Buying a gaming monitor in order to have a best gaming experience can become a hectic task, especially when you come across with so much jargon circulating in the market. One of such term is ‘VRR’, which is a hot topic of discussion among gamers community nowadays. 

VRR actually stands for ‘Variable Refresh Rate’. Many latest video gaming consoles such as a number of Xbox gaming series have featured VRR. When PS5 was launched, most of the gaming enthusiasts were expecting to see VRR support with it. And the reason was HDMI 2.1 port made available in PS5. However, it didn’t happen.  

HDMI 2.1 ports carries out to you a number of top class gaming features including auto low latency mode, 4K optimisation, and last but not least is VRR support. However, it is worthy to mention here that having a HDMI 2.1 doesn’t mean that your gaming monitor will necessarily support VRR. However, HDMI 2.1 support is a good indicator that your gaming monitor can handle VRR.  

Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment – developers of PS5, has announced that they are going to bring VRR support in the PS5 through a latest firmware update. This news quickly became viral on the social media and as people are so excited about it, they also want to know what benefits VRR actually offers.  

What is VRR? 

One of the most annoying things that gamers generally come across while playing high intensity games on a non-VRR supported monitor is screen tearing. This phenomenon is especially visible when you are playing a game with fast gaming speed.  As most of the movies and TV shows come with a pre-set frame rate usually ranging from 24fps to 30 fps. So, you monitor knows how often to refresh and ultimately delivers you a smooth visual experience. 

 On the contrary, when it comes to gaming, the frame rate frequency entirely depends upon the working intensity of your graphics processor. As a normal talking scene between two characters will be very different from running on the battle ground in the BattleField game for instance.   

So, the frame rates in modern games exhibiting fast gaming speed are constantly prone to fluctuate, depending upon the in-game scene. On the other hands, monitor wants to refresh at a fix rate. So, when the console’s frame rate and monitor’s refresh rate don’t change with the matching frequency, we notice screen tearing on the screen.  

How does VRR bring benefit to gaming? 

Screen tearing badly affects your in-game experience. To cater for this issue, VRR technology has been introduced. VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) allows your display to refresh the image in coherence with the frame rate from your gaming console or PC. To deliver you a seamless gaming experience, modern high end games demand for VRR compliant systems.  

As described earlier, SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) is going to introduce VRR support in PS5 in a few months. And to enjoy all the benefits of VRR, you need to have a gaming monitor equipped with HDMI 2.1. You also need to check the bandwidth of HDMI 2.1, as a less bandwidth may hinder the full-fledged functionality of VRR. 

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Wrapping it up 

Having a VRR enabled gaming monitor is crucial to have a screen tearing free and best gaming experience. In case you are a pro gamer and want to enjoy high gaming speeds on PS5 or any other video gaming console, you can explore MSI gaming monitors range. As MSI monitors are especially designed to support VRR, hence providing you with an ultra-smooth gameplay.