Dell has been one of the popular brand laptops in the last decade and is still coming on the top spot again with its new entries. Talking about budget, not every Dell laptop certainly is greatly affordable. However, lately there some new laptops launched by Dell that rely on an affordable budget. The Dell Vostro 3501 is one of these laptops that is built as an affordable business Notebook. 

This Business laptop comes equipped with Intel’s Core i3 processor and also entails SSD storage instead of a typical storage option. The laptop comes in classic black attire with user-friendly design layout, which is easier to carry and move with. As compared to most of its competitors, this Dell laptop attracts a lot of users with many striking features and specs. 

If you are interested in the Dell Vostro 3501 review and excited about how well the specs can perform, continue to read on further. 


  • Intel Core i3 Processor - 1.20 GHz 
  • Integrated/On-Board Graphics 
  • 8 GB RAM 
  • Windows 10 Professional OS 
  • 15.6 in Display - 1920 x 1080 Resolution 
  • 256GB SSD 


The 15.6-inch screen featured in the Dell Vostro 3501 makes up to good-quality screens with its full HD IPS panel. The screen comes with the 16:9 aspect ratio, which is usually good enough for viewing angles and the user’s interaction with the screen. The maximum brightness you can get through the screen is 263 nits, which is moderate, considering this is a budget Dell laptop. The pixel density of 142 PPI isn’t more, but not less either for budget laptops. The laptop is able to generate a good overall impact on screen-quality if you have to use it regularly. 

Design & Look 

To expect very less weight from a 15 incher isn’t common, but this Dell laptop is portable enough to commute with, every day. The laptop in classy black colour scheme weighs around 1.9 kg, which makes it one of the lightest 15 inchers out there in the market. The profile of it lies within 18 to 19mm and the material is mainly made with plastic. If you are wondering about the plastic being weaker for an accidental drop, the laptop, in fact, showed a much more sturdiness ratio with its plastic body. The plastic included in the material is packed with reinforced metal. 

The lid used in the build is although thin but cannot be opened just with one hand that easily. The finishing of the entire body surface resembles the lid texture and comes in a matte panel with a smooth finish. 

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Keyboard & TouchPad 

Below the lid design comes the keyboard, which interestingly enough comes with clicky feedback and average key travel. There is also a deck flex near the keyboard, making it have enough side space. The NumberPad segment, as usual, is located on the top right corner and there are also Page Up and Page Down options available. The option of the backlight is available in different Dell laptop models in case you are a fan of it. 

The touchpad has smooth gliding and decent tracking. Even though there are no physical buttons alongside the touchpad, the surface feels very slick to touch and east to swipe with the finger-touch. 


If you have been hunting for a perfect casual computing laptop, the Dell Vostro 3501 comes with everything up to mark. The processor included is the Intel Core i3 which starts with the base speed of 1.2 GHz, while the maximum turbo speed reached up to 3.4 GHz. You can load, execute, edit, and manage average files without any unnecessary delay or major lag. 

Adding on, the hardware consists of 8GB RAM which is paired with solid-state drive storage of 256GB. With SSD option, it’s easier to multitask and store heavy files into your system, without any pressure. You can open several tabs, surf along with the web, and use one or two applications altogether without catching up any lag. 

The operating system installed in this Dell laptop is the Windows 10 OS, which is a good integration along with other hardware specifications. When it comes to casual computing, Windows 10 is a much better choice for the user-friendly operative environment. With core i3, this OS combo is rather a better choice to incorporate as a brand, so we were satisfied with the overall performance. 


The 42 Wh battery power isn’t less, isn’t more! And that’s why we like it! The Dell Vostro can last longer than daytime and if you are a working individual, you will be relieved. This battery can last longer than 9 hours, which makes it a good day-time machine. With continuous video playback, you can get longer than 8 hours of battery life. 


The Dell Vostro 3501 appears to be a good option for affordable buyers and for those looking out to have casual computing on the go. The business Notebook, along with the modern processor comprises a vessel of strong features including SSD, bigger RAM, and respectable battery life. This Dell business laptop retails at £539.99 along with the 0% instalment offers, which can go up to 24 months. You can visit Laptop Outlet for more information and exclusive discounts.