HP laptops bring one of the finest collections of business laptops. From the portability to specs, you get a complete business laptop for your needs. The HP ProBook 430 G6 is the smallest amongst its siblings in the series yet brings viable perks with it. Here’s a detailed HP ProBook 430 G6 review that’ll aid in making a competitive choice for it: 


Similar to EliteBooks, the HP ProBook 430 G6 comes with a silver case with black display frame. You get a speaker grille design yet the old HP logo comes with it. Even though it comes with a plastic body, it still offers sturdiness that is needed. You also get a 180o lid opening, which is supported by its balanced hinges. 

You also get a wide variety of ports, though you don’t get a Thunderbolt 3 port. There’s an SD card reader, which is reasonably fast. Equipped with Intel Wireless AC-9560 with dual-band WI-FI module. Apart from that, it also features a fingerprint reader, infrared camera, and Kensington lock slot. There aren’t any maintenance flaps, so the bottom cover has to be unscrewed. Though it is fairly easy to upgrade and the fan is easier to be cleaned as well. 

Keyboard & Touchpad 

The keyboard has been shrunken and there aren’t any dedicated keys. There’s a two-stage backlighting and a good stroking pressure point. The right shift key is small but it still brings a viable typing experience. the 11x6.5 cm touchpad brings a great feel. The integrated mouse buttons work smoothly. One thing that was seen is the lower-left corner is higher than the rest of the surface, which makes it somewhat disturbing. You also get precision drivers, multi-gesture scrolling and zooming as well as a smooth control over the touchpad. 


With 13.3” FHD display, the HP ProBook 430 G6 comes with an IPS display that gives stable viewing angles. The brightness level of 220 cd/m2 is somewhat alright but not enough. There’s 88% evenly lit display with minimal backlight bleeding only in darkness. It also comes with Pulse-Width Modulation, which regulates brightness levels. The sRGB colour coverage is just 62.5%, which isn’t enough and certainly cannot be used for photo editing or something graphically extensive. Due to its dim display and fair viewing angles, it isn’t a good choice to be used outdoors. 


Featuring Intel Core i5 quad-core processor with 1.6 GHz base and 3.9 GHz max turbo performance, it does offer competitive performance. It also comes with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD, which makes its processing even more reliable. Overall, the CPU performance is good, compared to its rival Lenovo ThinkPad L390. The presence of SSD and 8 GB RAM makes it a great partner for everyday tasks. 


It doesn’t feature any high-end GPU; rather comes with Intel UHD Graphics car. The performance isn’t much but provides viable power for somewhat graphical accuracy needed. The turbo boost will be able to squeeze more power from it. Though not made for gaming, it still can run older games or A-tier games. 


It’s silent and doesn’t produce much sound even during intensive use. There might be some coil whining sound, which should be checked prior to the purchase. Temperature isn’t an issue for this laptop as it was able to maintain its cool. The palm rest remained cool irrespective of the load that was put on the laptop.  
The speakers aren’t much and using external speakers would surely be recommended for your needs. Bluetooth can also be used for connection purposes. It comes with a superb battery life of about 9 hours, which makes it a compelling choice for portability.  

Final Verdict 

Considering the features and performance of this core i5 laptop, it can be said that the HP ProBook 430 G6 is a great business laptop option. From battery to portability and workability, it offers competitive features needed for working on the go. If you’re looking for the right kind of business laptop, then buying this would be the right choice.