Smartphones now a days have become the common necessity in our daily lives. It does not matter from which age group you belong, you use smartphones several times in a day. But we all know very well that the content and apps, which are available on the internet, are not always good and appropriate for kids. You cannot always keep an eye on your kid’s activities, but what you can do is to set up Android phone for child yourself so you can stay tension-free.

Android Parental Controls

The first thing you can do is to apply the parental control settings, which you can find easily in your Android smartphones. Android offers a number of great options and settings to keep your child away from going into something inappropriate. It can filter out keyword searches as well as preventing from downloading explicit content and apps.

Parental Controls in Google

Google has a number of services, and every phone is equipped with a plethora of Google apps. The first thing you interact with is Google Play or Google Play Store. It is used to download apps and games. You can set the parental control in its settings. There you can set the apps which you want to allow and the apps which you want to restrict to be downloaded.  You can also change the search filters in your Google search engine with your account logged in. You can restrict it from showing any explicit or adult content. You will also find many advanced settings so you can tweak them as per your convenience.


YouTube is probably the best streaming site which is used by almost everyone who uses the internet. It is used for entertainment and informative purposes as well. But as we said earlier, not every content is for the viewing of kids. So, you need to set the search filters in the YouTube just like you did in the Google. YouTube also offers the YouTube kids app which is just for kids and show only children friendly content. You can also switch to YouTube Kids app and keep your children away from explicit content.

Wi-Fi and Internet Settings

Even if you have set the parental control settings on Google and YouTube, it is still possible for the kids to wander around and surf through another browser. You can change the overall internet surfing settings and keep your mind at peace. You can choose from the categories, the websites and content you want to block. It gives you the option to manage the level of blocking from light, moderate, strict, and custom.

Manage the Display Light

As kids use smartphones for long hours and sometimes in the late nights too, so their eyesight can also be at stake. The eyesight of children is much more vulnerable to damage as compared to the eyes of adults. Luckily you can control the lights and display in your Android smartphones. You should always keep the low blue light feature on. This lowers the intensity of blue light in your display so the stress to the eyes is always minimum. This gives warm and comfortable visuals without compromising on the quality for even once.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, these are some of the important things you need to do, to make the smartphones more children friendly. There are also many third-party apps as well, which can help you achieve that. But the smartphones now a days are becoming more and more advanced, so you majorly don’t need these third-part apps and software. If you are looking to buy a good quality phone with the best features, for yourself or your loved ones, then OPPO phones are the best option. Make sure to visit OPPO Store and choose from a wide collection of OPPO phones on great deals.