The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is one device that strikes with its appearance, attractive colors, and an overall engaging build. You can be certain after you buy it and use it just like any other tablet performing regular tasks. The first impressions of this device are pretty good considering a slim, matte grey appearance and engaging display.

This tablet although has to offer a few unique features that other of its competitors might not contain. However, in some factors like battery or speed, it may lack behind a little when compared to its rivals. The Google Assistant Ambient mode in Lenovo M10 is an interesting feature that lets your display turn into a smart display.

This Lenovo tab is surely a powered device that nurtures a smooth flow in day to day tasks, regardless of minor casual slowdowns. In our Lenovo Tab M10 Plus review today, we are going to underline important specs and let our audience know how well they can perform.


  • Octa Core Processor - 2.30 GHz
  • 10.3-inch FHD Screen
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Android
  • 64 GB Storage

The M10 Plus Display

The display of the M10 was the most intriguing feature of the tablet. It comes with a 10.3-inch screen with a Full HD panel, making it a good-quality screen for movies and games. The 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution of the display is nicer to watch HD seasons on Netflix and Youtube videos. The 87% screen-to-body ratio of the screen is pleasantly enough for viewing enjoyable visuals.

The 99% of sRGB color gamut has this screen for a much colorful display and vivid, bright colors on your screen. Whether or not you are fond of displays, the screen of this Lenovo Tab is rather fun to have watched. Well, when we tested the brightness level of the M10 Plus, the maximum brightness it could reach was up to 322 nits. It’s not amazing, but not lesser for a tablet.

Performance factor

The MediaTek Helo processor equipped in the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus does not have the best processing speed in the range of Android tablets. However, it justifies the price factor and plays a good role in running everyday tasks without any major delay. With a 2.6 GHz speed, you are able to fetch usage from regular applications or programs.

The 4 GB RAM is good enough for tablets, and this RAM in this Tab combines with the 64GB storage to provide its users a decent practice. Multitasking is not as smooth as one would imagine but have said that you can still multitask in a limited way.

The Design & Look

To call a tablet sexy might not be what you could expect when it should be technically spoken of. But with Lenovo M10, we couldn’t hold back calling it sexier with its slimmer bezels.

The M10 is built in a way that makes the audience look at it right away when someone is holding it. Apart from the top and bottom slimmest bezels, the metal body with rounded edges keeps the overall device minimal to be packed in a backpack.  Whatever the size of your bag is, this tab will most definitely fit your backpacks or side bags owing to its well-contained size.

The back cover of M10 is majorly comprised of aluminum with a slate-grey look that makes it even more appealing. You do not get a cheap vibe when you handle this tablet and use it all along. So, even in a price that is budget-friendly, the M10 gives a somewhat premium feel to hold it.


Well, the battery of the Lenovo M10 Plus doesn’t quite hold the dilemma of the best battery ever. It is quite below-average according to our experimentation. The Tab was able to last lesser than a day, which means it’s decent for regular all-day usage. However, the 5000 mAH battery is lesser than the usual tab batteries that usually surround between 6000 to 7000 mAH.


Following the overview of the specs, the Lenovo M10 Plus seems like a good overall device on the paper. However, the real analysis cleared out some factors on how great the performance and other features are.

The most we liked was a good quality display, a classy exterior, and decent memory. The performance is mediocre, not more, not less and you can perform everyday tasks like any other. This tab comes in a perfect budget for students, young digital users, or even casual users. Underlying with £229.99, this is a budget tablet that can be purchased at an affordable price factor.