Over recent years, the number of people buying refurbished tech over new has rapidly increased over all bases, from smartphones to gaming consoles, tablets to desktops. But what does refurbished even mean, and what difference does it make in real life when purchasing? Good question!  

When a device is refurbished, this means it is pre-owned but has undergone tests and restoration to ensure it is of a perfect working order to be owned again. This is the ideal alternative for customers who want to save money on their purchases and/or help reduce their carbon footprint. At Laptop Outlet, we believe in doing our part to help the environment whilst giving you great savings in the process, which is why we stock a broad selection of refurbished technology. If you’re looking to purchase a refurbished product for the first time or simply want to know more about the benefits, then read on!  

They are kinder to the environment 

With every refurbished device purchased, the energy that would have been used to make the brand new equivalent has instead been saved. That means less harmful CO2 emissions are being released which will result in an overall healthier atmosphere. Stopping a non- biodegradable product going to landfill by giving it a second lease at life is 100% awesome. 

Same high quality as a new product 

All refurbished devices must undergo complete checks to ensure they function properly, are free of breakages and of a reliable quality. This means you can enjoy the shopping experience more, knowing that we at Laptop Outlet have your quality-assurance woes covered! If that isn’t enough, all our refurbished devices are factory restored like their brand new versions so all you need to do is set up and enjoy! 

They are kinder on your wallet 

As well as being gentler on the environment and excellent quality, buying a pre-owned device also reduces the burden on your wallet. Previously owned tech is cheaper to buy so you can grab some incredible and exclusive savings on Laptop Outlet’s refurbished range! 

The bottom line: 

Whether you are looking for something on a budget or wanting to do your part for the environment, choosing a refurbished device will help you do both of those at the same time. And with Laptop Outlet’s refurbished grade system, you can access all the information you need about your dream device’s condition for the fuss-free shopping experience you deserve!