Monitors are definitely the most important component of a gaming arena. Without a good display you are not able to get the best out of your gaming experience. If you are looking to buy curved gaming monitors but are not able to make-up the mind, then you have come to the right place. We will be reviewing one of the best monitors which Lenovo has to offer, known as Lenovo G34w. We will try find out that does this monitor really deliver what it promises.

Lenovo G34w Review

Right off the bat, it is a pretty stylish and sleek monitor which turns some heads around. It can surely style-up your gaming arena and provide you powerful specs, and all of that under a very affordable price.


Lenovo G34w-10 is equipped with a 34 inches IPS LED display, which gives you the resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. The wide screen gives you an aspect ratio of 21:9 to enjoy all your viewing pleasures to the fullest. Plus, the curved screen makes you indulge more in your gaming and streaming visuals. It gives you an almost edgeless display, so you get more screen to body ratio. It is pretty good thing to have, so you can enjoy all your visuals without any kind of interruption or distraction from the bezel. There is also an anti-glare coating on the screen, which keeps the glare coming from the sun or bright lights away. This never lets your fun get ruined by the bright lights. You can also enjoy the long hours of streaming or gaming on this monitor, without putting too much strain on your eyes, thanks to the low blue light feature. It filters the intensity of blue light in your visuals, so you can get the comfortable visuals which are easy on your eyesight.

Image Quality

The ultrawide screen gives you more screen to enjoy your visuals. It can certainly give you more detailed images and a very wide and expanded felid of view, which is a really good thing to have while playing the competitive shooting games. But it means you will get this expanded view only in those games, which are compatible with this aspect ratio. The games which have only 16:9 picture quality will certainly show some black bars, on the sides or top and bottom of the screen. Other than that, the picture quality is just amazing, and the colours are sharp as an arrow. You can easily see every little detail in your game on this screen. It can reach the maximum brightness of 350-nits, which can be really good if you are sitting under the sun or in a well-lit room. It can produce nice and bright images, which can make your gaming, streaming, and even graphics editing tasks more fun.


Well, if we talk about the performance of this monitor, then it can certainly give all the curved gaming monitors a run for their money. You get the refresh rate of 144Hz, which makes sure the visuals you see on the screen are absolutely smooth. It also has a quick response time of just 4ms, which keeps your in-game graphics away from motion blur and ghosting effect. The graphics and visuals in your games like CyberPunk 2077 and Resident Evil will feel life-like and surprisingly detailed. It also has an AMD FreeSync technology, which can keep your monitor and the GPU in communication with each other. This eliminates screen tearing and input lag from the equation completely. Even the most fast-paced E Sport games run on this monitor like a treat.

Bottom Line

This was the Lenovo G34w Review, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. The body and design of this monitor is certainly just icing on the cake. You can set the display as you please with the back stand, which supports tilt and height adjustment, so you can enjoy long hours of gaming without putting too much pressure on your neck or shoulders. The gaming performance it gives you is just amazing and that too in this price range. If you are a gaming freak, then this monitor is certainly a must-have for you. Make sure to visit LaptopOutlet and buy this one or choose from a wide collection of gaming monitors.