The Iiyama Prolite T1531SAW is a touchscreen LED monitor that packs every reliable spec from a 75Hz refresh rate to an HD Resolution. The highlighting factor of this desktop PC remains to be its portable build and multi-touch screen. Even though it does not contain any highly advanced or premium feature, it still delivers a moderate speed and durable performance. 

Features like scratch-resistance and IP65 make this monitor a great device for using it in professional and casual environments. If you need portable monitor PCs that get installed anywhere effortlessly and provide decent performance, this shall be the one. 


  • Size: 19 in  
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz 
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 
  • Aspect Ratio: 5:4 
  • Response Time: 14 ms 


  • Higher contrast 
  • IPS comfortable viewing angles 
  • Stylus pen with the touchscreen 
  • IPS65 security 
  • Best portability among desktop PC monitors 


  • Average response time 
  • No built-in camera and microphone 
  • No memory card reader 

Design – Looks and Feel 

The Iiyama Prolite is layered with a multi-touch screen and compact sizing of 22 cm vertically and 30cm horizontally. With its all-black exterior and a thick edge display, it makes its usage rather convenient. Iiyama has used capacitive technology with the glass overlay on the screen to provide it an efficient durability.  

This monitor appears to be ridiculously small in comparison to most of the desktop PC monitors and its competitive portable monitors. You can enjoy it with its weight of just 4.8kgs which means you can move it quite easily and set it up in multiple workplaces without a fuss. The overall look of the Iiyama Prolite T1531SAW is eye-catching with its edge-to-edge design and clean-slate attire.  

Not to mention, the Iiyama Prolite also comes with the ergonomic stand that holds itself steadily. You can adjust the height of the monitor with its up to 90-degree angle positioning. The durable stand has a nice flexibility but does not have a very great height adjustment. You will also find the menu buttons to be located on the side of the display that can be controlled with the finger touch. Good thing that you can lock the menu buttons and also find a handy function for clearing the screen. 

Performance – Overall Speed and Quality 

Packed with an HD+ Resolution, the Iiyama Prolite is a dependable machine with reliable results. The 1280 x 1024 Resolution is good to go unless you are highly demanding, or you need to work on intensive graphics. It is great to surf around social media programs, various applications, or open multiple Google tabs altogether. The 14-millisecond response time according to the screen size is adequate but we have a lot more variety for the incredible responsive timings now. 

The monitor, in addition, has an aspect ratio of 5:4 which is good enough for its size. Thanks to IPS technology included in this monitor, you will enjoy the most comfortable and flexible viewing angles. The refresh rate of up to 75Hz is brilliant to get within this price and a compact display. If you are a movie fan or video junkie, you will enjoy watching a couple of graphic variations all day long. 

Of course, you get an LED screen with the IPS panel rather than the typical TN panel. Having an IPS panel is way better than TN due to its lack of viewing points. The 19-inch screen delivers the contrast ratio of 700:1 and maximum brightness of 370 cd/m². If you have a bright light system in your office or workplace, you shouldn’t get any screen glare troubles at all. 

Extra Features, Ports and Speakers 

There is more than one technology used in the Iiyama Prolite display including IP65 security, touch-capacitive technology, and scratch-resistance. The touch technology with the surface acoustic wave ensures that a user gets the smoothest touchscreen operation. There is also VESA mount feature that is added with the monitor so you can adjust and place it easily anywhere. Another great news is that you also get quality dual speakers, so you do not have to necessarily buy other ones for generic audio services. On the ports side, you will only find an HDMI port which should be enough in case you need to connect it with another device. 

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The Iiyama Monitors ProLite makes sure to conquer minds with its portability factor and reasonable price. This main performance of the monitor is not disappointing at all in terms of what it states. A decent speed, with a mediocre response time and a good brightness will be an ideal choice for standard everyday use. Plus, the contrast and colours of the display are good for watching and surfing for long hours. We would recommend this LED touchscreen monitor at a solid 8 out of 10 score.