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How Good are Tablet PCs for Primary Computer Usage

By: Admin


September 08, 2023


Are you considering a tablet PC to handle daily computing tasks and don't know how it can help you to get the most out of your money? Luckily, you've landed at the right place! 

Technology is evolving at an alarming rate, and more and more computing solutions are being introduced into the tech industry. Gone are the days of bulky desktop computers; now, you'll find sleek and compact form factors such as a tablet PC, which are adaptable alternatives to many advancements that have flourished in the tech market.  

When the tablet PC was first launched, its durability and effectiveness were questioned because it was between a laptop and a typical desktop computer. Some folks thought it was an unneeded or naive acquisition. However, they gained significant fascination from users from various backgrounds, from education to business and artistic endeavours, because of their stylish designs, touch-based interfaces, and lightweight. Overall, tablet computers play a significant role in revamping our digital landscape.  

Whether you are a creative designer, business professional, student, or traveller, a tablet PC is an ideal choice to handle all the essential computing tasks. In this article, we will evaluate what exactly a tablet PC is, its features, capabilities, benefits, and limitations. We will also recommend some of the best tablet computers in 2023.  

So, let's dive in! 

What are Tablet PCs?

A tablet PC is a portable laptop or slate-formed mobile computing device packed with the power of a bulky desktop PC and the portability of a smartphone. These are designed with a lightweight and simple interface, featuring a touchscreen or screen that fingers can operate, a digital pen or a stylus. 

A tablet PC does not require a keyboard or mouse, allowing users to enter data directly. It offers better mobility than a standard laptop. You can surf the internet, take notes, capture pictures, create presentations, video chat, send emails, and play games on a tablet. 

On the touchscreen, users can browse with their fingers and motions and accomplish numerous tasks. The latest tablets also include front and back cameras for recording memorable moments, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for web browsing and data sharing, built-in speakers for high-quality audio, ample RAM for faster data access, and plenty of storage space for storing video and other files. 

Features of Tablet PCs

Here are the most innovative features of a tablet computer PC.  

Portable Footprint 

Portability is the standout feature that sets tablet PCs apart. These are known as the most "compact workstations" due to the incorporation of smaller, thinner, and lightweight hardware.  

However, their compact form factor is more significant than a standard mobile phone, making them more compelling. Thanks to their small and portable architecture, tablets are ideal for on-the-go people looking for something more potent than a standard mobile phone and more versatile than a laptop. 


Compatibility is another impressive feature of the tablets. Many tablets have an operating system compatible with laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones, so you can easily sync the information back and forth. 

Battery Life 

Thanks to the compact footprint, tablets are preloaded with power-efficient components, which means low power consumption, higher energy efficiency, and low electricity bills, indeed! You can use them for extended hours without worrying about battery drainage and finding a power socket. 


A vast selection of connectivity options makes a computing device more flexible. Tablets come with built-in USB Type C, Ethernet, HDMI, Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity ports, allowing you to share data, browse the internet, and keep connected anywhere.  

Types of Tablet Computers 

When you delve into the tech industry, you'll find multiple types of tablet PCs with various designs, hardware, and other features. All of them cater to the specific needs of different consumers. The four most common tablet PC form factors are: 

Slate Tablet PC 

Slate is the most common tablet computer type; it resembles classic writing slates and lacks built-in keyboards. You can interface with them with handwriting recognition, a stylus, or fingertip touch. You can attach the external keyboards to these tablets via USB or wirelessly for data entry and spreadsheet tasks.  

Slate tablets are widely used in industries requiring excellent mobility or working in harsh environments. These industries include healthcare, fieldwork, construction sites, education, and offices. These tablet PCs are designed with durable and high-quality materials such as aluminium alloy to survive harsh climatic conditions without sustaining harm. 

Convertible Tablet PC 

Convertible tablets look similar to traditional laptops except that the display screen is attached to the base of the tablet surface at a single junction. This design allows you to rotate the screen at 180° and can also be placed on the keyboard, enabling a flat writing plane. Convertible tablets are the most selling type of tablet PC as they offer both the benefits of a conventional keyboard and a stylus pen. 

Hybrid Tablet PC 

A hybrid tablet PC is the best fusion of a traditional and versatile laptop. These tablets combine the benefits of both slate and convertible tablet computers by including a detachable keyboard, which allows them to work as a slate tablet when separated and as a convertible tablet PC when the keyboard is attached. 

Booklet Tablet PC 

Booklet tablets are dual-screen mini devices that can be opened like a book and are designed with touch and digital pen detection features. You can use them for web browsing, document writing, e-reading and streaming videos. 

Benefits of Tablet PCS for Business 

Here are the five benefits of a tablet PC for business professionals and users alike.  

Portability and Convenience  

Tablet computers are slimmer and lighter than standard laptops, weighing only a few pounds, making them convenient to transport wherever you go. You can work on them quickly while sitting on a bus or a flight. They are thinner because all the hardware components are packed into a small package that can be fit into the pocket and bags.  

They also excel in terms of user-friendly interface. You can reply to an email, create a presentation, and assign tasks to your employees in different settings, such as lifts, meeting rooms and coffee shops.  

Social Collaboration  

The modern business landscape demands seamless and hassle-free collaborations to cope with regular updates. Tablets provide premium benefits in this regard, facilitating optimised features for social communications. Businesses can use cloud-based applications, email, and social media networks to connect with clients and partners.  

Thanks to the built-in webcam, stereo speakers, microphones, and sleek screens real estate, tablets are also indispensable for taking notes, posting feedback, video meetings, screen sharing, and working on documents collaboratively with apps like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office or Google Workspace. 

