Mini PCs can be a great support with their compact sizing and efficient power. If you like having a mini-PC that is built with Nano design and plays an effective role in delivering massive computing. The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n-1 is one of those Lenovo nano PCs that provides reliable and high-capacity power with its Intel Core i7. 

The ThinkCentre M90 is the smallest PC that can give you more than desired. From being an i7 performer, to equipping a solid-state drive storage, this PC has it all. The best factor about this PC could be that you can place it in any corner or behind the desk easily. While most of always worry about where to place our powerful PCs, this one is tiny enough to not even think about it. 

Our Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n-1 review should clear a lot of confusions or perceptions, in case you are looking forward to buy it. 


Processor: 1.90GHz, Intel Core i7 8th Gen 

SSD & RAM: 16GB, 512GB SSD 

Graphics: Integrated/On-Board 

OS: Windows 10 Professional 

Features that makes it worth it! 

Processor: This HP Gaming desktop PC features Intel Core i7 processor which is inserted with the base speed of 1.8 GHz. The maximum turbo speed potential of this gaming PC is around 3.9 GHz which makes it adequately powerful for gaming. Core i7 in undeniably one of the most solid processors currently present in the market and you can always count on it for intense applications or programs. This i7 gaming Lenovo Desktop computer is able to handle heavy gaming up to a good extent. However, you do have better gaming options for desktop PCs. But, considering its size and cost, this one can be a portable and budget-friendly option. 

RAM & SSD: The RAM that you get in this Lenovo gaming PC is not just regular which means you get massive 16GB memory. About the storage, this PC houses the best in the storage space that include solid-state drive storage. The RAM is combined with the 512GB SSD storage for hefty files and extensive programs that require more speedy operations. The hard drive of this PC is great for handling every day to complex multitasking. 

Small-form-factor Design: The fact that this PC measures only around 0.9 x 7.1 x 3.5 already clarifies that you are getting a small PC by all means. From the thickness and height of this PC, it can be adjusted nearly anywhere whether you need to place it inside your desk or behind. It can also come along your casual speakers, unlike many other heavy PCs which are difficult to move around.  

Added Security: The essential features of this Gaming computer include the extra security features that HP has added in it. The system has the attached TPM chip which helps encrypting data, and also the Kensington security lock for making your device secure in public. 

Plenty Ports: HP did not forget to add a lot of ports in this gaming PC which includes USB Type A, Type B and Type C ports. Along with that you get Display Port, Wi-Fi antenna, Ethernet connection and M.2 solid-state drive slots. 

Average Features  

Graphics: The GPU setting adjusted in this system is just average, especially considering that this is a gaming Desktop PC. You will get the Integrated / On-board graphics, which means there will be no dedicated graphics for crisp gaming visuals. However, you can easily upgrade the graphics and replace them with the NVIDIA Dedicated graphics. This GPU setting, although is able to showcase good-quality Netflix and YouTube videos.  

Noise: The system does produce a level of noise that can sometimes be frustrating if you are sensitive to even low noises. Even though, this desktop PC has a competitive performance, the CPU can make some type of noise. 


To be clear about the final opinion on this gaming PC, our clear statement would be “It is good but not great”. Well, the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90 is quite a competent gaming PC when it comes to the real-life experimentation.  However, its down factors must include the average GPU settings which can be improved for a better gaming experience. We recommend this desktop PC if you focus more on the speed, performance, and sound in gaming. You can get your hands on this gaming PC on Five Tech online site , if you have decided to make it your final purchase.