Who is the best partner of a businessman? A secretary? A friend? An assistant? None of these. The best partner of a businessman is a good business laptop. We know some of you might disagree with it, but many of you would also agree. A good business laptop lets you stay connected with your work, organize your data files, and provide productive work, while on the go. What more could you want. If you are looking to get yourself a good laptop, then have no fear because we are here to review one of the best Core i3 laptops. So, stick around. 

Lenovo ThinkPad L480 Review

Lenovo has been the one solution for all your laptop and computing needs for a long time. You get the best laptops and peripherals to fulfil your computing desires, whether gaming, streaming, or performing everyday tasks. We will be talking about Lenovo’s ThinkPad L480 and review it, for you guys out there. 

ThinkPad L480 Specs

This laptop is powered by a 7th generation Core i3 and 2.70GHz processor. It has a memory of 8GB RAM and a wide storage space of 256GB SSD. It is Windows 10 compatible, which means you get the best and fastest interface, to perform all your operations in a fast-paced and productive manner. These specs are great and provide you the best laptop experience you could ever want, for all your business and work purposes. The apps and system never slow down, even while doing multiple tasks at the same time. 


Lenovo ThinkPad L480 is equipped with a 14 inches display, which gives you the resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The display is great, and you get the razor-sharp colours, with breath-taking picture quality for all your viewing pleasures. The bezel is narrow which gives you more screen to body ratio, so you can focus more on the screen and less on the bezel. Whether streaming or working, you will get the best display, which is also easy on your eyes as well. You can watch full HD videos on this laptop with clear and crisp quality. Plus, the integrated on-board graphics, let you play some mild graphics games or perform multimedia editing tasks with ease. 


Nothing is worse than your battery running out, while you are in the middle of a videocall with your clients, working, or travelling. A good long-life battery takes your portability factor to the next level. Lenovo ThinkPad frees you from this nightmare by providing you the powerful and long-life battery, which would last you the whole day. This laptop can give you up to 12 to 15 hours of usage, with a single charge which is quite remarkable. With Rapid Charge, you are able to charge your laptop’s battery from 0 to 80 % is just an hour. This lets you travel without having to worry about constantly charging, or looking for a socket to plug your charger in. 

Slim and Sleek Design

ThinkPad L480 has the signature Lenovo design with a slim body. The classy appearance of this gaming laptop is complemented really well with the back-lit keyboard, which creates the perfect aura. In addition to being slim and lightweight, this laptop is durable and reliable as well. It has gone through about 200 military grade requirement tests, which make sure you get the durable and quality product. Minor bumps and falls are easily endured by this laptop, whereas temperature and pressure changes do not affect it as well. 

Bottom Line

So, this was the review of one of the best business laptops Lenovo has to offer. It will certainly make your daily work related tasks easier and productive. It has the perfect combination of style, power, and durability, which never fails to provide you the best performance you deserve. It certainly gets a two thumbs-up from our side. It can act like your personal assistant, organizer, and a workstation simultaneously. So, don’t waste any more time and go to laptopoutlet.co.uk and buy this great laptop, or choose from a wide collection of the best Core i3 laptops