The Dell XPS laptops-range has earned a great popularity among users in the past few years. And there are many valid reasons behind this astonishing success. Dell XPS laptops have been attracted a lot of customers due to their ultra-portable body, reasonable battery, and a pocket friendly price tag.

Coming to the Dell XPS 13, it is another wonderful edition onto the famous Dell XPS laptops line up. Dell XPS is offering you several top-notch features in a mid-range budget bracket. Let’s explore the various state-of-the art features that Dell XPS 13 has for you.   

Design and Display 

The first impression that you perceive of Dell XPS 13 laptop is mesmerising. XPS 13 features an eye-catchy and business look like metal body. A weight of 2.91 pounds and a compact shape body are enough to make this Dell XPS 13 one of the most portable laptop available on the commercial stores.  

To deliver you an immersive visual experience, Dell XPS 13 features a 13.4” large and FHD (Full High Definition) display. The laptop is perfectly aligned to provide you with a smooth graphics experience, thanks to the 60Hz screen refresh rates supported display. The bezels on the screen are close to none, allowing you to see the pictures as large as possible. The webcam of Dell XPS 13 is nudged into the top bezel but its size intentionally kept small so as not to create a notch. And the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support has also been provided with Dell XPS 13. 


Dell laptop has well-equipped the XPS 13 to deliver you a robust and smooth performance. With Intel Core i5, 11th Generation speedy processor, you will not observe any lag issue while working on certain medium intensity tasks on your laptop.  

And to make your favourite game play memorable for you, Intel Iris Graphics GPU is present on the laptop. This CPU-GPU duo also allow you to edit your multi-media projects without any hassle. However, you may come across lagging and screen tearing issues while working on heavy tasks. Overall, Dell XPS 13 is a reliable laptop that can do all your normal computing tasks like typing tasks, normal multi-media editing, downloading, uploading and many more.  

Memory and Audio 

The Dell XPS 13 comes with a high speed 8GB RAM which boosts boot ups. In addition to this, you get an extensive 512GB SSD ROM to store all your frequently used applications and other important data.  

Despite having a compact body, the audio quality of Dell XPS 13 is just phenomenal. The laptop carries two 2.5-watt speakers on its bottom side to deliver you a rich and detailed sound quality. On top of this, MaxxAudio Pro supported speakers produce a strong base while watching movies or listening to music. For audio mixing, you still need headphones to wear, however, the built-in speakers of XPS 13 are great for casual listening. 

Ports and Webcam 

Dell XPS 13 features two Thunderbolt 4 supported USB-C ports, a headphone jack, and a microSD card slot. Keeping in view the portable body and the price of the laptop, Dell has not included USB-A or a port for HDMI cable in the laptop which is a bit of a drawback of the machine. 

The 2.25 infrared webcam of Dell XPS 13 is small enough to fit on to the top bezel of the screen, giving you a 720p resolution. Picture quality of the webcam is blurry, fuzzy and a bit washed out. It is one of the main drawbacks of otherwise a great laptop. Although, you can capture photos and videos with the webcam of XPS 13, but you cannot get precision detail. Moreover, shutter to block the webcam and a quick key to mute the mic is missing on the laptop as well. However, you can compensate this by installing any credible third-party camera app on XPS 13. 

Keyboard, Security and Battery Life 

Dell XPS 13 keyboard provides you with a comfortable typing experience due to its large keys and smooth keystrokes. The keyboard is backlit and features a fingerprint reader on the power button, allowing you to log in to the machine using Windows Hello. You can also use facial recognition feature to log on to your Dell XPS 13 laptop.  

Dell XPS 13 exquisite specs needs a heavy battery to keep the laptop alive for hours. And Dell has not disappointed its consumers by installing a battery in XPS 13 which is powerful enough to run your laptop for more than 10 hours. The battery can even last longer, if you use the machine for normal tasks like video watching and typing work.  

Our Verdict  

Keeping in view the Dell XPS 13 specs, we can safely say that it is one of the best laptops for students and casual home users. A mid-range price tag, competitive core components and an ultra-portable body of the laptop are the most appealing factors for students. However, if you are looking for a laptop for gaming or other resource intensive tasks, then this laptop is not for you. If this is a case, we would advise you to browse through Laptop Outlet to explore various gaming and high-end laptops options from all the leading brands. 


Why should I choose a Dell XPS 13 laptop? 

If you are a student or a home user who usually deals with normal computing tasks like writing assignments, video streaming or listening to songs than Dell XPS 13 is made for you. The narrow bezels FHD display of the laptop is well-designed to deliver you a remarkable visual quality. While the presence of an 11th Generation, Intel Core i5 processor offers you a seamless user experience. The affordable price tag of Dell XPS 13, availability of extensive memory and a competitive processor make Dell XPS 13 a viable option for you.