Not every time a user can easily be satisfied with the performance level of even basic computing machine. In today’s tech world, there are lot of new PCs that come with good specs and features. But we are not always sure about how well the accuracy of specs will be determined. Only some of the Desktop PCs come under the list of best value-in-money PCs, and Dell produces some of the efficient devices for the list.

The Dell Precision 5820 is a Desktop PC that is more like a workstation for essential digital tasks or assignment. Let’s say if you are CAD, or software engineering student; the Dell Precision Desktop PC holds the capacity to withstand all requirements needed for it. This PC comes with a massive storage and RAM combination, having installed the Windows 10 Professional operating system. The PC also integrates dedicated graphics, which proves that your visuals on the screen are going to be immersive and high-quality.

Before we dig further into how well the specs perform, you can continue to read on further our Dell Precision 5820 Review.


  • Intel Xeon | 3.90GHz Processor
  • 512GB SSD SSD | 16GB RAM
  • Dedicated Graphics
  • Windows 10 Professional OS


If Intel Xeon processor is new for you, this processor entails a powerful speed and processing performance for productive users. This Dell PC feature Intel Xeon processor that comes with the base speed of 3.6 GHz and a maximum turbo speed 3.9 GHz. To put it simply, the processor can run major applications or software like Solidworks, Microsoft Visual Studio and Photoshop. Even though, this Desktop PC is dedicatedly built for versatile basic users, the PC manages to stay on board for demanding activities.

Moving on to the RAM and storage, the 16 RAM is a massive memory to count on. The value of bigger memory increases when its combined with a solid-state drive storage of 512GB. This combo means you are going to have a convenient multitasking scenario and fast operational flow. Whether you are downloading files, uploading archives, working on extensive spreadsheets, or executing complex programs, the performance of Dell Precision seems to go well along.

Design & Build

The Dell Precision 5820 comes in a classic black attire with a front lining in cross-net silver design. When it comes to the build, Dell is one of the most typical PCs that have nothing to be fancying around like ASUS or Lenovo PCs.  However, the 5820 gets more than usual attention with the silver lining and black textured surface combination. There is a side catch that lets the PC to hold on easily and carry it around anywhere without any hassle.


As compared to many PCs, the Dell Precision 5820 has more than sufficient ports that can be used for productive and faster connectivity. Starting off there are four drive-bay ports which are easily accessible from the front and are situation behind the plastic grille. There is also an NVMe SSD slot carried in one of the drive bays, and the other consist of SATA ports. A mini headphone jack, USB Type A ports, an SD card reader and USB Type C ports are inserted just right above the drive bay slots. A slimline optical drive option can also be seen in the ports space in case you could need it.

Dedicated Graphics

 You wouldn’t have to upgrade your GPU card in the Dell Precision 5820 Desktop PC. This PC comes featured with NVIDIA Dedicated graphics, that are suitable for immersive visuals on the screen. Either you are watching high-quality 4k videos or playing heavy graphical games, the dedicated graphics will help catch up with the screen tearing. We played our favourite animation Netflix shows and PUBG on the PC and found out the visuals to be incredible.


On an overall basis, the Dell Precision 5820 is an excellent contender when it comes to basic computing and is averagely good for high-level tasks, too. From its sturdier and solid build to a reliable processing speed and well-equipped RAM combination with SSD, the Precision doesn’t fail to impress. You can get latest Christmas deals on Dell Precision 5280 on Laptop Outlet Store, in case you have made your mind to purchase it.