view from every angle. The resolution of this AOC monitor is 1080p with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

We were able to tap a 75Hz refresh rate with an average response time of 1ms during AOC 27G2U5/BK review. The screen brightness is around 250 nits which is a bit low but not bad. The FreeSync technology lessens screen stuttering and reduces ghosting.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing bad to say about this 27-inch gaming monitor. During our AOC 27G2U5/BK review, we were pleased with its display performance while the design is stylish yet composed. A higher refresh rate, better response time, and IPS panel make it one of the best AOC monitors. For gamers who are looking for high-end features at a low price, this is an ideal pick.