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Help me decide between Android tablet and Windows tablet

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January 02, 2023


Portable computing devices such as tablets and laptops have been becoming increasingly popular day by day. These computers are well-designed to provide you with productivity on the go. The more you use them, the more they appeal to you. Tablets can serve you in a variety of situations such as preparing educational assignments, streaming movies, playing games, and more.  

The good news is that these portable PCs are becoming more amazing with each passing day. Each tablet comes with its unique style and features like any other technology gadget. However, when it comes to choosing a tablet based on the operating system, there are two choices.  

The two biggest technology rivals competing in the tablet market are Android and Windows tablets. Each of these devices has their own pros and cons. In this article, we will deliver with necessary knowledge you need to make the most suitable selection for yourself between Android tablets and Windows tablets in the UK.  

Android Tablets  

Android is one of the most popular Linux-based operating systems now, owned by Google. Soon after its launch back in 2008, it quickly managed to become the most-used operating system for smartphones. It is especially popular for its flexible interface, robust security, and a range of free apps. The first Android tablet was launched back in 2011 and since then Android never looks back. Today, Android tablets are being used everywhere and these smart devices are mostly recommended for casual use. You can find a plethora of free apps on the Google Play Store, designed for a wider range of purposes. 

Windows Tablets  

Windows was first released in 1985 by Microsoft as a graphical operating system shell MS-DOS. Over 36 years have passed till now and like anything of the world, this operating have also gone through massive upgrades. Windows operating system was mainly designed for desktop computers and laptops. But thanks to the latest upgrades of Windows, it can now seamlessly run on touchscreen devices such as tablets etc. The Microsoft-owned operating system is well-perceived by the professionals around the globe to smoothly cope with their business work tasks.  

Features of Android Tablets 

You can access almost anything on Android tablets by making use of different apps. Android tablets are super-easy to operate, and you can take the full benefit of the operating system even without a sim-card, same as you do with your smartphones. Following are some of the key advantages that you get when you opt for an Android tablet: 

Low Cost  

When it comes to offering flagship features at affordable price points, Android tablets leads the crowd. Even a cheap Android tablet can let you enjoy certain intuitive features, comparable with costly iPads. Low price tag of Android tablets does not restrict them from delivering you various cutting-edge functions. The low price of the Android tablets is one of the many reasons which makes them reachable to even the most deprived part of society.  


Android operating systems are popular worldwide for their flexibility. You can tailor Google’s platform as per your needs. Whether you want to change the theme or the widgets, Android OS allows you to do it. It doesn’t matter that you are holding an Android tablet from a top-notch brand or a lesser-known company, you can relish a variety of choices with Android tablets. For people who want to align their personal computing devices as per their needs, opting for an Android tablet may prove to be the best investment ever.  

Versatile Apps and Games  

If you love to engage with new apps and enjoy their innovative features, then an Android tablet should be on top of your shopping cart. If you own an Android computer, you can explore a bunch of interactive apps on Google Play Store. The cherry on the cake is the fact that most of these apps are free to use, delivering you worthy features without needing you to stretch your budget range. In case you are a pro-gamer who lives and breathes games, you should consider opting an Android device. Android OS’s Play Store occupies a huge variety of games which are designed to take your gaming experience to a whole new level.   

Features of Windows Tablets 

These tablets run on Microsoft’s Windows OS and support all its innovative productivity features. Windows tablets are the perfect device for entertainment, with a wide range of movies, TV shows, and games available. Moreover, it comes with a wide range of accessories, including keyboards, styluses, and docking stations, to help you get the most out of your device. Following are some of the prime benefits of Windows tablets: 


Windows tablets come with enterprise-grade encryption algorithms that protect data stored on the device. This encryption helps ensure that sensitive data remains secure and is not accessible to unauthorized users. The built-in antivirus software of these tablets protects your data from malicious attacks. Microsoft regularly releases security patches for Windows devices to secure them from new threats. Furthermore, to ensure your data security all Windows machines come with an inventive data loss prevention feature. It protects sensitive data from being transmitted over a network or the internet.  

Flexibility and Scalability 

Windows tablets are designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing companies to quickly and easily customize their devices to suit the needs of their business. Even if you are a home user, these tablets allow you to tailor the operating system’s graphics as per your personal preferences. In addition to that, Microsoft’s tablets pave your way towards almost all features of a full-fledged PC, providing you with productivity on the go. Another reason behind worldwide businesses integrating Windows tablets in their businesses is their scalable architecture. Windows tablets are easy to upgrade, scale up, and their settings can be adjusted to ensure that they are able to keep up with the changing needs of businesses. 

Best for Students 

Windows tablets are a great way for students to stay productive while on the go. You can easily carry these tabs between classes or anywhere else, thanks to their lightweight and portable design. This portability makes them a great choice for students who need to access their work quickly and conveniently. When it comes to performance, these devices take advantage of their state-of-the-art operating system and ensure a smooth user experience. While the hardware of these machines is competitive enough to seamlessly run demanding programs such as Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office on them. While the touch-screen-friendly features of Windows tab allow you to easily navigate through webpages, documents, and programs.  


