Smartphones have become a basic necessity in this day and age. It is probably the best smart device you can find on the face of this planet, as it can give you the freedom to perform all your tasks right from the palm of your hands. But with the constant advancement in technology, mobile phones are also evolving and getting more and more futuristic.

If you are thinking about what the future of mobile phones be in 2025 then you are definitely not alone. We are going to be talking about what possible changes you can see in smartphones by the year 2025. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

Body and Design

The first innovation which you will see is related to the body and design of these smartphones. As you might have already seen that there are foldable smartphones in the market. By 2025 the foldable technology will be much better, and it is expected to be free from all the shortcomings it is facing now. These phones can become wearable devices, and you will be able to wear these phones on your wrists like you wear a smartwatch. There is one more thing to it and that is graphene. For those of you who are not aware of graphene, it is a material which is 200 times stronger than steel, along with being flexible, transparent, lightweight, and a great conductor of electricity. The use of graphene in smartphones can make your phones flexible and even transparent, which can be a big change to expect from a future mobile phone. These designs will definitely give your phones a futuristic and more cutting-edge look.

Holographic Displays

If you are a fan of Star Wars and other science fiction movies, then you might be familiar with holographic displays. It is a hologram which is visible above your device, and you can even interact with it just like Iron Man does in his movies. This is something which is anticipated the most when it comes to the latest technology and can be a big leap in tech world. Rumors were that this technology of holographic display will be available in some mobile phone models, but it could not happen. But tech companies are constantly working to make this happen which means you can get this in your smartphones by the year 2025. You will be able to perform your tasks and even play games in these holographic visuals.

Educational tools

As we mentioned earlier that you can perform all your tasks right from the palm of your hands thanks to your phone, that includes learning too. The smartphones now days are also used for educational purposes as all the notes are easily available on your smart devices like mobile phones and tablets, so you can read them no matter where you are. This will get more and more functional and in use in the near future. There are a number of apps even now which your kids can use to get things done. The future mobile phones will have more features which can help you educate your kids and let them do their homework.

Eco Friendly

We all know that we are facing some serious environmental issues and we can never be too careful about it. The electric devices are a major threat to the environment which is the reason more and more electronic companies are trying to make their products eco-friendly. There are big chances that by the year 2025 you will be able to see a fully functional and working eco-friendly phone. Prototypes are also being made and some of them are really cool as well. The materials used in these phones will be absolutely environment friendly. But this is not all, the charging and battery will also be according to it. Instead of using lithium-ion battery and electric chargers, these phones will use special batteries that can be charged by solar energy. In addition to solar energy the phones will also be able to charge with the help of mechanical methods or by using kinetic energy.


Camera of your smartphone is something which is used the most in the whole day. The innovation in camera technology is able to give you the best results which can give a DSLR run for its money. There are many great features in a phone’s camera even now, but in the future, you can expect something much more than just crystal-clear pictures and high-definition videos. You can expect smart cameras in your smartphones. Smart cameras mean that you can interact with the real world by these cameras in the most useful and clever ways. The smart camera technology will help you identify the objects in front of your camera by detecting it and then identifying it from a huge database stored in your device. These can help your device interact with the real world in most useful and productive ways.

Sim Cards

Sim card is something which has been a major part of your phones for a long time. Even though the size of these sim cards has been reduced but they still exist, and you need them to make phone calls, text messages, or use other services offered by the network providers. In the near future you can see smartphones which use a built-in sim in the chips or motherboard. These sims will be able to get rid of the old-school sim cards you use now. This can have positive effects on your network reception and other connectivity services as well.


Well, there you have it, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. These were some of the innovative features you can expect to see in your smartphones by the year 2025. If you are looking to buy mobile phones, then we suggest you visit Laptop Outlet and choose from a wide collection of OPPO phones on the best deals.