Always Stay Up to Date  

In this fast-paced world, adapting to the latest technological advancements is necessary to stay up-to-date with your surroundings. That's where tablet PCs play a major role. With top-of-line security enhancements and automatic updates, your organisation remains upgraded with technology changes. 

Under the hood, importing documents and sending emails on an older device becomes burdensome. Tablets can make your workflow more streamlined and increase overall business productivity.  

Additionally, choosing tablets for your workforce also strengthens your dedication to fulfilling the interests and needs of your customers. It promotes quick communication and teamwork, which leads to increased customer satisfaction. 


Tablets are less notable in the workplace. Due to their flat structure, they can be placed on any table, like a piece of paper or held in one's lap while staying obtrusive. Additionally, the silent operation of a touchscreen differs from the noisy clicking and clacking of a standard keyboard and mouse. Its innovative ability to adapt to the surroundings makes it a good choice for taking notes or references during meetings, creating fewer disturbances to those nearby concentrations. 

Extended Battery Life  

As discussed earlier, tablets are crafted with power-efficient components, which adds to the battery capacity. They include thinner and smaller screens and low processing power; thus, their battery is extended to desktop computers and laptops. 

On average, they can tout a battery life of up to 14 hours on a single charge. Tablet charging capability is also unique since it does not require a separate charger; you can use your phone charger to recharge it. This can be useful for people who need to work on the go and don't have access to power outlets. This means they are excellent options for remote work, long travel, or attending overseas conferences. 

Benefits of Tablet PCs for Students

Tablets are also a versatile alternative for students and teachers in terms of taking notes and online classes, enhancing the learning and teaching experience.  


Unlike computers, even high-quality, robust, and powerful tablets come with budget-friendly prices. Tablets are a fantastic solution for students who rely on cloud-based services but do not have much in their pocket to spend on a computing device.  

Whether you buy one or dozens of tablets for the whole school enterprise, you'll find that they offer the best value for money. Their low maintenance and repair expenses add more to the cost-effectiveness. Luckily, these gadgets are less vulnerable to viruses and malware, so you don't have to replace them.  

Easy-to-Use Interface 

We all know that kids are fond of YouTube videos and online games. A tablet is a very user-friendly device, allowing children to easily access and browse through the display with a simple finger sweep. This ease of use is especially significant in staying engaged with the teacher's instructions, communicating with classmates, searching for information for the slides, etc. 

Efficient Digital Learning Tools

This generation is accustomed to digital learning. Many students rely on YouTube lessons and internet research for their academics and writing assignments. This is important, which makes tablets necessary for students. These are what you cannot simply get from traditional books. Refrain from using modern technology, which most of your peers do, or you may be impeding your productivity! 

Best for Creative Activities 

The latest tablets come with a pen, stylus, and convertible design. Students can also use them to express their creativity through painting, drawing, and video editing. In this way, they can enhance their creative skills and generate a great income. 

Intuitive E-Textbook Experience 

Reading on a hybrid tablet is just like reading on a traditional textbook! Students can quickly scroll to turn pages, take notes with a stylus and comfortably curl up on the couch or bed. The lightweight design of tablets makes them excellent for long reading sessions, and they can successfully provide similar multimedia components featured in digital textbooks, such as pictures, videos and sound. 

Students can also find a more extensive collection of premium and free learning applications for the Android operating system. This accessibility makes it simple to get through the digital curriculum with interactive assignments, games, and various educational resources on a single device. How amazing it is! 

How to Choose a Tablet PC for Primary Computer Usage? 

Here is the step-by-step guide to choosing the best tablet for your basic computing needs. 

Size and Weight 

Most tablets are designed with portability in mind. Size and weight should be the primary considerations when choosing a tablet. If you are an on-the-go individual and intend to use your device for extended hours, you want the device to be manageable. The lighter will be better! The dimensions are also key measures and depend upon the size.  


Display is the main interface of a tablet PC, so it is critical to choose it wisely. You must consider many things, such as resolution, colour contrast, refresh rates, response times, and display size.  

Choosing the one with a larger size, sufficient resolution, faster refresh rates, and the best colour accuracy is essential to get stunning visuals. A 10-inch panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and a response time of 3ms will be enough for basic computing tasks. 

Processing Power 

The processors incorporated into the tablets can significantly vary from model to model and brand to brand, and this difference is tied to how these processors are developed and licensed. Many manufacturers typically provide information on clock speed and core count, but learning more about the chip architecture becomes necessary.  

You won't require strong processing power if you intend to use your tablet for simple chores such as browsing the web, checking email, and streaming films. However, you will need a more powerful processor if you want to use your tablet for more demanding gaming or video editing applications. 

Storage Space 

Storage is where all of our downloads and applications are stored. The higher, the better! The amount of storage you need depends upon the applications you will perform on your tablet. If you only expect to use it for basic computing activities, 16GB of storage will be enough. However, if you intend to store many images, movies, or music, you will require at least 512 GB of storage room. 

Battery Life  

Battery life is essential if you want to use your tablet for the whole day. This spec is hard to specify for tablet PCs as different applications can draw other power loads. For instance, web browsing consumes less power, while more battery will be drained in video streaming. A battery life of 8 hours should be suitable for primary computer usage. 

Final Verdict

All the while, a tablet PC is an excellent alternative to a smartphone, a computer, and a laptop. These are versatile and adaptable devices for all users, such as professionals, students, and creative individuals. Their small size, compatibility with various operating systems, long battery life, and connectivity choices make them ideal for primary computing needs. 

We've plenty of cheap tablet PCs for you to choose from in the Laptop Outlet, from cutting-edge models to larger-screen real estate for an immersive viewing experience.  

So, why wait any longer? Start browsing the Laptop Outlet today and get your hands on your favourite tablet.  

Happy On-the-Go Computing

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