Android Tablet Vs Windows Tablet: Which one is best for you?  


For many consumers, the decision of which tablet to buy can be a difficult one. There are a variety of factors to consider, including cost, features, and user experience. As the two most popular operating systems for tablets, Windows and Android each have their own pros and cons. Having discussed features, we will now do a head-to-head comparison of both Windows tablets and Android tablets to give you an idea which one will suit you the best.  

Storage Capacity 

Another advantage of Windows tablets over Android tablets is the amount of storage space that you get out of the box. When buying a new Windows tablet, you will get a minimum of 64 GB of storage space. This is much more than the 16 GB of storage space that most of the Android tablets usually come with. Even low-end Windows tablets usually come with more storage than high-end Android tablets. This is because more expensive Android tablets often come with more internal storage. While the amount of storage you get will depend on the model you buy, Windows tablets are much more consistent than Android tablets.  

This means that if you buy a Windows tablet now, you will have the same amount of storage space as someone who buys a Windows tablet in a few years when the technology has become outdated. On the other hand, if you buy an Android tablet, you may have less storage space in a few years because some manufacturers are known to artificially reduce the amount of storage space available on Android devices. 


Another area where Windows tablets have an advantage over Android tablets is cost. Because Windows is a much more established operating system, it is much cheaper for manufacturers to build Windows tablets. This means that you can find Windows tablets at much more affordable prices than Android tablets. In fact, you can buy a Windows tablet for less than $100. This is a great price for a device that can do as much as a tablet. In terms of price, Android tablets are very competitive.  

The majority of Android tablets cost less than $200. Android tablets are also designed to be cheaper for consumers in the long run. Since many Android manufacturers don’t charge for updates, you may have to pay hundreds of dollars for your Android device to get the latest software in a few years. In contrast, Windows tablets are guaranteed to receive updates for as long as the tablet is in use. 


Because Windows tablets are designed to be used with Windows OS, they are compatible with each other. This makes it easy to switch between different Windows tablets if you want a new device. In addition, Windows tablets are fully compatible with Windows laptops. This makes it very easy to transfer files between devices and use the devices together.  

However, if you decide to buy an Android tablet, you will have a harder time switching devices. Android is an operating system that is compatible with many different types of devices. As a result, it is difficult to guarantee that your Android device will work with other Android devices. Many Android devices are also designed with a specific brand of tablet in mind. As a result, you may find that your device is not fully compatible with other brands of Android tablet. 

Battery Life 

Because Windows tablets are designed to be used exclusively with Windows, they are streamlined to operate as efficiently as possible. This results in tablets that have long battery life. While Android tablets are also optimized for long battery life, they must be programmed to work with different brands and models of Android devices. This means that most Android tablets aren’t optimized for the best battery life.  

Android tablets usually have about the same battery life as Windows tablets. However, there is a small risk that your Android tablet will have less battery life than a Windows tablet because Android devices are designed to be compatible with many devices. Windows tablets also allow you to use your device more efficiently by using keyboard shortcuts and other efficiency-boosting features. 


One advantage that Windows tablets have over Android tablets is security. Since Windows is a more established operating system, it is better equipped to fight against viruses, malware, and other types of cyber threats. Android is a newer operating system that is still being developed. As a result, it is not as well-equipped to fight against cyber threats.  

On the other hand, Android is an open-source operating system that lets users modify the system as they see fit. This is why Android tablets are compatible with so many devices. However, it also means that you have less control over your device compared to someone who uses a Windows tablet. When you use Windows tablets, you can rest assured that they are being constantly monitored and updated to prevent cyber threats. 

User Experience 

Another area where Windows tablets have an advantage over Android tablets is user experience. Since Windows tablets are designed to be used with Windows 10, they are optimized for fast and efficient operation. This means that you’ll be able to do the things you want to do more quickly and effectively than with an Android tablet. As a result, Windows tablets are better for people who need their device for work or for those who want to be able to use their tablet for a variety of different tasks.  

While Android tablets are designed to be used with any device running Android. This means that manufacturers have more freedom to create their device. This results in Android tablets that are designed to be very versatile. However, they aren’t as streamlined as Windows tablets. In addition to this, Android tablets have a reputation of being slower than Windows tablets. Many Android users report that their devices are slower than expected compared to Windows devices. 


In this article, we’ve compared Windows tablets and Android tablets with each other to help you decide which is the better option for you. In many ways, they are similar, but they also have some key differences. We’ve covered topics such as compatibility, storage capacity, and cost. When deciding between Windows tablets and Android tablets, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using your device for. If you need a device with a large selection of applications and high security, Windows tablets are the better option for you. If you want a device that is more versatile, an Android tablet is your best bet. 

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