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Oppo A15 Price, Official Look, Design, Specifications, Camera

By: Admin


March 25, 2021


Many Oppo mobile comes at affordable prices, but some of them are exclusively produced only for budget users. The Oppo A15 is also a budget phone with a list of good and compromising features as well. It is the brand’s cheapest smartphone so you will have to set your expectations according to that.

 If we delve deeper into the features of the phone, the highlighting ones remain to be its battery life and the fingerprint sensor. The display is not full HD so you will only get HD+ but the screen included is large to give the phone an appearance. The operating system installed in this Oppo phone is also the latest which is an optimistic sign. On the contrary, you can expect the phone to perform subpar as per the price this phone has. But the real-time analysis in our Oppo A15 review will showcase all the specs and features of this phone.  So, let’s move forward with it.


  • Weight: about 175g
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Rear Camera: 13MP, 2MP, 2MP
  • Front Camera: 5MP Selfie Camera
  • DISPLAY: 6.52 | 1600×720 HD+ |60Hz | LCD
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio P35 (MT6765)
  • Battery: 4230mAh
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: ColorOS 7.2 based on Android 10
  • PRICE:  £119.99
  •  Price and Availability

The phone is available is 119 pounds which is a great price for low-budget smartphones. If you have been on a strict budget and need a basic phone to fulfill your daily average requirements, this phone provides it. You can get your hands on this phone on the official Oppo UK store and also avail exclusive student discounts on all Oppo mobiles.

 How far it can go in its Performance?

 There are no constraints we have to set when we buy expensive devices. But, with Oppo A15 you should probably already set limitations because it does compromise a bit on performance. The processor included in this smartphone is the Media Tek Helio P35 which performs fine but not extraordinary. The Color OS 7.2, on the other hand, plays a good role in keeping up with applications or programs. If you try switching between the apps too often with its 3GB RAM, it is going to get through it. But there will be a time when you will have to slow down a bit. The storage included in the 32GB can be enhanced with the SD card option provided with the phone.

 Does the Battery justify?

 One of the solid factors of the device is its battery, which is equipped with the 4230 Mah power. This battery capacity enables the mobile phone to run longer than in the daytime. If you decide to continuously stream, or run playback videos on the mobile, the battery timing is cut to lesser than half. However, still you are able to go through the day with viable tasks or social media checkouts.

 Is the Camera Good?

 On the camera side, the rear camera has a triple layer setup which includes 13 MP as its main camera sensor. The other two cameras have an in-depth sensor which is used in black and white phones, and also blurred background shots.

 The camera’s quality is not kept on a higher note, which is quite obvious. But, when we talk about the main camera pictures, the detail is nice, but the crisps are not accurate at all. The other two cameras may feel unnecessary, but they are good when it comes to taking portrait shots.

 Getting on to the front camera, the selfie lens is attached with the 5MP sensor. You can take photos with multiple effects which are already installed on the phone for selfie lovers. The skin tones of the selfie camera feel smudgy and are more oriented towards beautifying your skin. This may feel irritating if you don’t want to use the beauty filter. Because it does almost the same even without it.

 How better is the Display?

 The screen scrutinization starts with the HD display which many of us could have expected the full HD panel. But, with the cost, the HD LCD panel is quite justifiable. The Resolution rate that the screen is able to deliver is around 1600 x 720 with a 6.52 screen size. Talking about size, it is kept large for giving a good smartphone feel. So, if you have always loved larger displays, this mobile has it for you. 

 The phone also has a 60Hz refresh rate which is far away from the 120 Hz display. But it would be foolish to even compare it with that following the price factor. The phone is able to run firmly when you open the window simultaneously or play different apps. The low-resolution factor will allow you to watch Netflix Full HD videos, or YouTube videos but not natively.

 The Look and Design Quality of the Phone

 The design element of the Oppo A15 is super cheap and entirely plastic, without any fancy stuff. The large screen form-factor gives it a good android smartphone look with a slim body of 7.9mm. It is thinner like most sleek phones and has a shiny aspect to it on its back cover surface. You can probably notice the fingerprints and smudges on the surface due to its plastic overlay.  The camera system is packed in a squared design with three cameras adjusted in the space. The black and other dark color schemes give it a classic attire and a good choice of color for many users.


There is no-nonsense involved in the Oppo A15 smartphone and it does the job as a normal touchscreen smartphone. You can use it as your everyday phone whether you are into a lot of social media apps or you love watching videos. The phone is good enough for storing your important documents and allows having SD card memory along with it. But if you need considerably higher speeds then you will have to expand your prince range.


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