A laptop is the best thing you can gift to any one these days. It can be your entertainment hub, a workstation, and your personal organizer too. There is no task which you cannot perform on your laptop. If you are thinking of gifting your loved ones a cool laptop then it is a great idea. But before you buy a laptop to gift someone, there are some things you should keep in mind. Below mentioned are some of important factors you need to consider before you make a decision.  

Size and Form 

The first thing to look for is obviously the size. It basically means the display size you get on a laptop. A 15 inches laptop is probably a standard size for any good laptop. But if the person is going to be gaming or streaming on the laptop then you can also go for 17 inches. Anything between 15 to 17 inches is pretty decent for all the computing experiences. The overall body or chassis of a laptop should also be sleek and not too bulky.  

Display Quality 

There are many great laptops in the market which are equipped with a huge display, but the display quality is not good at times. There are certain things which are responsible of making a display great. The first thing is bezel of your display which determines screen to body ratio you are getting. If you have a wide display but the bezel is also pretty thick, so you won’t be able to enjoy the visuals without any distractions. Refresh rate and response time of a display also matter when it comes to smooth visuals. A high refresh rate and quick response time mean you can enjoy the gaming and streaming sessions, without any interruptions like motion blur, lags, or ghosting effect.  


CPU is the most important component of any laptop because it provides you power to perform all the operations. It depends on the type of tasks you want to perform on your laptop. Generally anything from Intel Core i3 to Core i7 is pretty decent for all the tasks. If you require a laptop for casual computing and work-related tasks, then an Intel Core i3 CPU will be good enough. On the other hand, if you require to run high-res demanding tasks and games, then you should opt for i5 or i7 processor. Intel Core i9 is powerful enough and also future proof but it can cost you some big bucks too.  

RAM Memory 

RAM is the temporary storage or a memory of your computer which stores the data and information, so the computer can reach it when needed and perform tasks quickly. The more memory you have in your computer the quicker you can perform your tasks and even run multiple programs at the same time. 8GB RAM memory is adequate enough for fast-paced and smooth computing. But if you run AAA games or perform multimedia designing tasks, then you can also go for a 16GB RAM.  


Battery is the most important component of a laptop because if you don’t have a good battery life, then you cannot enjoy the portability factor and sustain fun for a longer period of time. A battery of your laptop affects the overall performance of your laptop and your computing experience. Always go for a laptop which is equipped with a long -life battery of up to 7 hours at least.  


Of course, you need a good amount of storage so you can store all your apps, software, games, and other files in a carefree manner. But there are two types of hard drives, SSD (solid state drive) and HDD (hard disk drive). It is recommended to always go for SSD storage for your laptop. It is much faster than HDD and offer fast processing for your operations. These are much more compact, so they don’t add any extra weight or bulk to your laptop.  

Bottom Line 

Well, these were some of the important things you need to keep in mind, before you buy a good laptop to gift your loved ones. We hope it covered everything you needed to know, so if you have not made up your mind, then what are you waiting for? Make sure to visit Laptop Outlet and chose from a wide collection of best laptops on amazing laptop deals.