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Best Laptops according to screen size

By: Admin


July 15, 2022


Buying a new laptop can be a nerve wrecking and hectic task. This becomes especially true when you would have to choose a laptop considering the most suitable screen size for you. The screen sizes of the most popular laptops generally vary between 13-inches to 15-inches. However, there are also some laptop models that lean towards screen sizes as smaller as 11-inches and as large as 17-inches. 

To help you choose the best laptop with a screen size matching your lifestyle, we have categorized the top 8 laptops according to their screen sizes. These laptops offer you several top-notch specs with screen sizes ranging from 13-inches to 17-inchs.

13-inches Laptops 

HP ProBook 430 G8


  • Screen Size: 13.3” 
  • Weight: 2.82 Pounds 
  • Storage: 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD ROM 

Starting with the lower end of the spectrum; 13-inches laptops, we have HP ProBook 430 G8. This HP laptop screen size of 13.3 inches delivers you an ultra-portable experience. You can easily carry it in your backpack while going to your educational institute, work office or any other place. The screen resolution of HP ProBook 430 G8 is 1920 x 1080. And it supports refresh rates up to 60Hz.  

HP ProBook 430 G8 is well-aligned to give you a robust performance, thanks to the Intel Core i5, 11th Generation processor that has been inculcated in the machine. Furthermore, Intel Iris Xe Graphics lets you enjoy an engaging graphical experience. If we talk about the memory, HP ProBook 430 G8 comes with a RAM-ROM duo of 8 GB RAM-256 GB SSD. Moreover, Windows 10 Pro is the Operating System version that you get pre-installed on this amazing laptop. 



  • Screen Size: 14” 
  • Weight: 2.82 Pounds 
  • Storage: 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD ROM 

If you are looking for a high-end laptop that would be loaded with certain top class features in combination with a quite portable screen size, then ASUS ROG Flow X13 is for you. FHD (Full High Definition) display of the laptop lets you experience super-immersive 4K graphics. On top of that, a 13.4-inches screen of ASUS ROG Flow X13 support screen refresh rates up to 120Hz, allowing you to enjoy seamless game play.  

As mentioned earlier, ASUS ROG Flow X13 is a performance beast and features the latest innovative AMD Ryzen 9 processor to deliver you peak performance. While NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 GPU is advanced enough to run all the heavy games without any delay and with all the vibrant graphics. Running on Windows 10 Pro, ASUS ROG Flow X13 features a high speed 16GB RAM. On the other hand, an extensive SSD storage of 1TB is available in the laptop to let you store all your precious data in the laptop.  

14-inches Laptops 

Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2


  • Screen Size: 14” 
  • Weight: 3.08 Pounds 
  • Storage: 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD ROM 

Coming to 14-inches screen size, Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 is one of the best laptops that delivers overall reasonable specs. The 14-inches top quality display of Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 boasts up to FHD resolution with optional touch screen, allowing you to see every detail of your work along with a reasonable screen space available for navigation. Pre-installed screen resolution of Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 is 1920 x 1080. 

If your work demands competitive computing performance, you can get your hands on Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2. With AMD Ryzen 5 Processor, Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 delivers you seamless and fastest performance. Adding to this, AMD Radeon GPU on the laptop is offering you a rich graphics experience. And the 8GB RAM-256GB ROM duo is perfectly aligned to offer you a speedy and substantial storage space. While Windows 10 Pro pre-installed on the laptop ensures that you always get the best user experience.  

Lenovo V14


  • Screen Size: 14” 
  • Weight: 3.53 Pounds 
  • Storage: 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD ROM 

Lenovo V15 is one of the most affordable 14-inches screen size laptops available on the market. But affordability doesn’t mean that you would have to sacrifice certain features in the laptop. Lenovo V14 offers several high value features including a fast processor, top-quality GPU and the latest version of Windows Operating System. FHD display of the Lenovo V14 lets you enjoy your favourite games at their maximum graphics setting.  

Lenovo V14 features AMD Ryzen 3 process which is well designed to smoothly execute all the instructions. And AMD Radeon graphics card gives you fast graphics rendering speeds. Running the latest Windows 10 Pro, Lenovo V14 comes with a capacious and fast storage space of 256GB SSD. Thus, you can easily store your frequently used application and other data in the laptop. While 8GB RAM offered in Lenovo V14 boost speedy bootups.  

15-inches Laptops 

Medion Akoya E15303


  • Screen Size: 15.6” 
  • Weight: 3.84 Pounds 
  • Storage: 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD ROM 

Buying a 15-inches screen size laptop and that too for a quite affordable price of 400 Pounds is a dream that you can now fulfil with Medion Akoya E15303. This business looks like a power packed laptop featuring a 15.6-inches FHD screen to deliver you a prime visual experience. IPS LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) of Medion Akoya E15303 offers up to 60Hz screen refresh rates, delivering you an engaging game play.  

Running on Windows 10 Home Edition, Medion Akoya E15303 comes with AMD Ryzen 5 processor to give you blazing fast performance. Medion Akoya E15303 lets you enjoy immersive game-graphics, thanks to the AMD Radeon GPU featuring in the laptop. Moreover, the 512GB SSD hard drive of the laptop is extensive and spacious enough to store your data. While a speedy 8GB RAM helps the processor to quickly load the applications. 

