Whenever we think of an affordable phone, OPPO A series come right away in mind that can offer more features at a reasonable price. Today, as we discuss Oppo A9, the foremost factor is, of course, its affordable price tag, and along that comes the good quad-camera setup, a larger display and significantly improved battery life. While many smartphones today in the tech-market almost offer the same features in competitive prices, OPPO A9 may interest you with its high-profile results.

Think of this phone as your everyday ideal companion, and well, we must say you would not be disappointed at all. This phone majorly features a Snapdragon above-average range processor and Android 9 operating system. The combination of features, although seem to fulfil most of the average user requirements, we’ll still have to identify minor drawbacks. 

Our Oppo A9 2020 review today is based on clear facts and expertise research, so if you are interested, continue to read on.

Specs Sheet

  • Weight: About 195g
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Rear Sensor: 48MP & 8MP & 2MP & 2MP
  •  Front Sensor: 16MP
  • Display: Multi-touch 6.5-inch Touchscreen
  • Snapdragon 665 Processor
  • Battery Capacity: 4880/5000mAh (Min/Typ)
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Operating System: ColorOS 6.0.1, based on Android 9

 The Battery: Uncompromising 

 The expectations with OPPO mid-range smartphone’s battery have to be good as OPPO mostly doesn’t fail to impress with battery power. And thankfully, OPPO complies with it by incorporating the 5000 maH battery capacity in the Oppo A9. This huge battery power can be one of the biggest selling factors of this Oppo phone. This mobile is able to last longer than a day with average usage. If you choose to use it lesser than average timing, it may last up to almost 2 days.

 We tested this Oppo smartphone battery life, with various usage timings. If you use this on an average basis, you will be mostly left out with 40-50% battery till the night. And, if you are a below-average user, you will get to see at least 60% battery left at the night-time. 

 The Camera 

Simply put, the rear quad-camera setup with the front camera stuns with its better graphical photographs at this price. The Oppo A9, although features a couple of cameras, two out of them are minimal while others are more valuable. The four cameras on the back include 48 MP sensor with an f/1.8 lens, an ultra-wide camera with an 8MP sensor. For depth shots and black & white pictures, the smaller 2MP cameras are included with the other two main cameras.

 The front camera, also known to be the selfie camera packs 16MP sensor which is more detailed than the usual front cameras. Oppo has also packaged a portrait selfie mode that blurs the background and put your image with an appealing smudge. This selfie camera has good control with bright light in the background. But the low-light selfies are not greatly visible with this camera.

 The real performance of rear cameras is pretty good when compared to budget smartphones in the same range. But we did not really like the 2MP cameras which have more room for improvement in black & white photography. The difference in the final images is not obvious at all, even if they are blocked or not. However, the low-light images with back cameras are real-good in terms of competition as well. Oppo A9 produces the best-captured images in very low light with its multi-exposure technique.

 The overall image quality is good, and of course not over-the-top, however a massive improvement in detail can be easily observed. Unlike many budget phones, the camera system of this phone also has a dynamic range and the HDR mode is effective.


Standing apart, the Oppo A9 looks like a premium mobile with curved glass edges and a reflection-style surface. When the sunlight flashes on the surface, it gives a clean finish with neon reflections. However, the more you move closer to the phone, the more you will realize the build is made mostly from the plastic. Even though this OPPO Android smartphone looks very rich from the outside, the feel is not that rich, and you instantly know it’s cheaper.

 The curved sides of this phone are comfortable, but not as high-quality as of OPPO Reno 2 and it is acceptable as per the price. This phone does not have water resistance, so it needs a bit of extra care in that space. Overall, the size is big, and the thickness is approximately 9.1 mm which makes it a larger phone.


 The screen of Oppo A9 is significantly big with a 6.5-inch size with a 1600-pixel panel. It’s not a full HD screen but Android’s excellent Resolution scaling makes the pixel downflow balanced and less visible. Despite a low Resolution, the Oppo A9 does better with a 720p screen and provides a better viewing experience for YouTube streaming. More such activities like playing games and watching videos are more fun on its big screen.


 Apart from being an incredible budget phone, the Oppo A9 satisfies with its huge battery life and impeccable speed. The performance factor of this phone is also decent with Snapdragon 665 and an Adreno 610 GPU system. The battery of 5000 maH could be one of the biggest factors you can consider buying this phone, along with the Quad-camera setup. In this budget, OPPO has made sure to incorporate every versatile feature in this phone. Make sure to check the overall specs and reviews of this mobile phone on the official OPPO UK store.