A smartphone is definitely the most used smart device you can find on the face of this planet right now. Mobile phone technology has changed the way we used to communicate with each other. All the major conversations are now done within seconds by sending text messages.  

We spend a good part of our day sending or receiving text messages to our friends, loved ones, and to our work colleagues. But the more this texting is used the more ways people have found to make their language short and interesting. You might have also used or heard about these slangs or text language but there are plenty of people who don’t know what it is or even what does “FYI” means.  

According to a well-known research people spend almost 19 minutes daily on sending text messages and 32 minutes on WhatsApp messages. When you are spending so much time on these messages its about time that you also know about this language of text. 

Most Used “Text Talk” 

The most used text talk or text abbreviation is without a doubt LOL. Many of you might know what it means and if you don’t know then let us tell you that it means “Laugh Out Loud”. Every 4 out of 10 people use this daily in their conversation. Below mentioned are the five most used text abbreviations people use in their daily life.  

  1. The first one is “LOL”, which means Laugh Out Loud, and it is used by 41% people all over the world. 
  2. Second one is a bit easier to be familiar with known as “OMG”. It means O My God and it is used by 26% of people globally.  
  3. BTW” is third and it means By the Way. 17% of people use this daily.  
  4. FYI” means For Your Information which you might have seen written at a number of places as well. Its usage percentage is 16%. 
  5. Last on this list is “WTF”. Needless to say, that many people have used it in their conversation a number of times. It means What the F***? Its usage frequency is 13%. 

Some Commonly Used Text Abbreviations 

Even though the text talk has become quite famous, and a huge amount of population is hooked to it, still there are many people who struggle to understand this or don’t even get it. As per a survey it has been found that almost 70% of the people struggle to understand and use these text abbreviations. If you are also one of these people, then below mentioned are some of the most commonly used text abbreviations you can use in your daily conversations.   

  • BM&Y: Between me and you 
  • BFF: Best friends forever 
  • B3: Blah blah blah 
  • BRB: Be right back 
  • BTW: By the way 
  • C-P: Copy and paste 
  • CTN: Can’t talk now 
  • CWOT: Complete waste of time 
  • DIY: Do it yourself 
  • DGMW: Don’t get me wrong 
  • ICYMI: In case you missed it 
  • ILY: I love you 
  • IMU: I miss you 
  • JTLUK: Just to let you know 
  • KMN: Kill me now 
  • LOL: Laugh out loud 
  • MTFBWU: May the force be with you 
  • MYOB: Mind your own business 
  • MMW: Mark my words 
  • NNTR: No need to reply 
  • EOD: End of discussion 
  • EM: E-mail 
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions 
  • FYI: For your information 
  • FYEO: For your eyes only 
  • FOAF: Friend of a friend 
  • HAK: Hug and kiss 
  • HF: Have fun 
  • IMHO: In my humble opinion 
  • IOW: In other words 
  • SMH: Shaking my head 
  • SITD: Still in the dark 
  • SLAP: Sounds like a plan 
  • TIA: Thanks in advance 
  • TGIF: Thank God it’s Friday 
  • TMI: Too much information 
  • TTYL: Talk to you later 
  • WTH: What the hell 
  • YMMD: You made my day 
  • XO: Hug and kisses 
  • NOYB: None of your business 
  • OMG: Oh my god 
  • OMW: On my way 
  • OT: Off topic 
  • OTT: Over the top 
  • OTOH: On the other hand 
  • OATUS: On a totally unrelated subject 
  • PAL: Parents are listening 
  • QT: Cutie 
  • ROTFL: Rolling on the floor laughing 

Bottom Line 

Well, there you have it, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. These were some of the most common and highly used text abbreviations and we also mentioned what they mean so you can use them in your daily conversations.  

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