Every smartphone from OPPO comes with something interesting and a little something extra at a reasonable price. The Oppo Reno 2z has the pop-up camera that highlights along with the metal glass surface of the Oppo mobile. The mobile seems to impress the audience with its attractive design and stunning no-notch AMOLED display. Where most of the Oppo phones come at affordable price tags, this one stays in the middle of high and low price-points.

The Oppo Reno 2Z lines up Quad-camera setup, and a pop-up selfie camera that is a good sport for versatile mobile photographers. If you have been obsessed with selfies and front video captures, the pop-up design should be quite interesting for you. Well, the other features of this budget friendly Oppo phone include good battery life, a MediaTek processor and of course an ultra-wide angle shot camera lens.

To determine the performance ratio and how well the pop-up stands out in real-life analysis, our Oppo Reno 2Z review today will help you.

The Pop-Up Fantasy – Camera Setup

  • Rear Sensor:48MP | 8MP | 2MP | 2MP
  • Front camera:1080P/720P@30fps
  • Main camera:7, F2.2, F2.4, F2.4

In today’s era, everyone loves having a good camera on their smartphones. Not only that you need a good result and performance from your mobile’s camera, but the design equally matters. A lot of mobile phones have come up with the triple-rear and quad-setup cameras lately. Even though this is quite common, Oppo stands out from the crowd with its somewhat different style and being always one of the first mobile brands to introduce it. The Oppo Reno Z, at the rear side, features a Quad-camera setup that comes with a focused 48 MP camera, an ultra-wide-angle lens and depth sensors.

Before moving ahead to the selfie camera that knocks off with its popping up style, we’ll let you have the execution of rear cameras. Starting with the minor sensors, there is a 2MP mono lens, one 2MP depth sensor which is used for capturing black and white shots, and the in-depth photos. The other two major cameras include a 48 MP pixel camera that delivers accurately focused photographs and videos. The 12 MP ultra-wide camera lens is used for taking wide-angle shots.

Let us finally dig into the selfie camera that pushed trends of having the pop-up style in smartphones. The selfie camera shot comes with a bokeh effect and a camera that slides out whenever you click it. The speed of the camera getting out of its shell is around 0.7 seconds. It is not super-speedy, but instant enough to engage the user.

The pop-up camera also comes with fall protection, which makes it less damaging in case you are scared that your camera might break. It also gives blue hues that shine through itself when it pops up from the top of the display.


  • Processor: MTK MT6779 (P90)
  • Battery Capacity: 3900/4000mAh
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • GPU: IMG 9XM-HP8 970MHz
  • Bluetooth: 5.0

Media Tek Helio processors are the newest additions in mobile processing engine collection. These processors are mostly included in the mid-range smartphones for a good level of satisfaction. In the Oppo Reno 2Z, the processor featured is the Mediatek MT6779 which is the perfect inclusion for power-hungry users. You can multitask with it without any negligence, having considered that you are also getting a jam-packed combination of 8GB RAM and 128GB.

Apart from having a decent processor, this mobile turns out to be a good visual representative, owing to its AMOLED display and 9XM graphics. The storage option is also good enough for average users, and you also get an SD card in case you need more storage for extensive videos. The 8GB RAM is amazing to get your multitasking flow speedy and quicker, without having to face any lag or slowdown.


Oppo Reno Z is a nice phone for budget users which is preferably suitable as a mid-range smartphone. The MediaTek isn’t going to disappoint you with its processing speed. Whereas, the storage and RAM perform to their best, providing no lags or any uncertain go-slows. The battery run-time is also good, with almost an all-day-long usage, in-fact you can use it till midnight. If you are interested in buying this Oppo mobile, you can get it from the Oppo UK store directly.