Hassling around for the budget phone, with an excellent display? The Oppo A5 is a banger with its HD Resolution display and top-notch multi-touch screen quality. While most of us lookout for cameras, and other specs in the Oppo phones, some of you could be finding out the best display budget phones. The Oppo A5 thankfully, comply with every high-quality visual expectation from average users.  

The Oppo A5 incorporates a potent mid-range SnapDragon 665 processor that is combined with a sufficient 3GB RAM and 64GB storage. Even though, our primary focus today will be about the display of Oppo A5 2020, other features equally satisfy the user demand in this price label. 

The A5 seems to have featured a Quad-camera setup that also includes Ultra-wide and telephoto lens. So, along with a good-quality display what’s better than having a modest camera as well? Let’s get right into a detailed display overview of the Oppo A5 and how well it can display for motion pictures, graphics and videos. 

Specs List 

  • RAM: 3GB 
  • Rear Sensor: 12MP, 8MP, 2MP2MP 
  • Front Sensor: 8MP 
  • Display: 6.5in Touchscreen | 1600 x 720 
  • Processor: Snapdragon 665 
  • Storage: 64GB 
  • GPU: Adreno 610 
  • Bluetooth: 5.0 
  • OS: ColorOS 6.0.1 
  • Battery: 5000 mAH 

Screen Build 

The display of Oppo A5 exhibits a larger screen panel of 6.5 inches that works out at 270 pixels per inch with its 1600x720 Resolution.  The top of the screen features teardrop notch that makes the display look visually appealing with a somewhat chunky bottom chin. The side bezels are made with the slim and thin structure that seem like narrowed down edges. The trimmed bezels make the display look more popped out and brighter with the maximum brightness. 

Full-View Functionality 

The screen also has full-view display functionality, which allows using the screen with a wider screen. The full-screen display enables the top-notch to get hidden and you are able to view videos and play games on the whole screen. The slider colour can also be changed from cool to warm with the full-view screen mode.  

Multi-Touch Screen 

Although, every mobile comes with a touchscreen now whatever the budget of the phone is. But, having a multitouch gesture along with the usual touchscreen is a plus, after all. The multi-touch screen allows coordinating the touch gesture on more than one points, so you can concurrently work on two windows on the same screen. 

Display Features  

Oppo A5 doesn’t come with a fancy Resolution, but the relatively average Resolution supports other factors to combine the display into a good-quality screen. You get a contrast ratio of 1500:1 and the maximum brightness you can reach through the Oppo A5 display is around 482 Nits.  Moreover, the 16 million colour combo makes the screen graphics more sharp, vivid, and visually colourful. 

How Good is the Display for motion and video graphics? 

Our test results on the display weren’t quite disappointing, but there were few glitches you can encounter in high-graphic videos. The Netflix show Baby Boss showcased the animation characters with clear details and no imperfections or blur. You can play games like PUBG without any major screen stuttering, however, there could be minor lags on highest settings. The average videos and pictures appear to be brighter at maximum settings and there are better displays out there for it. But, if we talk about the price factor, this mobile delivers ultimately best quality at low price. 

Bottom Line 

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