Lenovo V Series is designed for business users, but its added features and reliable specs make it common people friendly. You can be a student who needs to complete technical assignments, a professional who has a hefty bit workload or even a programmer. The Lenovo V15 laptops can provide a useful experience for almost any field, except if you are needy for high graphics.

For those who are always in the search of best business laptops have to have the look on Lenovo V15 series. You may also be an IT expert who needs to grasp everyday work schedule with all tech requirements easily fulfilled. Thanks to the latest technology, the Lenovo V series laptops can be a solid go-to option.

Its easier to find a suitable choice between multiple series or brands. But, when it comes to the same brand and series, it can be a little tricky. This is exactly why we have made it easier for you. Our top 3 Lenovo V series laptop picks are number one choice if you are a looking for the best performers.

Top Lenovo V15 Laptops Series

Lenovo V15 Laptop Intel


Screen Size: 15.6 in

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Processor: Intel Core i5 10th Gen.

Storage: 256 GB SSD


Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics GPU

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Mostly there are two types of users; one who like Intel technology specs more in their laptops. The Lenovo V15 packed with the Intel Core i5 processor is the most efficient laptop that you can get. It is unavoidably one of the best Core i5 10th generation laptops that can handle multitasking at its best. If you have been exploring the best core i5 laptops and are also a fan of Lenovo V15 Intel laptops, this is the one.

With its Intel Core i5, it operates with the base speed 1,6GHz and goes up to the maximum turbo speed of 4.6 GHz. Loaded with plenty of security features like Trusted Platform Module and added durability, it is also a rock-solid laptop. Thankfully Lenovo has made it passed through various tests including shock, liquid and more. So, you can carry it stress-free anywhere with the portability factor as well.

Lenovo V15 AMD Ryzen

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5

Screen Size: 15.6 in

Resolution: 1920 x 1080


Storage: 256 GB SSD

Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 8 GPU

Windows 10 Home

 For those who are more of an AMD fan, the Lenovo V15 laptop with the AMD Ryzen 5 is the ideal choice. This is one of the best Lenovo V15 AMD laptops that can survive most of the tasks for the day. Plus, its steadfast combo of 8GB RAM and solid0state drive storage of 256GB allows extensive multitasking. The 15.6-inch display is designed with narrow bezels, IPS panel for comfortable and widest viewing angles. You can enjoy watching videos, movies, and stream on 4k quite easily.

The Lenovo V15 AMD laptop provides gorgeous 4k visuals with its full HD 15.6-inch display. Plus, you get to enjoy the real-time performance with AMD Ryzen 5 processor. It boasts the base speed of 2.3 GHz and maxes out with the turbo speed of 3.6 GHz. You can use it for business tasks, workday routines, and student assignments. The sleek, stylish, and premium appearance makes it a good-looking laptop with plenty of power.

Lenovo V15 AMD

Processor: AMD Athlon

Screen Size: 15.6 in, 1920 x 1080


Storage: 128 GB SSD

Graphics: AMD Radeon GPU

Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Some users don’t really need an intense power when it comes to the main specs, like high-speed processor or bigger RAM. Instead, the focus is more on the reliability and how much durability you can get within a laptop. The Lenovo V15 with the AMD Athlon processor has sufficient speed and performance ratio. Its durable chassis packed with the narrow bezels, TPM 2.0 security and contemporary look makes it one of the nicest laptops available. From the performance aspect, the AMD processor hangs around the base speed of 2.1 GHz and a maximum turbo speed of 3.7 GHz which means you can be run mid-level intense programs on it.

The Lenovo V15 AMD is one of the best options for security and comfortable build. With its AMD integrated graphics, adequate 4GB RAM and solid-state drive storage of 128GB, you can switch between different tasks. Whether you are a natural office worker, or a student who has to deal with daily assignments, the laptop is convenient for every use.

Lenovo V15 Laptop Intel Celeron

Processor: Intel Celeron N

Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Screen Size: 15.6 in

Resolution: 1366 x 768

Storage: 256 GB SSD


Graphics: Intel UHD GPU

The Lenovo V15 Intel Celeron processor is best for people who do not need any hi-fi execution. For example, if you are a student, who needs to run very few technical programs or maybe an office employee who just have to work around Microsoft Office. You can be any of these and able to work smoothly without facing any major lags. The Intel Celeron N processor included in this laptop processes with the base speed of 1.1 GHz and a max turbo speed of 2.8 GHz.

This Lenovo V15 AMD laptop combines an 8GB RAM with the solid-state drive storage of 256GB. If you are one of those who often switch between various apps, programs and files, it will not show any slowdowns. The Intel integrated graphics seem to work brilliant for movies, games and most importantly the HD videos. You will also enjoy abundant ports selection in this Lenovo V15 laptop including Type C, Thunderbolt and more than one USB Type A ports.

Bottom Line

Plenty of laptops do an amazing job when it comes to sufficient speed and reliable performance. But Lenovo V Series is one of the most notable series that can a durable choice for productive users. You can checkout all of the above-mentioned Lenovo V Series laptops at the Laptop Outlet store online in the UK.