Now a days, the one thing a student needs is a good laptop, to carry it out all your tasks. A good laptop can prove to be your study-buddy, it can be your personal organizer, and a much needed entertainment hub. Students are mostly on the move, whether you are at your campus, at your college dorm-room, or at your friend’s place. So, you need the portability with the productivity. We will review a laptop, which is a best fit for all the students out there. Let us not waste any more time and just dive right in asus chromebook c403na


This laptop is certainly among the best Asus laptops, present on the face of this planet. Let’s get the technical specs out of the way first. It is powered by Intel Celeron N3350 with 1.10GHz processor. It has a memory of 4GB RAM, and a storage space of 32GB SSD. These powerful specs, when combined with the Chrome OS, provides you the smooth and easy interface, whether you are working, or just entertaining yourself with games or streaming. 


Students need a laptop which can withstand their rough and carefree lifestyle. Well, this laptop is certainly made with the students kept in mind. Its durable and strong body can endure a good amount of beating. It has a tough rubber bumper on all four sides of the body, which can endure bumps and even falls, with great ease. This keeps the sensitive components inside your laptop safe, even when it falls from your hands. It can easily endure drops from up to 120cm. 

Water spills are not an issue with this laptop. It is equipped with a spill-resistant keyboard, which can protect the laptop from up to 66cc of liquid spills. So, even if your friend drops a glass of his cold beverage on it, the laptop won’t be harmed. It is completely tested for durability, so you can have a reliable final product. 


Nothing can be more frustrating than the battery of your gaming laptop running out, while you are in the middle of study session, or gaming session with your fellow students. Asus Chromebook C403NA keeps you away from this nightmare. You won’t need to continuously find the socket to attach a charger, or even carry a charger with you, wherever you go. The battery time of this laptop is amazing. It gives you almost 12 hours of battery life with a single charge. This Asus laptop surely lets you enjoy your gaming, streaming and study sessions uninterrupted. 


Asus has equipped this laptop with 14 inch HD display, with anti-glare technology. This display gives you the resolution of 1366x768 pixels. The anti-glare screen reduces the unnecessary and unwanted glare from the sun, or other bright lights, to give you a clear view. The viewing experience on this display is quite decent and provides a good picture quality, whether you are streaming, playing games, or just performing your daily tasks. 


The great thing about this majestic laptop, is that it lets you easily collaborate with your friends and your study-mates. It has a 180 degree hinge, which helps it lay flat on the table, so you can work more productively during your combined study sessions with your mates. In addition to being super productive, it also looks cool. 


This Asus laptop is equipped with Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2, which make your wireless connectivity smooth and easy. Wi-Fi 5 connects you quickly with the internet, and keeps you connected even when the signals are weak or spotty. Plus, with Bluetooth 4.2, you can connect all your favourite wireless peripherals with it, so you can take your performance and productivity to a new level. It is also equipped with USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports, so you can connect your devices and transfer data at a fast speed. It also has a microSD card reader, which lets you manage the data, present on your memory cards. 


So, this was Asus Chromebook C403NA review. Overall, this is a pretty-decent laptop, which gives the perfect performance, durability, and reliability, especially for the students. Get this laptop today, or go to and choose from a wide range of Asus laptops