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4 OPPO smartphones Deals in 2021 to Grab Right Away

By: Admin


January 14, 2021


Oppo is the brand which always provides you with great smartphones. It never lets you down and never compromises on the quality. Which Oppo smartphone is the best option for you to buy, you ask? Worry no-more because we are here to answer your question. We will review 5 best Oppo smartphones, with great deals on them for you guys to buy in 2021. So, let’s get to it.


First Oppo phone on the list is X2 Neo 5G. You can have this cool smartphone for 18% off. Get this phone with such great deal today. This Oppo smartphone is powered by Qualcomm SDM765G, and runs on ColorOS 7 based on Android 10. The memory of this phone is 12GB RAM and has a huge storage space of 256GB. It will let you enjoy your 5G experience at a fast speed. With these great specs, you know you are getting the best smartphone which is worth your money. You will experience the lightning-fast interface with huge storage space, to store all your apps and games with ease.

It has a super-wide edgeless 6.5-inch screen, which gives you the resolution of 2400x1080 pixels. With the refresh rate of 90Hz and sampling rate of 180Hz, you always get the smoothest experience, while streaming your favourite movies or playing games. You can take great cutting-edge pictures, on its 48MP rear and 32MP front cameras. Capture your precious moments with crystal clear picture quality.

You get to have all the power in a lightweight smartphone. The weight of the Oppo phone is just 171g, which makes it light as a feather. Plus, the 7.7mm thin body gives it super slim and sleek look. It is simple yet very classy.


Next-up is X2 PRO 5G, which you can get on 5% off discount deal. This Oppo smartphone is certainly not to be missed at all. Let’s see the technical specifications of this phone. It is powered by Snapdragon 865, and it is Android 10.0 compatible.

You get a great 6.7inche HD display with the resolution of 3168x1440 pixels. The refresh rate of 120HZ and the sample rate of 240Hz, gives you the smoothest viewing experience, whether you are streaming something or playing your favourite games. Plus, the widescreen gives you a 93.1 % screen to body ratio, for you guys to enjoy larger than life viewing.

This cool smartphone gives you a wide-angle 48MP rear camera, to take your photography to the next level. Plus, you can enhance your beauty, while taking selfies on the 32MP front camera. This phone never lets you miss any of your precious moments.

OPPO A9 2020:

Oppo A9 is one of the best smartphones, if not the best. You can have this smartphone at 18% discount deal. This great deal is certainly not to be missed. A9 runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 665, which gives you lightning-fast operation speed. It also has Game Boost 2.0, which when combined with Snapdragon, gives you the ultimate gaming experience. You get the memory of 4GB RAM and storage space of 128GB.

Its beautiful 6.5inch display gives you the resolution of 1600x720 pixels. You will surely get to experience the best display, with sharp and vivid colours, whether you are streaming or playing games. With Blue Shield, you can enjoy a whole day of streaming, or late-night long hours of gaming on this smartphone, without even damaging your eyes. It lowers the intensity of blue light, so the stress to your eyes is at a minimum.

Oppo has equipped this smartphone with 5 cameras, to give you the best camera experience. You get wide-angle 48 MP rear camera, and a 16MP front camera to take more clear and beautiful selfies.

You can feel the power with its great 5000mAh battery, which gives you almost 11 hours of streaming or playing games. You don’t need to constantly charge it, with the great long-life battery. Plus, with its reverse charge capability, you can charge your other smartphone devices with Oppo A9.


Last on the list, but certainly not the least is Reno 4 Pro 5G. You can get this great smartphone on the great discount deal of 13% off. This majestic smartphone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G with 2.4GHz processor.

With its 6.5inch HD display, you get the resolution of 2400x1080 pixels. It gives you larger than life viewing experience, whether you are gaming or streaming. You get cutting edge colour display and sharp picture quality. Plus, the blue light filter never lets your eyes get too much stressed. You can easily stream for long hours on it, in a carefree manner.

This phone lets you take your photography and vlogging experience to the next level. You get 48 MP rear camera and a 32MP selfie camera, to capture your precious moments. The picture quality you get with this phone is amazing. Overall, this phone will definitely let you feel the ultimate power, on the palm of your hand.


These were some of the best Oppo smartphones, with great deals for you guys to buy in 2021. So, don’t be late and avail these deals today. Select from these or go to oppostore.co.uk to choose from a wide range of Oppo phones.

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