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Black Friday Best Buys 2023

By: Admin


November 22, 2022


Black Friday is around the corner; that means one thing: you finally have the chance to snag some great deals on laptops, smartphones, and more. If you've been thinking about upgrading your gadgets or treating yourself to new tech gear, you're in luck.

The tech world is intense with fierce competition. Innovation is urgently and critically needed. Because of this, manufacturers are constantly competing to design the best technology and offer the best features. And while they're at it, we're caught up in the rat race to get our hands on the next best thing that's available on the market.

The options are endless, but their prices have skyrocketed. With our finances as dry as the Sahara desert, it's only natural to yearn for Black Friday deals. After all, isn't that when we can indulge in shopping guilt-free?

You're undoubtedly glued to your computer screen, surfing through a thousand different websites in search of the greatest prices on cheap laptops and cheap smartphones. One of the most popular and possibly one of the highest-selling items during the Black Friday sale has always been gadgets. This year's Black Friday sale should not be missed because it features enormous discounts on the newest products, including smartphones, laptop deals, and other electronics.

This November, Feel like a Million Bucks!

We've put together a list of the top 7 devices for Black Friday 2023 to help you out. From stunning retina screens to incredible battery life to slim designs, these are devices that will make your holiday season bright.

So, if you like something, don't doubt it. As soon as deals go live, they sell out fast. Don't procrastinate. If there's something specific that catches your eye, just click "Add to Cart" and checkout!

1. Lenovo ThinkPad X13 AMD Ryzen 5 PRO GEN 1 (20UGS47X05)

Original Price: £699.99

Discounted Price: £579.99 (you save £120)

The ThinkPad X13 by Lenovo is a fast and practical device. With a matte black exterior and a 13-inch full HD LED display, the X13 is a gorgeous-looking device. Its size allows you to carry this device anywhere and get any work done on the go. The laptop is portable and lightweight. Moreover, thanks to the superfast AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650U processor, the device does not lack performance. You can run multiple windows simultaneously without feeling lag.

X13 is a perfect fit for students and offices because not only is the device portable and extremely handy, but it also does not compromise on power. You get more or less the same performance as other big laptops from this 13-inch device, but at a lesser price. It sounds like a great deal to us since nobody likes leaving their wallets empty only for the gadget to be mediocre in performance.

The device comes with Windows 11 pre-installed, so you can simply boot up the device and enjoy the all-new features. Similarly, the laptop has a backlit keyboard that's ideal for working in low-light conditions; it's a feature that students and professionals will appreciate when working on assignments or projects late at night. You can get your work done without disturbing anyone, no matter how late in the day it might be.

When it comes to performance and operating capability, X13 is a force to be reckoned with. With 8 GB of DDR4 memory and a 256 GB SSD, the X13 is one of the best options in its range. This laptop costs £579.99 and has fast charging technology. It can charge the device from 0 to 80% in nearly 60 minutes, which makes it an ideal partner on the go.

Some of the few amazing features of the device include waking via command. This feature allows you to wake the device from across the room. Additional privacy features include a physical webcam cover and a fingerprint reader for logging into the device. At a price of just £579.99, we don't think a better deal exists!

2. Toshiba Dynabook Satellite Pro (C40-G-109 A1PYS26E11T)

Original Price: £249.99

Discounted Price:  £167.99 (you save £82).

The Toshiba Dynabook Satellite Pro is an excellent option for people looking to buy a laptop on a budget. While this device is inexpensive, it does not sacrifice performance in any way. It is perhaps what makes the Dynabook Satellite Pro C40 such a hot seller. The laptop comes with a 14-inch anti-glare LCD screen, making it the perfect companion for work and entertainment. The screen size is more than sufficient for getting any type of work done. Similarly, with a weight of only 1.55 kg, the device feels like a cloud since it’s extremely light. This allows the device to be versatile in any environment, making it easy to carry around.

