We are living in the age of new technology. Now you have everything you need right on the palm of your hands, thanks to 5G Android smartphones. A 5G phone can help you stay connected to the world of internet, while you are on the go and no matter where you are. If you are looking for a best budget smartphone, which can give you all the power you need, then you have come to the right place. We are going to review OPPO Reno 5G which is known for the best 5G connectivity. So let us see what this phone is all about.  

Reno 5G 

Reno 5G is definitely among the best 5G Android smartphones OPPO has to offer. But keep in mind you can only enjoy the 5G connectivity on O2. It has everything you need and more.  

5G Internet Connectivity 

With the state of the art technology, and removing all the technical difficulties of antenna and radio frequencies out of the equation, this OPPO 5G phone lets you experience lightning fast 5G internet. The powerful key specs make sure that your 5G experience goes as smooth as possible. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor you can take on the world of 5G internet the right way. You can stream a full HD movie in your lunch break or download a video of your choice in a jiffy. You can also make video calls no matter where you are without any kind of lag or interruption. You can also navigate your way through the city with pin-point navigation the dual-frequency GPS in Reno 5G. The signal accuracy you get from a dual-frequency GPS is 66.8% more than the single frequency GPS. 

Low Latency 

Latency means the time a signal takes to go from its source to the receiver and then back. The lower latency time is, the quicker your internet surfing will be. Reno 5G gives you the lowest latency you can find in any mobile device. This can let you play your online games with great precision and accuracy, without any kind of lag or interruption caused by the internet connections. It is also pretty good for your online apps. 

Increased Bandwidth 

In addition to fast speed and low latency, you need the best bandwidth you can get. 5G phone can help you achieve that, with much greater bandwidth than a 4G connection. It makes data transfer much smoother, and also can increase the amount of data you transmit.  

High Speed 

The most important thing you need from a 5G internet connection is the speed. Reno 5G can be considered among the fastest 5G phones OPPO has to offer. It can give you the download speed of up to 1942Mbps, which is pretty good. You can very easily download a high end game within a minute on your phone, regardless of where you are.  

Powerful Performance 

Reno 5G is equipped with the great specs you can ever find in a 5G phone. It runs on a Snapdragon 855 chipset. There is also an Adreno 640 GPU which can give you the power to perform your gaming and high-res demanding tasks with ease. It gives you the memory of 8GB RAM and a storage space of 256GB. These specs are pretty decent and never let the phone slow down even while you are multi-tasking or performing some of the heavy demanding tasks. It gives you the smooth operating system of ColorOS 6 which is based on Android 9.  

Bottom Line 

Well, this was the review of Reno 5G. This OPPO 5G phone is certainly the best phone you can find in this price range. It gives you all the powerful specs which most of its rivals fail to provide you. So, if you are thinking to buy a best budget smartphone then Reno 5G is a must-have for you. Make sure to visit OPPO store and buy this Reno series phone or choose from a wide collection of great OPPO 5G Android smartphones.