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Difference between A series and Find series of Oppo smartphones?

By: Admin


November 17, 2020


The Oppo A series and Find series is made for two totally different types of consumers. If we generally think about it on an overall basis, there are broadly two types of buyers. One type of users are the budget buyers, and the second ones want to go above and beyond in all cases. 

Oppo is one of the innovative smartphone brands that has always kept its customers yearnings in the best price tags. The two Oppo smartphone series: A series and Find series take care of diverse user demands. The Oppo A series is inclined towards economical buyers, who need to buy Oppo smartphones on a minimal budget. The Oppo Find series on the other hand is exclusively produced for the audience who need top-notch features in their Oppo mobiles.

In case you need to know more about Oppo A series and Oppo Find series, we have described it further for our Oppo fans out there.

Oppo A series

 Oppo A series features standard smartphones with medium to low-end budget, which normal users can buy. This series is explicitly designed for users who need a mobile in a limited budget with reliable features. On another perspective, the Oppo A series can be termed as a smartphone range made for youngsters like students and teenagers. 

Budget: The A series smartphones usually lie between 100 £ to 200 £, so they are one of the most affordable android phones. For people who are always on a budget or have a limited amount to spend on a smartphone, Oppo A series is made for them.

Spec Range: The specs integrated into the Oppo A series smartphones are not necessarily below the usual mid-range smartphones. In fact, these Oppo mobiles include specs that mid-range phones have with much more prices. These smartphones will usually contain Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor range, which is impressive for under 200-pound price tag. The best feature that this series phone would have will always be the battery capacity.

You get the most long-lasting battery lives with Oppo A series, so if you are searching for best battery android phones, these are to die for. The RAM and storage combination will usually be around 4GB, where the storage can go up to 128GB at maximum. If we talk about the camera and screen, the selfie camera creates more impression with AI selfie mode. On the display side, you can easily get your hands on 1080p screens with A series.

Overall Performance: The overall performance level of Oppo A series of smartphones is satisfactory and great for casual users. The speed and multitasking seem good enough for not so demanding users. But, in terms of price, these mobile phones deliver the best value for money.

Oppo Find series

Budget: The Oppo Find series smartphones are the high-end or flagship Oppo smartphones that are made for demanding users. This range is exclusively designed for technical enthusiasts or digital pros, who need every feature to be over the top. If we go on comparing these mobile phones with luxury phones in the tech-market, they can compete quite well. 

Spec Range: The specifications assimilated in the Find series smartphone range will always be on the powerful side of the tech phone industry. In these smartphones, you will usually get to see every feature that leaves no chance of lag or disappointment. From its high-quality cameras and screen to the power-intensive hardware, the Oppo Find series smartphones consume the best-ever features.

The processors included in these smartphones are usually flagship ones, like SnapDragon 865 or higher models. Also, the displays are mostly with WQHD screen having refresh rates equal to 120Hz and more. If you get on the RAM and storage combinations, you will not see RAM below than 8GB and storage below 512GB in these smartphones.

Overall Performance: The performance on the overall basis of the Oppo Find series smartphones is unbeatable. If you compare these Oppo phones with the leading flagship phones in the market, they give quite good competition. With its high-level performance, one can be more sure of heavy multitasking and intense application usage with Oppo Find series.

 Make the Right Decision – Bottom Line

No matter which budget you are on, the Oppo A series and Oppo Find series cover a wide range of users. But, if you were confused about making the best buying decision for yourself, we hope we have helped you through it. To check the latest offers on OPPO mobiles, you can also check the official Oppo UK store.

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