Battery is probably the most important component of your laptop or any other portable device. Without a good battery life of laptop, you cannot enjoy the proper feel of portability and sustain the fun for longer period of time. The battery of your device affects the overall performance and your experience as well. But it is very important to keep the battery of your laptop healthy, so that it can stay with you for a longer period of time. We are going to be taking a look at the 5 best ways to keep your laptop’s battery life healthy. So, stick around. 

Activate Power Saver Mode 

You can find power saver mode in almost all the laptops from any big name. With the power saver-mode you can save the battery and also prolong its life as well. You can simply turn on the battery power saver mode by clicking on the battery icon present on the task bar. It will show you battery options so you can turn on the power saver mode from there. It basically prevents the battery of your laptop from getting wasted. It will not affect too much on your performance, but if you are performing some of the demanding tasks which require heavy battery consumption like multimedia editing, gaming, or other high-res tasks, then it can affect the performance. It is a really good way to keep the battery of your laptop healthy.  

Plug the Charger Before it Dies 

There are many people who wait for the laptop’s battery to drain completely, before they plug in the charger. Plugging the charger when the battery is already dead is not a good thing altogether. It is recommended that you plug in the charger before the battery is about to die. You should plug the charger and never let the battery go below 20%. This can help in keeping your battery safe and healthy, because when you use the laptop with extremely low battery, then it puts a good amount of stress on the battery itself. So, make sure to keep the laptop charged and never wait for the battery to die completely, before you plug in the charger. 

Keep your laptop out of Extreme Temperatures 

The temperature of the environment can really affect your laptop’s battery, but we never keep this thing in our mind. It does not matter whether hot or cold, the temperature at both extremes is never good. When you are using your laptop the CPU and GPU produce heat of its own. If the temperature on the outside is also hot, then it will affect the heat dissipation process, which can affect the overall performance and the battery life of your laptop. Same is the case with extreme cold temperature too. So, make sure to keep the laptop out of the extreme temperature conditions, and your battery’s health can be improved.  

Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Off 

When you are in a need to connect to the internet or other Bluetooth devices, you turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which consume a good amount of battery. It is recommended that if you don’t need to be connected, you turn the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off. Because, when the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is turned on and even connected, it will still keep searching for other devices. It drains some battery too. Always keep the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off, if you don’t need to be connected. 

Keep the Brightness Low 

Well, it is a well-known fact that the brightness of your laptop’s screen affects the battery usage. You should try to keep the brightness to the minimum of your display. It will consume less battery and also keep the health of your laptop’s battery in a good condition. Also try to manage the display settings of your gaming laptop, so when you are not using laptop, the screen turns off after a short period of time. Make sure to keep the power saver mode turned on as well. 

Bottom Line 

Well, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. If you want to keep the battery life of laptop in a good condition, then make sure to keep the above-mentioned things in your mind when you are using your laptop. If you are looking to buy the best laptops with all day battery life, then make sure to visit Laptop Outlet and choose from a wide collection of great laptops and notebooks.