Oppo smartphones are making their name in the tech market for offering real value for money. These are the phones to grab when you are on a tight budget but need flagship features. So, if you are to buy Christmas gifts for loved ones but do not want to break the bank, Oppo mobiles are the best picks. 

We have rounded up Oppo's Christmas best deals for you to save your time. Our list includes top 3 Oppo smartphones that are truly lucrative tech gifts for December 2020. You can grab them at discounted prices in UK to share the love with your family and friends. 

Oppo A9 – An inexpensive smartphone with worthy specs 

  • Chipset: Snapdragon 665 
  • Display: 6.5-inch Multi-Touch (1600 × 720) 
  • Memory: 4GB 
  • Storage Quantity: 128GB 
  • Rear Camera: Quad Cam (48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP) 
  • Front Camera: 16MP 
  • Battery: 5000 mAh 
  • Weight: Around 195g 
  • OS: Android 9 (ColorOS 6.0.1) 
  • Price: £248.99 £161.99 

Oppo A9 is a remarkable phone with solid hardware selection and relentless battery. This an inexpensive choice forms the latest Oppo smartphones for those who need a phone for everyday use. From its large display to adequate RAM and storage quantity to stereo speakers, it is a complete package. 

The chipset on this affordable Oppo mobile is Snapdragon 665 which is ideal for gaming and running editing apps. It comes with 4G memory space and 128GB storage that is enough for an ordinary smartphone user. The Quad-cam rear camera setup delivers exceptional footage and images with bright details. 

The best features of Oppo A9 are its 16MP selfie camera, 5000mAh battery, and its multi-touch 6.5-inch display. All in all, this is an affordable phone with admirable specs that you can get under £200. 

Find X2 Lite 5G – A stylish choice for 5G lovers 

  • Chipset: Qualcomm SDM765G 
  • Display: 6.4-inch Multi-Touch AMOLED (2400 x 1080) 
  • Memory: 8GB 
  • Storage Quantity: 128GB 
  • Rear Camera: Quad-cam (48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP  
  • Front Camera: 32MP 
  • Battery: 4000 mAh 
  • Weight: Around 180g 
  • OS: Android 10 (ColorOS 7) 
  • Price: £458.99 £349.99 

Find X2 Lite 5G, as the name give it away, is a variant of Find X2 with lesser specs. We found it an ideal pick for those who have a knack for 5G but hates to spend on extra features. In short, this is a low-key pick from Oppo smartphones, but with the latest technology.  

The Qualcomm SDM765G chipset delivers high-speed performance while the 6.4-inch multi-touch display adds shine to it. You will get a high-resolution of 1080p with 8GB memory and 128GB for storage. The camera setup is pleasingly entertaining, and you can capture stunning portraits for social media. 

The rear camera is a quad-came with a 48MP main lens while the selfie camera is 32MP. It weighs around 180g and carries a 4000mAh battery that can easily take you through a busy day. 

Reno 2 – An affordable mid-range phone 

  • Chipset: Snapdragon SDM710 
  • Display: 6.5-inch AMOLED (2340 x 1080) 
  • Memory: 8GB 
  • Storage Quantity: 128GB 
  • Rear Camera: Quad Cam (48MP + 8MP + 13MP + 2MP) 
  • Front Camera: 16MP 
  • Battery: 4000 mAh 
  • Weight: Around 189g 
  • OS: Android 9 (ColorOS 6.1) 
  • Price: £359.98 £349.99 

The Reno 2 is another decent pick from modern Oppo smartphones. Within a 9.5mm thick ultra-slim body, it packs some really promising specs that you only get with flagship mobiles. The pop-up selfie camera provides a clean and complete display with a touch of style and elegance. 

It features the Snapdragon SDM710 chipset with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity. The display is a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080p. Then there is a vertically placed quad-camera setup on the rear side with side flash. The 16MP selfie-camera bring the beauty in your portraits and selfies with the bukkake effects. 

Overall, this is a good smartphone from Oppo mobiles range which comes with pleasing specifications. A quality camera setup with 4000mAh battery and full display makes it an ideal phone for vloggers and selfie-lovers. 

Final Thoughts 

Oppo smartphones are ideal tech gifts that you can give to your loved ones in December 2020. They offer real value for money plus you can get them at discounted prices. Oppo's Christmas deals are perfect to show your love and affection for friends and family.