The exterior of the laptop is pleasing to the eye and in no way looks like that of a budget-friendly device. The laptop looks and feels exquisite and premium thanks to its slim body and metallic black shade. Its exterior matches a dynamic interior. You can get an expensive looking device at a fraction of what it might cost in store.

The Toshiba Dynabook Satellite Pro C40 is powered by 10th-generation Intel Core processors. That means that the device is anything but poor. The processor, paired with 4 GB of DDR4 RAM and a 128 GB SSD, which is also upgradeable, is a dynamic machine. It’s ideal for both work and entertainment. While most budget-friendly tech gadgets cut corners in one or more ways, Toshiba has not cut any corners. From design to pricing to features and performance, Toshiba has truly created a whole package ideal for someone looking for the best deal without spending too much.

Another great feature of the laptop is its anti-bacterial coating. It makes the laptop more hygienic, and you are at a lower risk of getting infected by bacteria-related diseases. In addition to that, the battery life of the device is quite astounding. You get nearly 15.5 hours on a full charge. Just imagine how you can accomplish many tasks without worrying about your battery life draining. Paired with stereo speakers and an HD camera, you have a great deal.

3. MSI GF63 Gaming Laptop, 9S7-16R612-241

Original Price: £849.99

Discounted Price: £569.99 (you save £280).

This is truly an incredible deal for gaming lovers. Expect to spend thousands of pounds if you want to build a gaming PC with good specs that can run heavy games. With just a fraction of the price of a gaming PC, the MSI GF63 gaming laptop gives you a similar experience with the versatility of a laptop. Consider this device a "two-in-one" kind of package.

You get a really powerful gaming device with great specs and a versatile laptop that you can still use to get work done. However, it will probably be hard for you to get work done if you own this device. The laptop comes with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card that will make any game you play look crisp and clear. Moreover, with 8 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD, the device is lightning-sharp. With these kinds of specs, it would be really difficult to snap out of gaming and get any work done. Don't you think?

And that is exactly the point—to provide you with a kind of device that you can use for hours on end without feeling tired. The MSI GF63 is a treat for gamers. Thanks to features like the resizable bar on the RTX 3050, which allows the CPU to perceive the entire GPU frame buffer, and ray tracing that provides surreal cinematic graphics. The laptop can run any game, regardless of how heavy or visually intense it is.

Moreover, the laptop has a battery life of 7 hours so you can enjoy binge-playing your favorite games. In addition to the long battery life, the manufacturer has specially worked on heat dissipation and sound. As a result, you get a gaming laptop that is cool, efficient, and not loud. Does it get any better?

4.     OPPO X5 PRO

Original Price: £1,148.99

Discounted Price: £739 (you save £409)

Long gone are the days when only Apple and Samsung ruled the smartphone market. Fierce competition and market segmentation have enabled new manufacturers to enter and dominate the market. OPPO was once a brand that only catered to the demands of people wanting budget-friendly smartphones, but that isn't the case anymore. OPPO has diversified its product lineup and now makes devices for every consumer, from budget-friendly to mid-range to premium smartphones.

With Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 as a processor and a large 6.7-inch screen, the OPPO Find X5 PRO can easily give any premium flagship a run for its money. The major innovation in the device comes in the camera department. OPPO has co-developed the camera system with Hasselblad; the phone comes with three cameras: a 50 MP wide-angle camera, a 50 MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 13 MP telephoto camera. These cameras help you capture emotions and memories in crisp, colorful detail.

Furthermore, the in-house imaging NPU on an OPPO allows for far superior night videography results. You can capture videos at night at 4K resolution. So, regardless of the light or environment, OPPO is committed to delivering the best results possible through its cameras.

The OPPO X5 is a delight to hold; it is made of ceramic material and is IP68 water-resistant. The device comes with a one-billion-color bionic display with a color depth of 10 bits, providing you with a sharp and smooth display. There aren't any better Black Friday smartphone deals than this!

