The Liyama ProLite is a 24-inch monitor with cheap price, but modern specs. The LCD screen has IPS technology which will satisfy your viewing angles for long. Plus, there is enough flexibility added from the Liyama in this monitor. It is primarily built for a widescreen viewing pleasure, and hence the 16:9 aspect ratio suits the size. Moreover, the simple-looking design is no hurdle to move around and adjust as per your requirements.

Liyama monitors are good with the price factor. You can stay in budget and still get all the same functionality in a relatively low price. Another good news is that you also get additional number of ports in this monitor. Whether you need to connect to extra gaming monitors, projectors, or televisions, it is easier to do that. Apart from a good specs’ assembly, it is also built sturdily along with security slots like Kensington lock slot. You can either use it for professional set up for your office, or just casually at home for work.

This Liyama ProLite 24-inch review has real-time analysis and in-depth evaluation of the specs it offers, along with its features.


Screen Size: 24 in

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Refresh Rate: 75Hz

Response Time: 4 - 5ms

Display Type: IPS LCD

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 

Design, Comfort & Build

You can get the Liyama ProLite in white besides its traditional matte black edition. This is quite interesting for the users who are just tired of the regular black. It comes with ultra-thin side bezels with the slightly thicker bottom chin. There is Liyama logo well-placed in the center of the bottom side of the display. The ergonomic stand attached with the display is ergonomic and heighted. You can easily tilt, pivot, swivel and rotate the monitor PC as per your demand. Additionally, you can use the monitor in a fully portrait mode which is the vertical angle. If you are tired of looking your screen in a horizontal angle, you can view it easily in the opposite angle.

Performance & Features

The Liyama ProLite has a 24-inch screen with the full HD Resolution and is supported by the IPS Panel. This is much better than having a TN panel, which is not much comfortable for viewing angles. You get LCD screen with a response time of just 4 to 5 milliseconds. The screen responds consecutively faster for everyday to daily operations, no matter which field you are from.

The 75 Hz refresh rate given to display at this price totally justifies. You can have the fastest refreshing windows, while you are multitasking. This helps in minimum screen glitches and no stuttering at all, when you are switching between windows. It also benefits gaming at fast-paced speed and smooth gaming sessions. The sRGB colour gamut coverage is around 89%, giving the screen a vivid contrast of colours, and rich, bold details. Liyama has a contrast of 300:1 which is competitive for its value in comparison to Dell.

Connectivity & Ports

There is a sufficient variety of ports included in the Liyama ProLite. These include HDMI, Display port, D-Sub, one USB 2.0 input and two USB 2.0 output ports. You also get two audio ports for microphone and headphone, which saves you from the hassle of CPU wires. Liyama also provides additional accessories including USB cables, HDMI cable and a Quick start guide.


The Liyama ProLite is a cheap option and stand right on expectations with its spec’s performance. In comparison to Dell and some other monitors, it turns out to be unexpectedly better.

If you have made your mind about buying this Liyama monitor, you can go check it out at official webstore of Students can also get additional 15% discounts.