HP finally introduced its Chromebooks after its remarkably well-reputed range of laptops. While most of the people prefer HP for reliable power and durable efficiency, there were fewer innovations previously by HP. Now that HP has brought itself out from confinement, its other revelations are equally interesting. The HP Chromebox G2 mini desktop PC is one of the advanced productions that might be your next favourite product from HP.

This Mini PC is particularly designed for basic users who like spending their normal workday or casual routine on their Desktops. In the case of workflow, this core i5 laptop is able to handle day-to-day tasks without any trouble. And, if you are just a casual user who needs to check up on emails, work on spreadsheets or maybe watch your favourite videos, this is an ideal Desktop PC.

In case you doubt on how good the specs listed on the paper of this HP PC are, our HP Chromebox G2 Mini Review will clear you out.

Specs Sheet

  • 2GB RAM
  • 64GB SSD
  • Integrated/On-Board Graphics
  • Chrome OS
  • 8 GB HDD
  • Intel Core i5 7th Gen Processor | 2.60GHz

Design & Build

The rounded edge design isn’t common when it comes to Desktop PCs, but the HP Desktop PCs have included it. This mini-PC is compact and crafted with rounded corners, which makes it easier to handle and hold. The mountable design with small build in classic black colour also provides a classic yet convenient feel. The best factor about it is that you can easily place it on your desk, either below or behind your screen. The mounting bracket allows it to be placeable anywhere, on the bottom, side or back-behind. With mini build comes lesser weight and so this Lenovo mini PC can be easily moved around.


Core i5 processor is known to be one of the strongest processors in the tech-market. This Lenovo mini-PC power-packs a core i5 with base frequency speed of 2.60 GHz that goes up to the maximum turbo speed around 3.5 GHz. This speed is decent enough for regular digital activities like surfing on the internet all day long, documenting, opening several programs and files.

The 2GB RAM is armed with solid-state drive storage of 64GB that supports multitasking in a modern way. The SSD combo allows storage and file handling to be more convenient and easy-going. However, it’s not much of a smoother contender if you decide to perform complex multitasking. On the graphics side, the integrated graphics play a sufficient role in providing satisfying graphics for the basic users.

Operating System

This PC fortifies a Chrome OS instead of the usual Windows 10 operating system. Chrome is designed for a fluent workflow with several applications. So, in this mini-PC, you can enjoy the opening and closing of multiple programs and applications without a certain lag. Although, the booting time of this device is slow but as soon as the device boots up, you are modified to a steady speed.


The ports occupied by the Lenovo Desktop PC are compatible for this PC. Users will be able to find every port that is necessary to use, including HDMI, USB 3.0 ports. The USB 3.1 Type C port is also attached on the front side that is the suitable inclusion for faster connectivity. Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.2 is also attached in this mini–Desktop PC with the connectivity of 802.11b/g/n.  The multi-card reader slot is also available in the port selection along with the security cable-slots.

Final Thoughts

This HP Desktop PC satisfies a general user greatly with its never-disappointing performance. Additionally, we liked the generous inclusion of multiple ports and solid-state drive storage for enhanced usage. The quick data transfer, a good capacity and reliable performance is all you need if you need your PC for basic curriculum. The highlight among all is the unconditional and small build that can be moved and placed anywhere. So, this PC isn’t going to give any trouble for its handling. Get this on student discount offer on Laptop Outlet.