5.     ASUS ROG Flow Z13 (GZ301ZE-LD220W)

Original Price: £1,899.99

Discounted Price: £1,399.99 (you save £500)

This behemoth of a machine is everything a true gamer could ask for. The ASUS ROG Flow Z13  sits in the premium category of gaming laptops. Its performance is truly mind-blowing. A high clock speed of up to 5.0 GHz and 14 cores allow users to run games smoothly while also running other apps in the background. Of the 14 cores, the laptop has six performance cores and eight efficient cores.

While performance cores are built for single-threaded performance, such as gaming, efficient cores help with multi-threaded performance and multitasking. So regardless of what you're busy with, the device ensures that it is smooth and fast, providing you with an uninterrupted and unparalleled user experience. The laptop comes with a 12th-generation Intel processor, 16 GB of DDR5 RAM, and a 1 TB SSD. Needless to say, they also have a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti RGB GDDR6 graphics card.

Since the laptop has such amazing performance figures, ASUS has paid special attention to temperature regulation. For this purpose, the Z13's chassis is built to efficiently dissipate heat and keep the device cool. So if your laptop heats easily, you won't have to worry. Oh and here's a cool fact about the ASUS ROG Flow Z13: It has a touch screen! This laptop here is not simply a device; it is everything a gamer wishes.

6. HP ProBook x360 11 G5: 213V1ES#ABU

Original Price: £299.99

Discounted Price: £209.99 (you save £90)

At just £209, the HP ProBook x360 11 G5 is a bang for the buck. The laptop has an 11.6-inch screen with 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB SSD. The device also has a pre-installed Windows 10 Pro version, so you get all the software features. The HP ProBook is an excellent choice for students and working professionals looking to buy a versatile device without spending too much.

The laptop comes with a hinge that allows it to be flipped or folded and used as a tablet. Additionally, the feature of touch technology makes it all the more convenient for students and other users to interact with the system. It comes with an active pen which can be used to draw or make notes on the screen. An optional dual-camera system further enables users to see what they are recording in any of the four modes: notebook, tablet, tent, or stand. These different options make the HP Probook all the more interesting and fun to use.

Its smart and effective processing makes it the perfect choice for students. It gives them access to the newest Intel CPUs, which offer outstanding productivity and graphics performance. It also aids in extending battery life and can enable them to work on various apps swiftly and easily. With up to 11 hours of battery life, they can tackle homework assignments during the school day. You can't really blame the dog anymore, can you?

7.  Medion Akoya S15447

Original Price: £499.99

Discounted Price: £397.99 (you save £102)

Although not as well-known or popular as other brands such as HP or Dell, the Medion Akoya S15447 makes up for its lack of a name with its performance. The laptop comes with 8 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD, paired with an Intel Core i5. So, when it comes to performance, Medion Akoya S15447 is not playing around. As far as the exterior is concerned, it has a thin and sleek chassis finished in a graceful silver color. The large 15.6" screen laptop and its sleek design make it portable and handy. Its battery life of 8 hours and two loudspeakers further add to the superb feature list of the device.

At the cost of £379.99, you're in for a treat. You will have several alternatives for connectivity thanks to the Intel WLAN AX201, which enables swift internet access over 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi frequencies. Furthermore, a wireless mouse, headsets, and other devices can be connected via the built-in Bluetooth 5.2. Pre-installed Windows 11 Home offers many advantages over earlier versions of Windows, including a quicker start-up, a more simplified start-up menu, enhanced security, and more. Need I say more? The Medion Akoya is a perfect choice for those who prefer the ease of use and convenience. Because of its portability, the laptop allows for Zoom or team calls to be made from anywhere and everywhere.

Start Saving: Cheap Laptops and Smartphones are Up for Grabs!

If you're looking for a new laptop or smartphone, the Black Friday sale is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on one. Stop procrastinating and wasting time. Black Friday laptop deals and Black Friday smartphone deals will not last for eternity. Buy now or regret later; the choice is yours.

All of our best Black Friday laptop and smartphone deals are listed above. If you don't see your preferred model listed here, don't worry---just shoot us an email, and we'll try to find it for you. P.s. they're all at prices that won't make you blink!

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