If you are fond of seeing the same old-style PC, now is the time to see a major shift in the design layout. Well, not all PCs are like the Lenovo ThinkSmart HUB, but we are sure you will be excited to get to know it. An AIO PC is always good to have, so you have at least one powerful setup for your tech requirements. The All-in-One PCs play an essential role in providing every necessary functionality with the already added components. On top of that, what’s better than having an incredibly portable AIO Pc?

The Lenovo ThinkPad HUB 500 is an innovative productive by Lenovo, which makes it more obvious that work can be taken anywhere. From typical office desk setup, to work from home or while travelling, AIO PC like ThinkSmart HUB 500 settles for everything.

In our Lenovo ThinkSmart HUB 500 review today, there is much more to know about just an appealing AIO PC with basic features.


  • Intel Core i5 7th Gen. Processor - 2.70GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • Integrated/On-Board Graphics
  • 128GB SSD SSD
  • Windows 10

What Makes ThinkSmart Different

The ThinkSmart HUB is actually a video conferencing device that makes everything easier along with easy meetings for businesses and offices. This device is exclusively built for professionals who have to work on heavy operating systems and be on continuous meetings. This device allows having no time to waste over cables or any unnecessary fiddling, which can possibly disrupt any meeting session.

This HUB AIO Pc is built with the conjunction of Microsoft with 11.6-inch screen that delivers excellent quality as per its price tag. What’s different in this PC is the rotatable 360-degree hinge that enables the PC to move freely and rotate completely.


The performance of this all-in-one device is powerful with Intel core i5 processor that is known for delivering reliable speed. The processor clocks off with the base speed of 2.70 GHz and turns up to the maximum turbo speed of 3.3 GHz. You can multitask through several applications while attending any online conferences or video meetings.

The solid-state drive storage is a green signal to a better hard drive speed with the superb combination of 8GB RAM. SSD automatically upgrades the device’s power with its additional storage boost. So, employees and professionals will find no major issues in compiling, managing, and handling data files. The Windows operating system is installed to ensure much user-friendly environment with the Integrated graphics.


ThinkSmart is designed in the most flexible way and a tiny form-factor with standard VESA mount support. The display has physical camera switch which rotates with the build and secures the privacy while conferencing. The body is all black with gorgeous matte look and anodized cut-of style edges, making it stylish and unique than many other PCs.

Connectivity & Ports

The port selection in the Lenovo ThinkSmart 500 includes USB 3.0 port with super speed and an HDMI. The tpm added in the PC ensures enhance security of the system to encrypt important information and data. The Wireless LAN equipped in the Lenovo ThinkSmart is triple times faster than its predecessor to help boost the connections.

Bottom Line

Say it or not, the Lenovo ThinkSmart is one of the most versatile AIO PC in the tech-market with its number of advantages. From the ultra-portable design structure, to a magnetic performance of main features like core i5, 8GB RAM and SSD storage, the PC is good for all. If you were particularly looking out to buy a productive yet flexible PC for your desk, this is the one.

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