MSI Katana GF66


  • Screen Size: 15.6” 
  • Weight: 4.96 Pounds 
  • Storage: 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD ROM 

Katana GF66 is an incredible mid-range gaming laptop from MSI that comes with a 15.6-inches large display. MSI Katana GF66 offers an amazing combination of a large display along with some quite solid features. FHD display of MSI Katana GF66 supports refresh rates up to 144Hz, offering you super smooth in-game graphics. Moreover, the webcam of the MSI Katana GF66 also comes with HD (High Definition) resolution support. 

If you are a pro gamer who deals with resource intensive games, MSI Katana GF66 is one the best gaming laptops you can have your hands on. MSI Katana GF66 features a rear combination of super-fast Intel Core i7, 11th Generation processor and a top-of-the-line NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU. Thus, you get an incredibly amazing in-game experience. Apart from that, 16GB high RAM is prime enough to speedily load all the heavy games and applications in no time. In addition, you can store an ample amount of data in the capacious 512GB SSD.  

17-inches Laptops 

MSI Katana GF76 

  • Screen Size: 17.3” 
  • Weight: 3.84 Pounds 
  • Storage: 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD ROM 

To own a 17-inch large screen size laptop is a wish that many of the multimedia enthusiasts carry in their mind. But in most cases, this wish remains unfulfilled primarily due to the higher price tag of such laptops. However, the good news is that MSI Katana GF76 is offering you a large 17-inches display and that too with a quite pocket friendly price tag. MSI Katana GF76 provides you with a seamless visual experience, thanks to the up to 144Hz supported FHD display of the laptop. 

To deliver you robust and smooth performance, MSI Katana GF76 comes with an Intel Core i7, 12th Generation processor. While the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 GPU renders the graphics at an ultra-fast speed to eventually let you enjoy unrough graphics. RAM-ROM duo of 8GB RAM-512GB SSD has been featured in MSI Katana GF76 to favour speedy bootups and gives you enormous space for data storage, respectively. MSI Katana GF76 comes with the latest Windows 11 Operating System pre-installed on it. 

MSI Creator Z17


  • Screen Size: 17.3” 
  • Weight: 7.4 Pounds 
  • Storage: 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD ROM 

MSI Creator Z17 is one of the most advanced 17-inches laptop available on the market. It offers you several top-of-the-line laptops that you can’t get in most of any other laptops. The thin bezel QHD+ touchscreen display of the laptop comes with an amazing 91% screen-to-body ratio and up to 165Hz screen refresh rates. Thus, no matter how fast graphics move on your screen, you cannot experience screen tearing issue on your screen.  

MSI Creator Z17 comes with the most advanced and innovative Intel Core i9, 12th Generation processor to offer you ultra-fast performance. In addition to this, you can easily do any graphics intensive task on your MSI Creator Z17 without any problem, thanks to the state-of-the art NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 16GB GPU. While to load any heavy applications on MSI Creator Z17 is just a matter of seconds due to the ultra-fast 32GB RAM available in the laptop. The storage capacity of MSI Creator Z17 is extensive enough to store up to 2TB of data. Although the MSI Creator Z17 is quite expensive contrary to other laptops featured in this list. But when we compare the price with the top-class features that the laptop has to offer you, we can safely say that it will be one of the best investments you ever made.  


What is an ideal laptop screen size? 

To be precise, there is no universal standard when it comes to the screen sizes of the laptops. It purely depends upon your own preference. However, there are some factors that you need to consider while choosing an ideal screen size laptop for you.  

How compact do you need your laptop to be?

Some users want their laptops to be portable enough just to be used in any corner of the house or with the family. In this scenario, you can opt for a large screen size like 17-inches to get a fully immersive experience.  

However, if you are a person who wants a truly portable laptop that you may use outside anywhere in the world, a smaller display like 13” or 14” become a convenience. It allows you to focus more on your computing tasks rather than worrying about the weight and compatibility of the laptop. 

How much do you use your laptop for multimedia activities?

You can ask yourself a simple question “For what purpose, I use my laptop the most?”. If your work revolves around multimedia like playing games or doing video editing, then a large screen size becomes an advantage. It offers you better details and superior viewing angles.  

For some of the users, a big screen size is one of the main attributes impacting their shopping decision. So, investing in a large screen size laptop is the best decision for these users. 

How much space does your workplace have for the laptop?

If you are going to use your laptop primarily in a particular area like home or work office, then you need to consider the area available for the laptop. If the area is congested, then going for a small screen size would be a wise decision. However, if you have a capacious space available for the laptop, then you may go for a large screen size laptop.  

 Which laptop size is best for students? 

Choosing a laptop with the right screen size is crucial for students. You need to have a laptop that provides you with a good balance between portability and the screen size. The laptop should be compact enough to carry around, but it should also offer a large enough screen so you can easily do your educational assignments and work projects.  

According to a recent survey, the 13-inches screen size won the poll by a great margin to be declared as a most preferrable screen size for students. 13-inches got 48% of votes, followed by the 15-inches screen size with 28% of votes. However, what will suit you the best ultimately comes down to your own preference. Like, if you are a media student, then it would be better to go with at least 15” screen size to get better resolution and reviewing angles. On the other hand, if your purpose is to just write normal educational assignments, then you may opt for a 13” screen size.

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